Terms & Rules

To ensure that this site continues to thrive, the following rules must be observed by all members of Fanedit.org, its Forums, and the Internet Fanedit Database (IFDb) (henceforth collectively known as Fanedit.org). Failure to comply will result in warnings and infractions which can lead to temporary and permanent bans from the site. If you have questions about any of our rules, send a message to an Administrator or Moderator.

If you can follow these rules and be civil, you will enjoy your time here. A more detailed version of these rules can be viewed here.



Fanedit.org respects copyright holders, therefore when commercially available sources exist, Faneditors and viewers of fanedits must own a copy of the source material at equal or greater resolution than the fanedit (e.g., If you own a DVD copy of Star Wars you CAN NOT download a 1080p version of a Star Wars fanedit; you will need to purchase a Blu-Ray or 1080p digital copy first.) You must obtain an officially released copy prior to fanediting or requesting a fanedit. Examples include: Blu-ray, DVD, or a downloadable copy through a site like iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play. Screen captures of purchased copies is not acceptable. Titles exclusive to subscription based services (Netflix, Disney+, etc.) will not be accepted.

If an editor is found to be using an illegally obtained source, they will be banned for one month. If an editor is found to use illegally obtained sources after their first ban, they will be permanently banned. There are no exceptions to this rule.



If you want to obtain a fanedit, the best approach is to start a Private Conversation with the editor in our forum. A Private Conversation is NOT the same as a Profile Post. Click “Start Conversation” in their profile.

If they do not respond you may make one request in our “Trades and Requests” sub-forum. However, you are only allowed to inquire about the availability of fanedits indexed at The Internet Fanedit Database (IFDb). You are essentially asking an individual member of the community to send—via a private conversation—information on how to obtain a fanedit. Any requests for unedited, illegal, or bootlegged media will not be tolerated and will result in a temporary ban.

There are also indexing sites such as Fanedit Central and Fanedit.info, however these sites have absolutely no relation to Fanedit.org.

No fanedit is for sale. The exchange of money for a fanedit is restricted to the cost of the physical media (e.g. DVD, BD) and postage. That’s it.



Fanedit.org does not host fanedits. Editors may make their works available through outlets such as usenet, file lockers, torrents, etc., however this is their choice and is in no way related to the operation of Fanedit.org.

There is to be absolutely NO public discussion of download links on Fanedit.org. This includes the forums, members public profile posts, and IFDb comment sections.

Let’s reiterate that: PUBLIC DISCUSSION OF DOWNLOAD LINKS IS ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN on Fanedit.org, including direct links for in-progress clips or final products. If you have a clip from your edit you want feedback on, upload it to a streaming site such as YouTube or Vimeo. We take this issue very seriously and failure to comply will result in a temporary ban.



The foundations of any forum are quality threads. Please be sure to follow these rules when posting in the forum.

  1. Starting new threads. Titles should be descriptive and relevant to the topic being discussed. Before starting a new thread, use the search function to see if the topic already exists or your question has already been answered; use an existing thread if it is relevant.
  2. We do not tolerate bad behavior. This is a pleasant community. Let’s keep it that way. There is no room for hatred or bigotry on Fanedit.org. Posts which are offensive or derogatory to any ethnic or other group is the surest way to get yourself banned. Additionally, we do not permit nudity (posted images or direct linking). This is a PG-13 forum. You can easily find pr0n elsewhere on the interwebs…
  3. Posts should be constructive. Posts consisting of nothing but “That sounds great!” or “I am looking forward to this” or the likes should be kept to a minimum. If you post nonsense continuously you will be warned and banned in repeat cases.
  4. Multiple accounts or deceptive posting is forbidden. Multiple accounts, either because of forgotten login information or intentional usage of a sock account is forbidden. We regularly scan IP addresses and remove duplicate accounts. If we find that you are using a fake account to deceive forum members about edit feedback or ratings, you may receive infractions or be banned.
  5. Reporting Posts. If you see a post or series of posts that you feel violates any of the rules listed here, please select “report this post” under the actual post(s) in question. Please do not act as a Moderator or Administrator if you are not one. Do not interpret rules for others—just report suspected violations.
  6. Voting in Polls. Every month we allow users to vote on their Favorite Edit of the Month (FEOTM). Polls are open to all active community users. If you’re not able to vote it means you have not yet met the criteria to be an active user. Active users are defined as having been registered for more than 30 days and have made at least 5 posts. Faneditors are NOT allowed to vote for their own edit, and faneditors are NOT allowed to solicit users via Conversation, email, alternative message boards, etc., to vote for their edit as neither are in the spirit of the FEOTM.



