Split Unbreakable Glass

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Be Surprised, Again!
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Original Release Date:
2000 / 2016 / 2019
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Brief Synopsis:
The re-telling of the Eastrail 177 Trilogy with a new narrative structure to facilitate surprises, adjustments to reveals, new parallels, new opening and closings and much much more. One can be surprised again.

Redundant threads (marriage issues from Unbreakable and Dr Fletcher from Slpit) and over- exposition (from Glass) have been removed. Scoring has been adjusted to permit music motifs to run through the narrative consistently, Deleted material has been used only where the narrative requires it.

New opening and closing titles have been created and all crew are credited (source IMDB).
The intention here was to restructure these films into a non-linear narrative to facilitate keeping the suspense up, making you believe what the characters are told for as long as possible.
Additional Notes:
In order to minimize spoilers, this adds/cut list is in 3 sections. Spoiler levels increase as you go to the next section. Sections A-C deal with each source movie’s changes since the nonlinear structure of this edit does not permit an easy representation of the changes in a way that would be easy to understand. Overall, virtually every scene is in a new position or altered in some fashion totaling over 1000 changes (seriously). SECTION A Materials removed or added from all 3 movies SECTION B – Light Spoilers Highly altered or new scenes created from all 3 movies to facilitate the new narrative SECTION C – Heavier spoilers (but rationale excluded in order to preserve some reveals. The Thread on the Forum contains details of narrative structure used and rationale)
Other Sources:
- Freesounds.org
- Freefonts.com
- Score CDs from all 3 movies.
- Deleted material from all 3 blu rays
- Additional shots of Raven Hill from Glass Blu Ray featurettes
Special Thanks:
Dwight Fry and sgp1428 Previewers
Release Information:
Special Features
Editing Details:
A detailed description of the Narrative is contained in the Forum thread in a Spoiler Box.
The details here, are in 3 sections in order to preserve the most surprising changes for all to view cold.

Any redundant characters or dialogue has been removed throughout all 3 movies. Major excisions follow.
M. Night Shyamalan’s cameos have been removed from all 3 movies
Virtually all material with David’s wife has been removed. This subplot is superfluous to the narrative being told. Some minor shots and one scene have been retained for narrative purposes.
Some sequences have been shortened for pacing and narrative drive. Some scoring has been extended or altered to fit the new sequences positioned in new areas of the edit, in some cases requiring extensive or complete audio and scoring rebuilds.
David’s visits to the school are removed (though a portion of one scene is repurposed)
David’s first stadium scene is removed
All material featuring Dr Karen Fletcher is removed though some shots are repurposed to create new sequences.
The horror, gore and extended suspense elements have been minimised as have the involvement of the other two abducted girls in order to serve the new narrative. This is NOT a horror flick.
No wholesale removal of any material HOWEVER a significant amount of repurposing and resequencing of material has been undertaken in order to serve the new narrative.
Certain sequences which are redundant, due to them being there to permit the movie to work as a standalone; these have been removed or repurposed.
Deleted material from Unbreakable that was added to Glass for it to work as a standalone movie has either been removed or repurposed.
Large portions of Glass have been re-purposed for use throughout the edit and lighten the load of Glass at the end of the edit.
Deleted scenes have been used ONLY where they serve the new narrative. Not all available deleted material has been used and where deleted material has been added back, it has been trimmed to serve the new narrative with completed and /or altered scoring and audio work used where needed.
SECTION B – Light Spoilers
Highly altered scenes from all 3 movies and new sequences.
This section describes new sequences created to facilitate the new narrative.
A new opening has been created.
Scenes from one film are used as bookends for scenes from another film.
Opening caption has been replaced
Eastrail 177 is combined with the version from GLASS
Eastrail 177, David no longer comes on to the fellow passenger
The hospital scene is altered
New montage for the memorial has been created
The weightlifting scene is shortened with some removed material repurposed for later in the edit
The Station scene is materially repurposed
The gallery scene is altered
The main stadium scene is altered
The memorial material is repurposed
The wreckage visit is repurposed
David’s “coming out” is shortened and enhanced, but you need to watch to see how and why.
Casey’s fellow abductees are de-emphasised
The climax is re-worked downplaying horror tropes
Deleted material (sometime just the dialogue or audio) is selectively used
Selective appearances of The Horde have been removed or repurposed
Dr Staple’s introduction to David and Kevin are completely re-worked and no longer intercut as heavily.
Deleted Casey material used to create a necessary pause and for character development
Flashbacks have been repurposed or replaced with more appropriate material for this narrative

