See - Chapter Two: The Lavender Road

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This is Chapter Two of my ongoing fanedit series of See, covering the events of the second half of Season 1.
See is a criminally underseen AppleTV series, one of the more interesting and fleshed out science fiction stories I've seen recently.

I always though that the production was so strong on the show that it would've made a great movie, so I'm playing with that concept. Also, there was a bit of a stylistic shift between the first and second seasons, where a lot of very abstract ideas got sort of left behind in favor of a more action/adventure heavy show. Doing a fanedit of the first season in movie form can help line it up with the style of the rest of the show.
Cut the first second of season 1 of See into a theatrical film.
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- Cut the episodes 5-8 of season 1 into a theatrically viable film under 2 and a half hours.
- Focus on the characters and action/adventure aspects.
- Remove some of the more abstract and strange concepts that don't carry over into the second and third seasons.
- Make the story and concepts digestible to newcomers of the show.

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