Where are the fanedits/download links?
Fanedit.org doesn’t allow download links. You can find what you need at Fanedit Central, Fanedit.info and other other indexing sites online, but note that these are independent sites not affiliated Fanedit.org.

Why don’t you link to fanedits?
Fanedit.org has been shut down by the MPAA in the past for this very reason. To maintain an amicable relation with them and the copyright owners, we felt that in the best interest of all those involved to focus the site on news, reviews and a database of quality fanedits. It’s that reason we don’t allow direct links to be posted.

Oh No! Fanedit.info is down! What do I do now?
First, don’t post Fanedit.info updates in the forums. Second, don’t PM a Fanedit.org administrator about Fanedit.info. It’s not our site and not our responsibility. Sometimes it goes down as sites tend to do. Wait awhile and then try again. If you are in a hurry to find an edit send a Conversation to the editor to ask for the links. If you don’t get a response, go to the Trades and Requests forum.

There’s a fanedit I want but can’t find. What should I do?
Older fanedits are sometimes difficult to find. Our community has created a document called The Edit Request Resource Form to help you locate fellow community members that have edits found on IFDB. It can be found here. When you locate the edit, try contacting the faneditor to see if he or she can help. If you can’t find a way of contacting them, or they aren’t responding, contact the community members who have identified as having the edit you are looking for. If no one is listed, then feel free to ask in the Trade & Request Forum. That is the only forum in which you should be making requests for fanedits.

I’ve tried contacting the editor but they are ignoring me. Why?
How did you word your PM? Were you polite? Have you made an effort on the forum? Most editors are friendly and willing to help you track down their edits but you have to be polite and show initiative on the forum. Don’t be presumptuous and assume you’re entitled to their edit. You’re not. Don’t PM them with something like, “I want to watch your edit. Where is it?” That’s not polite and will most certainly ensure they ignore you.

Be sure to make an effort. (See the first question in this FAQ.) Participate in the forum. Send a polite and unassuming PM to the editor. If an editor sees you’ve participated in the forum their more likely to respond to you. Please read up on The Rules before posting in the forums.

NTSC vs. PAL, SD vs. HD – Which format is right for me?
When it comes to NTSC and PAL it all depends on what country you’re in. To keep it simple look at this map. If you’re in a Green country you’ll want NTSC and if you’re Blue you’ll want PAL. Green is a crapshoot and you’ll have to do a little more research for your specific country.

HD, or High Definition, produces a higher picture quality over NTSC and PAL. Whereas NTSC has a screen resolution of 720×480 (480i), HD starts at 1280×720 (720p) and goes up to 1920×1080 (1080p).

Before downloading a DVD or Blu-Ray version be sure you have a disc burner capable of burning the appropriate disc. If you don’t then stick with an MKV, MP4 or similar format.

DLC? NZB? What are they and how do they work?
DLC and NZB are container files that contain encrypted links making downloading fanedits easier. DLC are used with digital lockers such as Mega and Rapidshare while NZB is used for usenet. If you want to download a fanedit using a DLC file you’ll need a program like jDownloader to open the DLC. For NZB you’ll need a program like SABnzbd.

It should be noted that digital lockers are generally free while usenet requires a small investment for access. This is not a service Fanedit.org provides, so look in our forums for suggestions from its members.

I’ve downloaded a fanedit. Now what?
It all depends on what format you got. If it was an MKV, MP4 or some other similar format then you should be able to play it on your computer. A program we like is VLC and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

If you downloaded a DVD or Blu-Ray disc then there is a little more work involved.

I’ve made my own fanedit! How do I submit it?
Established faneditors need only go to Fanedit Database and sign in. Then click on User Menu and click Fanedit Submission.

New faneditors require their edits be vetted by a member of the Fanedit.org Academy. The Academy consists of people the administrators and moderators trust to look at new edits with a critical eye to ensure they meet the standards we’ve set to be listed in the database. Before you can submit a fanedit you must be a member of the site for 30 days and have made at least 5 posts. Go to the First Time Fanedit Submission page for more details as well as the submission form. To access this page you must be logged in.

The Academy member rejected my edit! What should I do?
Their word outweighs yours, so if you’d like your edit listed in the Fanedit Database you’d do well to review their critique and make the necessary changes. They aren’t trying to be malicious but are in fact trying to help you, so don’t take it personally. Once you’ve made the changes just resubmit your edit.

I registered but haven’t received my authorization email!
Check your spam/junk folder first. If it’s not there then contact us.

How do I reset my password?
Visit this page. If that doesn’t work please contact us.