Cuts and Additions:
A detailed description of the Narrative changes is contained in the Forum thread in a Spoiler Box.
Please do not discuss these changes in the forum in order to allow others to view this cold, as with any Shyamalan movie.
The details here, lists additions and removals, still trying to not give all away so hyper detail is avoided.
SPOILERS FOLLOW BELOW, but still not full blown.

0001- Fanedit logo
0007- Studio and production logos from all 3 movies, re formatted and consolidated for time
0008 –Custom caption replaces Unbreakable’s caption
0014 - Custom opening using two pieces of Staples dialogue, a repurposed shot of David and a chroma key overlay of the shattering menu page from the Unbreakable Blu Ray Menu
0068 - Custom titles using custom font, the score track “01 Physiks” from the GLASS Score but re-edited for timing and fit. Full customised animation and expanded credit roll per more traditional movie opening formats.
069 - Custom caption for block 1
070 - Repurposed night shot of Ravenhill at night
077 - Scene of Dr Staple at desk reviewing Elijah’s file with 7 pieces of custom audio rebuild
078 - Crossfade to Philadelphia Dept. Store 1961, unaltered scene but music is altered to “06 Unbreakable” from Score CD at the to permit crossfade to…
085 - Dr Staple continues to review Elijah’s file, 6 pieces of audio work
088 - Added deleted scene where Dr Staple goes to reception and calls “Mrs Price” which is now underscored by “02 Reflections of Elijah” from Unbreakable Score CD
090 - A portion of Mrs Price and Dr Staple discussion
091 - Deleted scene from Unbreakable used in Glass (so in HD) at fairground is used, slightly trimmed with caption added
095 – Crossfade to Elijah and Mrs Price apartment and playground scenes, with custom caption
098 – Cross fade to Limited Editions gallery scene underscored by “02 Reflections of Elijah” from Unbreakable Score CD at both ends
103 – Crossfade back to a portion of Mrs Price and Dr Staple discussion which is modified
104 - Custom caption for block 2
123 – Establishing scenes of Casey are trimmed for pacing as is the abduction
144 – Repurposed Casey flashback used with rack focus applied throughout
151 – 7 trims to opening incarceration scene to remove and play down the other abductees
158 – Patricia introduction plays down other abductees
161 – Dennis’s sanitation scene is underscore by “01 Visions” from Unbreakable Score CD to also permit transition to…
163 - Custom caption for block 3
167 - Crossfading to repurposed night shot and David arriving home with closing music replaced with a custom mix of Piano from “06 Unbreakable” from Score CD, slowed to match the scene which follows
169 – Custom caption and cross fade to new Eastrail 177 scene using the version from Glass AND Unbreakable. This has a crossfade and staged wipe mid shot from one movie to the other, with color correction and re-framing to match, underscored by the ongoing custom piano piece mix from “06 Unbreakable” from Score CD.
181 – David does not come on to the lady passenger. Extensive audio work to retain how the scene originally plays out in Unbreakable despite the scene opening being the version from Glass. The close up of the brief case is removed.
186 – Hospital scene is shortened, wife is briefly seen, underscored by “06 Unbreakable” from Score CD.
199 – New montage sequence created from David at table, stadium scene and memorial using only audio from the Unbreakable.
203 – Minor trims to Limited Edition scene with David, Joseph and Elijah
207 - Custom caption for block 4
214 – Hedwig’s intro is altered to deemphasise the other abductees
217 – Flashback added for Casey with Rack Focus
235 – The scene with Patricia uses deleted material and repurposed dialogue and music from the Theatrical audio track to create a tighter scene that removes the other abductees from the equation as quickly as possible.
236 - Custom caption for block 5
240 – Transition with new shot of Ravenhill (sourced from Blu Ray featurettes) segue to Dr Staple and Mrs Price, in a modified scene
251 - Stadium scene with David and Elijah is trimmed but has an enhanced moment to establish David’s gifts more clearly earlier on due to later portions having been removed.
265 – Elijah’s fall is truncated for narrative purposes.
272 – Elijah’s post fall hospital scene is altered
277 – A further Dr Staple and Mrs Price scene follows.
283 -- Custom caption for block 6
287 – Casey flashback is modified and rack focus applied
293 – Scene with Casey and Hedwig going to see the CD and walkie talkies is modified –No dancing
301 – Casey and Dennis modified and score from next edit scene underscores the end of the sequence.