All ratings/reviews on The Internet Fanedit Database (IFDb) are moderated to ensure quality control. Faneditors are not allowed to rate their own fanedits, however they may comment on reviews if they feel the need to. Ratings need to be fair and include a comment explaining how a score was ascertained. Lengthy or detailed reviews are typically not a requirement but are highly encouraged. Detailed reviews are required when giving a low rating (see below).  When rating, please consider ALL of the following criteria:

  • Technical quality: Were the image and sound quality up to par?
  • Editing quality: Did you notice any jarring video or audio cuts? Did the fanedit flow well?
  • Narrative: How well did the editor achieve their goals? Were there plot-holes created (or resolved?) Does it work?
  • Enjoyment: Were you entertained by the fanedit?

Any rating of 5 stars or lower requires a clear and detailed explanation of the reasoning for such a low score because ratings this low suggest the quality may be insufficient for our community. Ratings below 5 stars and lacking a sufficient comment will be rejected. Be fair when rating and reviewing edits. Don’t abuse the ratings system to get back at someone who rated your fanedit or your friend’s fanedit lower than you expected.



Fanedit.org provides a listing of known edits on the IFDb which meet specific quality standards. The site does NOT host, provide, or allow the posting of direct links for downloading fanedits. Site approved Faneditors may submit details of completed fanedits for listing in our database. Fanedit Submissions need to give details more than just “I cut 5 minutes from teh moovie”. Writing a cutlist is not a requirement, but it improves audience interest. Proofread your text prior to submitting, and include cover art (required) with submissions.

To be listed on IFDb, all fanedits must use legally available sources and must not be created from pirated material, or clips never intentionally released by the copyright owners. If this is at all confusing or you have concerns about the sources of a fanedit, do NOT inquire on forum threads. Please PM an Administrator or Moderator.

An editor must obtain their editing copy on their own. If you own the Blu-Ray/DVD you must rip it yourself and not enlist the help of others. If you purchase a digital copy you must convert it on your own.

If an editor is found to be using an illegally obtained source, the faneditor will be banned for one month. If an editor is found to use illegally obtained sources after the first ban, they will be permanently banned. There are no exceptions to this rule.



If you choose not to follow these rules, or any direct ruling, or direction from a site administrator or moderator, you may receive one the following:

An official warning from a site administrator or moderator basically telling you to straighten up or risk receiving a warning. A warning will be given to your user account, and will stay there for between 30 to 90 days, based on the type of warning. Warnings carry the following punishments:

1 Warning: This is basically a second warning shot, and will have no effect on your ability to use the site and forum.

2 Warning: You will automatically be banned from the site and forum for 1 week. You will only be able to contact site administrators for that week.

3 Warnings: You will automatically be banned from the site and forum for 1 month. Again, you will only be able to contact site administrators for that month.

4 Warnings: Bye Felicia. You will be permanently banned from the site and forum.

In serious cases you can be automatically banned from the site. If you feel that you have incorrectly received a warning, contact a site administrator or moderator, and we will review your warning. Be aware, unless it’s a serious case warranting an immediate ban, warnings are discussed privately between administrator and moderators prior to being applied.