X-Men: Apocalypse - Endtimes Edition

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Everything they've edited will fall! And from the ashes of their cut, we'll build a better one!
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The X-Men must unite again for the first time to defeat Apocalypse!

An extended cut of a movie that's already too long, but also wasn't long enough. Adding back some much needed character moments and connective tissue to a movie that moved a little too fast.

17 new and extended scenes have been added back into the film for a longer, fully and more complete conquest of the mighty Apocalypse!
While watching the film, I did notice some moments moving too fast, or some things that moved a little too fast, so seeing that the Blu-Ray had a lot more stuff with Scott who was sorely underused, I wanted to make an extended cut of the film.
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Safety Dance (Extended Club MIx)
Release Information:
Special Features
- Unused Deleted Scene
- Intro from Brian Singer on Deleted Scenes
- Feature Commentary Clips on Deleted Scenes
Editing Details:
There are a few shots that don't have 100% finished VFX, but I think it was finished enough to be watchable.
Cuts and Additions:
- Added X-Men themed Marvel card from X3
- Added Alex Summers going into Scott's room and talking to him before taking him to Xavier's school
- Extended class with Xavier teaching The One and Future King
- Added Jean performing some archery aided by her powers
- Extended scene of Magneto greiving over his family
- Added Apocalypse waking up in an alley and getting a cloak, explaining where it came from in the film
- Added Alex saying goodbye to his brother before going to see Moira, unknowingly for the last time
- Extended scene of Scott getting his Ruby-Quartz glasses
- Extended scene of Scott and Jean meeting and talking for the first time
- Added Hank showing Mystique around the school for the first time in a decade
- Extended scene of Jubilee walking around with Nightcrawler and Scott planning to go to the mall
- Added montage scene of Scott, Jean, Jubilee and Nightcrawler going to a very 80s mall, set to Safety Dance
- Added Moira being shown around the Mansion and the blue basement
- Added Xavier trying to talk Storm out of siding with Apocalypse before he crafts the pyramid
- Added Moira's memory of X-Men: First Class coming back to her as they fly to Egypt
- Added Magneto coming down and taking his helmet off and talking to Mystique post-battle
- Added Xavier talking to Mystique about how he needs to be more than a teacher
- Added Moira arresting Stryker in a final scene with her
80s Teen Mall Montage (Safety Dance)

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Delivers on the promises and enhances the storyline of this movie beyond the original theatrical cut thanks to the extra scenes.
My go to version from now on.

Minor audio hiccups while integrating one deleted scene (you hear the begining of the conversation between Nightcrawler and Jubilee before the new scene of Beast and Mistique begins), but an overall solid edit, as usual from bobson.

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