303 -- Custom caption for block 7
321 – New sequence using a shot of David at a bar, the audio on the TV has been replaced. The scene is underscored with a purpose made track at 85% speed modifying the piece “David and Elijah” from the Unbreakable Score CD.
327 - David meeting Joseph after school is modified and joined with the walking discussion about the heroes’ code.
341 – A repurposed street shot leads into a modified and shortened weightlifting scene
347 – David and Joseph in bed is modified, certain shots now play in reverse with the scene underscored by the custom mix track at 85% speed modifying the piece of “David and Elijah” and “Falling Down” from the Unbreakable Score CD.
361 – David and Elijah’s second discussion at Limited Edition is highly modified for narrative purposes including repurposed shots and new zoom and pans applied.
369 – Elijah at the comic store is modified and shortened
373 – David’s arrival home to listen to answerphone is repurposed and modified to serve the narrative. It is now underscored by “18 Origin Story” from the Glass Score CD, at a very low volume to tie the motif to the Heroes journey
375 - Custom caption for block 8
397 – A new sequence has been created with material from Split using close ups of Dr Fletcher’s files but repurposing this with an new shot of Ravenhill with extensive audio and music work.
423 – The sequences that follow with Dennis, The Beast and Casey are highly modified and remove Dr Fletcher and minimise the other abductees. This is underpinned using pieces from the Split Score CD, tracks “13 Arrival” and “14 Meeting the Others”.
454 – The playout with Casey and The Beast is highly modified with the closing portions removing the police but adding flashbacks; the piece “18 Kevin Wendell Crumb” and “21 Rejoice” being used from the Split Score CD.
469 – Use of a flashback sequence for Casey has rack focus applied and is modified for the narrative.
470 - Custom caption for block 9
487 – A new sequence is created repurposing a shot of Dunn’s shop and partial use of material from a “specified walk” underscored with “11 Thru the basement” from the Glass score CD
522 – A modified discussion at the store is underscored in part using and “13 Unravelling” from the Glass score CD and certain shots have been cropped and a zoom applied to conceal elements that are not used in this narrative. A shot from another part of Glass is used to further conceal these elements. Reference to “the zoo” is removed. Additionally, the references to the “elaborate salting” and the “book” are removed. More due to how the lines are delivered. It also dilutes a tender moment materially, and its removal benefits the Dad/Son bond that the scene is intended to convey.
557 – Using deleted material, repurposed and modified shots, including the use of reverse play, crop, zoom and pans, a new sequence has been created for a bridging scene of the horde into the narrative incorporating “02 Brick Factory” from the glass Score CD and “01 Visions” from the Unbreakable CD.
569 – A modified version of the diner scene with the breaking news has been created. The terrible music edits in this scene are the original audio from Glass (which due to poor channel separation, cannot be fixed). Nevertheless, the music, “01 Visions” from the Unbreakable score CD has been used to smooth out where possible.
601 – In one of the most complex changes to the narrative when David calls Elijah and goes to the station, 36 edits, 27 audio and scoring segues, additional and repurposed sound effects and more have been deployed to both retain this key moment while adding something completely new from a narrative perspective. Extensive audio rebuild was also required using “01 Visions” from the Unbreakable CD to both maintain the original musical thrust and adhering to the visual cues needed, though now repurposed. Watch to see how and why.
615 – David’s pursuit of the kidnapper is modified for pacing and narrative drive.
634 – David’s encounter with The Beast required significant work and sleight of hand to remove the abductees from the material while still delivering on the thrust of the scene. The track “16 Checkmate” from the Glass CD is used to tie the sequence together which uses multiple modifications to audio and certain shots cropped, zoomed and re-framed with upscaling to maintain quality.
700 - Custom caption for block 10
719 – Using “03 Pink Room” from the Glass Score CD as a bridge, a new version of the Casey at school sequence is created with some deleted material from Glass
720 – An unaltered sequence from Unbreakable is used at this point for a characters drive and the continuing development of this narrative. The sequence is modified to remove references to events that are not present in this narrative.
