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This edit cuts down Series 1 of Peaky Blinders into a feature length film. The focus of the film is on Tommy Shelby, the expansion of the Peaky Blinders gang, and its rivalries with Campbell’s police force, Billy Kimber’s Gang, and the Lee Gang, with the IRA and Freddy Thorne’s communists being secondary antagonists.
While Peaky Blinders S1 was a very enjoyable show, there were a number of unnecessary scenes and subplots that added to the run-time. This edit aims to improve the pace of the show and present the entire S1 storyline as a single film.
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Peaky Blinders S2E1
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Editing Details:
The main approach was to remove a lot of the scenes not involving the gang or Tommy Shelby, and to delay a major reveal until towards the end of the film (as opposed to E1 in the original).
Cuts and Additions:
Here are most of the cuts. Don’t read if you don’t want to be heavily spoiled on Peaky Blinders S1, or on this edit:

Main cuts made were reducing Ada/Freddy/Polly storylines, as well as showing less of Grace and Campbell in order to keep more mystery surrounding their characters. Arthur's subplots are cut. A lot of filler and several minor characters have been cut.

Tightened a lot of “lingering” shots throughout, slow-mo walking etc.
Kept but reduced Danny Wizzbang. His first outburst (at the pub) is cut, his second outburst (at the Italian shop) is kept. His execution is kept but shortened and all dialogue is cut, as in this version, Danny is in on the mock execution. Danny being alive is only revealed near the end.
Polly, Freddy and Ada have all their scenes with one another (i.e. not involving Tommy) cut. The focus of the film is on the Tommy & the Peaky Blinders gang. This makes up quite a lot of the cuts.
Jeremiah’s few appearances are largely cut.
Campbell’s scenes at the police station are mostly cut until the end, and his dealings with Churchill are cut.
Grace’s introduction is delayed by cutting her first 2 scenes, so she first appears when singing in the pub. Her reveal as an agent is delayed til the end, meaning all her secret meetings with Campbell (bar the last one) are cut.
Tommy/Grace romance is kept but reduced.
Campbell beating Arthur is ended mid-beating. This fixes a continuity error, as in the original scene the whole beating is shown, including Campbell finishing and beginning to leave. In a later scene, Arthur recalls Campbell telling him things that he doesn’t say during the beating, so cutting it halfway implies the conversation took place off camera.
All sex scenes are cut.
All but one of Tommy’s nightmare’s (the first one) are cut. I think one was sufficient to give an idea to his state of mind, and to explain why Danny Wizzbang goes crazy in the next scene.
The police raid is significantly cut down. The reveal that Ada was in Freddy’s room is delayed to when Tommy & Campbell have their first meeting.
Tried to reduce the rock music where possible, but was difficult due to the stereo audio.
Scenes are re-ordered so that when Tommy says “we’re going to the races” at the end of Ep 2, the next scene is the Peaky Blinders going to the races towards the end of Ep 3.
Cut all haggling from Grace regarding money for the red dress.
Grace is not shown killing the IRA guy (as that would spoil she is a spy). Similarly, when Freddy is captured later on, the focus on her face is cut so as to not make it obvious that it was her who gave up Freddy’s location.
Arthur’s “Flanders blues” subplot is cut.
Tommy & Freddy stand-off is cut.
Danny Wizzbang’s scenes after his fake execution are cut – until towards the end of the film, when he is revealed to be alive by Arthur to Grace.
Billy Kimber attempting to rape Grace is not shown. Tommy interrupting is kept.
A lot of scenes have been moved around so that the pace of the film is improved, and so that all plotlines move in parallel.
Police beating the communist is not shown (but the subplot is kept).
Police raiding the canals after Grace’s tip is cut.
Cut Liz and the prostitution subplot involving her. John needing a wife is still resolved by Tommy marrying him to the Lee girl.
Ada’s birth is not shown.
After Freddy’s capture following Ada’s birth, he is not mentioned again. Subplot involving his prison break is cut. (I cut all subsequent scenes involving or mentioning him, but he does appear at the final fight with the Kimber boys, and I had no way of completely hiding him. Luckily, he is in the background).
Tommy at Danny’s grave is largely cut, brief snippets used later whilst Arthur talks to Grace about Danny still being alive.
Subplot involving Arthur Shelby Sr. is cut completely.
Shoot-out scene with the IRA guys is tightened. Tommy curb-stomping one of them is cut, as are the shots of the bloody mess he leaves behind.
Arthur’s suicide attempt is cut.
Campbell in the whorehouse is largely cut, but Tommy confronting him there is kept.
Several minor scenes (Tommy gathering his family members, Polly praying for her family, police officer calling Grace a whore) are cut.
The Shelby meeting is cut, as is Ada making up with Tommy (since in this version, Freddy isn’t freed from prison by Tommy).
Tommy realises that Grace has betrayed him. He doesn’t need Polly to spell it out.
Grace/Polly confrontation is cut.
Confrontation between Peaky Blinders and Kimber Lee’s Gang is tightened. Ada is completely cut from this, as it didn’t make much sense for her to be there with the baby, almost felt like comic relief. I tried to cut out Freddy from this scene as much as possible. Cut it so that Billy Kimber says “he’s right you know” instead of “she’s right you know”.

Additional changes made in v2:
Minor fixes to audio fading, reduced sharp cuts
Rescored some of the scenes to reduce the rock music
Added a brief clip from S2E1 of Grace firing a gun at Campbell.

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