Week of May 9th, 2021 – New Fanedits

We have 8 new edits for you this week, including five from Wraith and an editor debut:



Thunderbirds: The Lost Episodes by Wraith

Both Thunderbirds movies suffer from pacing issues (quite slow), very light on scoring (due to budget constraints) and just generally not as good as any of the 32 episodes. These edits turn them into full blown TV episodes as they would have been in 60’s but in HD and widescreen, with score enhancements and ad bumpers.



The Godfather: La Fine by Wraith

An improved preservation of the The Godfather Part 3 Director’s Cut using La Coda color grade as the basis, with extra stuff too.



Superman: The Movie – The “Donner” Cut by Wraith

This now is as close to the original structure, no turning back time, no Lois gets squised, as you can get. The cliffhanger lead in to SUPERMAN II: The Donner cut or the forthcoming SUPERMAN II Extended .



Superman: The Wraith Cut by Wraith

 This presents the original vision in a truncated form to get into the action with many newly completed deleted scenes, fixes and much much more per the shooting script.



Superman: The Epic Cut by Wraith

…the Superman epic per the shooting script before the movie was chopped in half by the producers when money ran out and the ending of the first half was changed.



Order of the Peaky Blinders by Heavysyde

The goal of this fanedit is to edit down Series 1 of the excellent show Peaky Blinders into a film. The focus of the film is on Tommy Shelby, the expansion of the Peaky Blinders gang, and its rivalries with Campbell’s police force, Billy Kimber’s Gang, and the Lee Gang, with the IRA and Freddy Thorne’s communists being secondary antagonists.



John Carpenter’s Escape from Colorado by Bobson Dugnutt

1997. The future.

Snake Plissken is pulling off one of the most daring heists of the late 20th Century at the Colorado Fedaral Reserve, but with the United States Police Force is hot on his heels, will he be able to … ESCAPE FROM COLORADO?



Alien: Covenant – The Appendix Cut by catferoze

I added several deleted scenes and promos to provide more time spent with the humans (and androids) and removed several scenes and appearances of the aliens either because I didn’t find the CGI convincing or felt excessive screen time diminished their impact.


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