728 – The school scene with Casey continues underscored by a modified 85% speed version of “03 Pink Room” from the Glass Score CD.
761 – David and The Horde’s arrival at Raven Hill are completely reworked, removing some clunky or un-needed dialogue and extensive use of the modified 85% speed version of “03 Pink Room” from the Glass Score CD.
765 – Elijah and Dr Staples “discussion” is brought forward both for narrative pacing and to correct a continuity error revealed by the jumper she wears.
779 – Joseph Dunn and Dr Staple’s encounter is highly modified with the two flashbacks which Joseph has one is replaced with other material in order to serve this narrative and the fact that some of the material has not been used elsewhere in the edit prior to this encounter. The other is modified, again to serve the narrative.
792 – All references to the abducted girls in Dr Staple and Joseph’s discussion have been removed, since they have not been abducted in this edit.
778 – Casey’s encounter with Dr Staple is modified
788 –Casey and The Horde is modified, generally removing redundant material
794 – Added the deleted scene of Elijah and Mrs Price pre-op meeting, with one shot played in reverse and one line removed.
799 – Added the deleted scene of Dr Staple sitting outside prior to David’s scene with the water jets since the narrative flow required a break in pace during this section of the edit and a needed bridge from the previous scene she features in. The scene is slightly shortened, favouring the color timing of the deleted version shots in common.
806 – The scene with the orderly and Elijah is brought forward to increase the tension given what the viewer is now aware of. This scene works much better with the addition of the earlier deleted material.
810 – Custom caption for block 11
826 – The Pink Room scene is far too long but 100% required, so it is now split with the addition mid-way of the comic book store sequences which also keeps Casey and Joseph in the narrative thrust in a more balanced manner with both scenes repurposed to add to the narrative materially by what they are juxtaposed with. Minor trims made.
844 – The most significant enhancement to the Pink Room is the expansion of David’s experience with material from Unbreakable (left out earlier in the edit) being used, sparingly, and not seen to this point. This involved significant changes in shot framing, crossfades, audio and music work.
845 - There is one deletion to the Pink Room dialogue, in order NOT to give away an element yet to be revealed (but soon to be).
849 – Some scenes re-sequenced in proximity to the pink room.
850 – Custom caption for Block 12
855 – Audio rebuild for Dr Staple in car park since new scoring was required
859 – A few trims are made to Elijah’s night-time exploits, and a few modifications for narrative purposes.
882 - This plays through to the procedure but that vision during Elijah’s procedure has been replaced with material from Unbreakable which is required at this point in the narrative. That segment is highly modified to fit the pacing of the overall sequence. With “02 reflections” from the Unbreakable score Cd being used. Extensive audio and edit work required for this portion.
883 – Deleted post op discussion with David added
889 – Audio rebuild in carpark
902 – Custom caption for Block 13.
918 – 16 trims made up to David and the door
939 – Material from Unbreakable that was not used earlier is now repurposed here with a custom music mix from the Score of Glass
950 – 11 more changes until the showdown, all trims.
951 - Custom caption for Block 14. The final block.
953 – The transition uses 16 – Checkmate from the score CD to Glass.
959 – Additional minor trims in the least altered part of this edit.
969 – When David takes Dr Staples hand, 10 alterations and enhancements occur underscored by 03 The Pink Room from the Glass score cd.
976 – 7 more trims up to Dr Staple and Mr Glass.
998 – 22 changes, audio, music and editorially are made thru to the last shot to change the ending. The ending is complete altered, repurposing material from the end of Glass, to create a more satisfying conclusion and one that mirrors two previous sequences.
1000 plus: Over 500 floating mattes, near 8000 words, a whole new scoring close (created from 6 pieces of music) were created for the new end credit roll (so more than 1500 changes, but let’s just leave it at that).
Closing credit roll uses
Fanedit.org and members thanks added.
Trivia and stats added to credits
Other sources added to credits
Wraith logo added.
Cover art by Wraith (DOWNLOAD HERE)


