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Superman, the whole classic movie with many modern touches, fixes, completed deleted scenes and much much more...
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The 1979 SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE was plagued with issues during production leading to many changes which resulted in two films being release (Superman and Superman II) which significantly differed from what was originally intended. When the producers started to run out of money, they removed the intended cliffahanger from the first movie leading to the second movie needing so many changes that the director left or was replaced (depending on the acocunts you read). This present the original vision in a truncated form to get into the action with many newly completed deleted scenes, fixes and much much more per the shooting script.
To restore Donners one movie vision in a manageable run time, trus to the shooting script with completed and re-edited deleted material
Additional Notes:
Much as I recently did with The Godfather Magnum Opus, I spent a lot of time correcting errors, such as the change in pitch on the opening music when the titles roll. There are selective score enhancements where needed (such as the hotel scene fro Superman 2 Donner Cut) and repurposing of material to adhere as closely as possible to the shooting script (which is widely available online). This is my preferred edit
Other Sources:
Superman Returns
Superman II The Donner Cut
Superman The Extended TV Version
Superman The Special Edition
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Editing Details:
This edits benefit from improved transitions, correcting continuity error (such as Young Clark racing the train), the addition of HD scenes which enhance and are again true to the shooting script but avoiding any of the campier moments. For instance, there is an extended scene (edited for pace and content) of Lex and Otis controlling the remote car, and the argument at the ambulance BEFORE they drive off for their second attempt to reprogramed the missiles. This has been tightened up, music and foley added and now flows well with the material either side of the scene.
The greatest number of changes and additions to get to the shooting script version WITHOUT an intermission. NO Lester material was added, with minimal used where Donner used it.
Cuts and Additions:
SUPERMAN THE WRAITH CUT (This is my preferred edit)

- Krypton is now PRE TITLES based on S2 DC opening with some fleshing out.
- Added a completely new opening using a reversed shot of Krypton from Superman Returns with isolated Brando VO and bespoke shots to establish Jor-el sending Kal-el to Earth
- Krypton approach uses a shots from SUPERMAN RETURNS
- This is followed y a re-edit of the trial of the villains using shots from multiple versions
- Only Kal-els departure and the trial of the villains used. No conflict with council.
- The hybrid krypton destruction uses material from SUPERMAN and SUPERMAN RETURNS with a hybrid audio to keep is feeling classic, but more dramtic
- Bespoke credits added and re-Ordering of Brando Hackman and Reeve changed to Reeve, Brando, Hackman
- Superman is not seen growing up. He is revealed in the Alleyway and we find out his backstory with Lois and Lex
- Added custom trip to Earth with shots from multiple versions
- Added frozen frames when Jimmy takes picture at Daily Planet, which is also re-edited
- Additional TINY trims in Daily Planet
- TV Version of Alleyway and Otis to Lex's Lair
- Otis trip to lair is a hybrid of TV and TC versions
- Additional dialogue (trimmed) of Lex at piano making him more ominous
- Helicopter approach to Daily Planet shorter
- Additional Superman flying shots post Helicopter scene from TV
- Superman now here to fight for "truth and justice" only
- Added Lex and Otis with remote from TV re-edited and unused cue used
- Added Lex, Otis and Miss T scene arguing after ambulance scene with unused cue. Edited for pacing and comedic impact
- Added Lex and Otis in truck cab with un-used cue
- Added further extension to Superman's approach to Lex's lair with unused cue
- Added scene in missile control room with scoring added
- Added Superman TV missile dodge shot, color timed to better match
- Added Phantom zone destruction from S2DC when first missile thrown away
- Added Superman at PowerStation with scoring
- Added material of Jimmy and Lois post Superman fly off, but trimmed so it's not flabby. End of scene Lois speaks ON camera, no as a voiceover when Superman flies off
- Jail cuts to Headline "Superman Saves Day"
- S2DC cut from here with changes as follows
- Lois fall out of window removes AWFULL added dialogue of Clark out of the window
- Artemis sequence intro trimmed to allow for shot to be repurposed later
- Change to Villains on moon intro
- Journey to Pole Lex and Miss T extended with repurposed dialogue to create HD hybrid version
- Jor-el dialogue altered (see clip on earlier post) to give the backstory for the truncated krypton sequence
- New sequence of Lex and Miss T heading SOUTH created from HD shots, repurposed dialogue and scoring
- Exterior at Niagara re-edited
- Villains arrival re-edited and sequenced and scoring added
- Hotel room reveal re-edited for pace and scored
- Extended carnage by villains in town
- Lois and Superman dinner re-edited to remove CRINGE factor. Scoring enhanced to facilitate
- Superman and Jor-el chat re-edited for clarity and pacing; also re-scored
- Clarke walk to pole extended and re-scored
- Superman returning is a hybrid and re-scored for better dramatic impact
- Added Extended villain fly to fortress but re-edited and re-scored for better flow and continuity
- Showdown at fortress score enhancements
- Additional Superman flying shots on return to Metropolis
- Superman turning back time re-edited to remove Glenn Ford since he is NOT in this version.
- Added shots of Jimmy at the dam
- Many additional tweaks and scoring enhancements, but too tiny to mention.