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(Updated: September 19, 2021)
Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
Audio Editing
When I returned to this forum about four years ago after being gone for several, I noticed that several of the editors that I considered to be the masters (geniuses some) of their craft had disappeared. They had moved on to another forum (no names), got banned (sometimes you have to follow rules, m.), or disappeared entirely. Sure, fanediting geniuses like Q2 and TM2YC stuck around, fortunately. And a lot of new masters arose. Much to my dismay, one of the disappeared ones was Wraith.

About three years later...Guess who returns to the forum? Wraith. With a great big bag of fanedits to share. I guess it's obvious what he was doing for those six years. I always thought of him as a frustrated genius who didn't always execute his ideas in a manner that would please all of his critics. Amazing ideas. I just don't think everyone gets him.

I've watched so many fanedits lately, its difficult to keep up with my promises to review them. So I held off on requesting this edit. Even though I respect Wraiths edits...I didn't really care for the movies it is derived from. I liked Unbreakable, but bought the others out of curiosity, watched them and put them in the chest. Then the edit was recommended to me by a prolific editor here whose opinion I respect. And then another. And another. So I checked it out.

Quite honestly, I wasn't really prepared for this edit. I couldn't make his description make sense. Then I watched it...the first time. My initial reaction was...WTF? So I watched it again. Same reaction. Then I pulled out the originals and watched them. I scratched my head. I wasn't quite sure I grasped what Wraith had accomplished with this narrative structure. Then I watched the edit again. That time I was blown away. Split Unbreakable Glass is a very deep, multilayered masterpiece in narrative restructuring.

I felt a compulsion to understand what I had watched. Wraith and I began a long discourse in which I learned what was in his mind as he compiled this amazing edit. Wraith was very transparent with me. I learned so much about the creative process that goes into such a masterpiece. There were so many "how the hell did he do that?" moments that were answered. I am still amazed at things most viewers won't even notice.

The order of scenes from the films themselves are all over the place if they are laid out the way that they appear in the edit. However, that was to fit the narrative structure of the edit. If they are played chronologically, you find many gaps. However, in the context they were placed in, the viewer fills in the gaps.

Wraith sustains the viewers attention by presenting self contained packages of information, which are very digestible, at the same time leaving an element of "I want more"...That keeps people engaged.

The edit is presented in three acts which are very thematically disciplined. Scenes are shifted into other chapters or acts to maintain that discipline in order to ensure viewer investment.

Most of Split is gone because it contained far too much of a horror element. Had it not been watered down, it would distract from the intended pacing and unbalance a very carefully planned build up. Keeping that low in emotional tone overall had the unexpected effect (on me at least) to both significantly lift the conclusion from Glass and conclude with the best ending.

Musical motifs were only cross fertilized where they served the character or emotional moments...Long takes where preseved where they were best needed rather than trimming for trimming sake.

Glass is used to frame the early scenes. Dr Staple is not a new character. There is a reason why the film opens with her. She is in the first and last shots deliberately. This edit is about The Coalition of Evil...we just don't realize it. Having her open completely changes the first scene and Glass still frames Elijah, which is vital.

I hope enough people watch this for the revelations that can still be fleshed out, even though we think we know these movies well. Each time I watch it I learn something new.

Even though the edit seems long, its really not. There is just enough room to breathe and for the viewer to absorb and go on the journey...and the journey is what this edit is about.

I love fanedits and the creative process. I am so grateful for the many hours that Wraith spent with me to let me into his mind regarding this edit. I will treasure that memory for a long time.

This will be Wraith's opus. Hell, it will be one for fanediting in general. It shows just how creative you can get.

The sad thing is...history has proven that far too many creative geniuses burn a fire so bright that it burns them out. Then they disappear. It's up to us as fans to keep them encouraged with positive feedback so that they stay with us a bit longer and share their wonderful gift.

A masterpiece that must be seen by all who appreciate a good movie/fanedit/art.

Two very enthusiastic thumbs held as high as I can hold them!

Yeah, Wraith, it was a thesis!

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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
Audio Editing
I really enjoyed this edit, it was done very well. I really like Unbreakable and Split, but I did not like Glass at all. This edit still had some of my issues with Glass, but for the most part the elements from Glass were a major improvement. Very well done, especially considering you can only work with you've got. Nice job Wraith.

User Review

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(Updated: August 29, 2021)
Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
Audio Editing
Riveting and Unrelenting!

As someone who has watched all three films multiple times, I was stunned at how fresh, intriguing and mesmerizing this fan edit turned out. I was fully engaged from minute one (btw GREAT OPENING CREDITS!!!!) and the movie never let go. To me, it did not feel remotely like 3 hours. I was shocked when I looked at the time when the movie ended. A testament to Wraith's editing skills and masterfully crafted new narrative. Brilliant stuff!

If I had to nitpick, there were four minor moments where I went "hhhmmmmm....?" -- one, the placement of the SPLIT post-credit scene stands out visually as David looks completely different (fully bald, no beard) from the rest of the movie; two, David follows Hedwig, but the next scene he is in conversation with The Beast, it felt like something was missing; three. the intercutting from David using his touch ability in the past and on the street I think could have benefited from some underlying unifying music, and four, the most minor of all, Dr. Fletcher is entirely removed from the movie but we do see an old woman's dead body where Casey has been held prisoner... it just feels like an odd unexplained moment. Though I do not know how it could be resolved other than maybe with additional zoom and cropping?

Technically the edit was perfect to my eye and ear, and I must stress again, the new storyline was engrossing, filled with tension and mystery. An amazing achievement!

Highly recommended!!!
Owner's reply September 12, 2021

I did initially just trim the shot out in a test, and it was fine BUT I have actually gone with a zoom and crop per your suggestion and applied some up-res and sharpening. This is now resolved and will be in v 6.02 available soon...keep an eye on the thread.

Thanks for your generous words. and observations.

Report this review Comments (1) | Was this review helpful? 2 0
Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
Audio Editing
I'm relatively new to the world of fan edits & this is my first review of one. With that said, I can't even begin to imagine the time Wraith spent on not just all of the editing, but creating the narrative for this edit as well. The only word I can think of the describe this film is AMAZING! If you are a fan of these 3 films, you will love what he has done to transform them into one film. If you liked the first 2 films, but didn't care too much for Glass, I think this edit will change your mind. The only somewhat "negative" thing I can say, which has already been said, is that it is very long.... but when you're working with 3 films and want to create a complete story, it's gonna take some time to tell it. Thank you Wraith for creating such a wonderful edit & for sharing it with me!

User Review

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Owner's reply August 29, 2021

Thank so much for that especially acknowledging the narrative planning which took many many weeks before I even began the edit process. I pleased you enjoyed it and welcome to our crazy creative community.

Report this review Comments (0) | Was this review helpful? 2 0
Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
Audio Editing
This is a tremendously remarkable achievement in editing. I will try not to spoil anything, but let's say that the new structure works wonders and the way the reveals are placed make the whole thing less about "what's the secret behind these people" and more like "what is all of this building up to". More suspense than surprise. And the amount of work that went into it is simply gigantic: won't say where, but some shots that can appear to come untouched right from the source if you haven't seen the movies before or aren't fresh in your mind, have a LOT of work behind them to get them right. And yes, it's long, but the pacing never suffers because of it, and it's all worthwhile. The only downside is that a few of my problems with the theatrical Glass stay here (already discussed and reasoned with the editor), but even those bother me less here than in the official version. Highly recommended.
Owner's reply August 21, 2021

That’s very kind of you and I’m so pleased you enjoyed it. I’m especially glad you appreciate the invisibility of what on the face of it can appear simple, but was anything but. I still wish I’d had more material to play with, but it is what it is.

Report this review Comments (0) | Was this review helpful? 2 0
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