Cover art by Wraith (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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(Updated: May 25, 2021)
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KNEEL BEFORE ZOD! I have a soft spot in my heart for the old Superman films, well at least the first two. This is a good fusion of Superman 1 and 2. It does a great job at combining them seamlessly into one film. Recommended for really die hard fans of 80's Superman who want the Lester comedy kept at a minimum. Now let me explain my sub-rankings:

Audio/Video Quality: 6 Stars. There were times where the video artifacts became rather large and blocky. This could have been due to limitations with the tv broadcast source(s).
Visual Editing: 9 Stars. No major issues here. Because I'm weird, I was not a fan of the informational text showing up in the bottom right corner, but it wasn't too distracting after the first few minutes. In one scene Lex teleports across the room to play the piano.
Audio Editing: 7 Stars. The music additions were integrated very nicely. The main audio issue begins within the fist few minutes-- there were many pops and crackles that seemed to happen mostly during transitions. I detail them somewhat more below. Also there was a scene where Supe's voice was very high pitched, like he was part of the lollipop guild.
Narrative: 6 Stars. My rating of the narrative is more a reflection of the shooting script rather than Wraith's choices. Wraith did a good job achieving the narrative he was looking for; really excellent job, in fact, making the shooting script a reality.


I just felt that having Superman turn back time so Lois didn't have to be sad sucked all the drama out of the ending. The moment from the original (pt 1) when Superman finds Lois dead and screams was a much better reason for turning back time. Now when he meets her at her car after the earthquake, he's all teary eyed for no apparent reason. And turning back time at the end now seems highly unwarranted.
Enjoyment: 8 Stars. This edit gave me a good excuse to go back and watch these movies. Thanks Wraith for making this labor of love.

A few notes:
00:01:46 audible pop
00:01:52-56 series of audible pops
00:02:26-30 loud pops, cracks At this point I stopped logging the pops, but they continued. I had a similar problem with mac software adding pops everywhere. Not sure what is causing it here but it seems to be mostly at transitions, but not always.
00.23.48 Lex walks and suddenly appears on the other side of the room to play piano
00:24:17 loud pssst sound at transition
02:48:48 Supe sounds like a munchkin when he says, "I'm not a coward, Zod."

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Owner's reply May 30, 2021

I also checked the COWARD ZOD on the blu ray, the issue is there too!!!

Easily fixed, and again thanks

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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
Audio Editing
A beautiful edit.
I loved the vision and the added materials (video and music). As I mentioned in the Forum discussion, I had an issue with the original ending (the second diner scene), but I was apparently able to convince Wraith and they changed it. I love this community!
There were a few narrative issues that still bother me, such as changing the direction of the rotation of the Earth (I can suspend a lot of things, but not that), or the order of the scenes on Krypton (why send Zod and co to the Phantom Zone if the entire planet is going to explode?).
The additional materials are integrated wonderfully, and sometimes I realized that some editing took place only because of the little indicator at the bottom right corner. So again - well done!

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Owner's reply May 30, 2021

Big thank you...and please make sure you nab the revised New ending. The credit on for that is all yours sir! It soooo works. GRACIAS!

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