Split Unbreakable Glass

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Be Surprised, Again!
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2000 / 2016 / 2019
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Brief Synopsis:
The re-telling of the Eastrail 177 Trilogy with a new narrative structure to facilitate surprises, adjustments to reveals, new parallels, new opening and closings and much much more. One can be surprised again.

Redundant threads (marriage issues from Unbreakable and Dr Fletcher from Slpit) and over- exposition (from Glass) have been removed. Scoring has been adjusted to permit music motifs to run through the narrative consistently, Deleted material has been used only where the narrative requires it.

New opening and closing titles have been created and all crew are credited (source IMDB).
The intention here was to restructure these films into a non-linear narrative to facilitate keeping the suspense up, making you believe what the characters are told for as long as possible.
Additional Notes:
In order to minimize spoilers, this adds/cut list is in 3 sections. Spoiler levels increase as you go to the next section. Sections A-C deal with each source movie’s changes since the nonlinear structure of this edit does not permit an easy representation of the changes in a way that would be easy to understand. Overall, virtually every scene is in a new position or altered in some fashion totaling over 1000 changes (seriously). SECTION A Materials removed or added from all 3 movies SECTION B – Light Spoilers Highly altered or new scenes created from all 3 movies to facilitate the new narrative SECTION C – Heavier spoilers (but rationale excluded in order to preserve some reveals. The Thread on the Forum contains details of narrative structure used and rationale)
Other Sources:
- Freesounds.org
- Freefonts.com
- Score CDs from all 3 movies.
- Deleted material from all 3 blu rays
- Additional shots of Raven Hill from Glass Blu Ray featurettes
Special Thanks:
Dwight Fry and sgp1428 Previewers
Release Information:
Special Features
Editing Details:
A detailed description of the Narrative is contained in the Forum thread in a Spoiler Box.
The details here, are in 3 sections in order to preserve the most surprising changes for all to view cold.

Any redundant characters or dialogue has been removed throughout all 3 movies. Major excisions follow.
M. Night Shyamalan’s cameos have been removed from all 3 movies
Virtually all material with David’s wife has been removed. This subplot is superfluous to the narrative being told. Some minor shots and one scene have been retained for narrative purposes.
Some sequences have been shortened for pacing and narrative drive. Some scoring has been extended or altered to fit the new sequences positioned in new areas of the edit, in some cases requiring extensive or complete audio and scoring rebuilds.
David’s visits to the school are removed (though a portion of one scene is repurposed)
David’s first stadium scene is removed
All material featuring Dr Karen Fletcher is removed though some shots are repurposed to create new sequences.
The horror, gore and extended suspense elements have been minimised as have the involvement of the other two abducted girls in order to serve the new narrative. This is NOT a horror flick.
No wholesale removal of any material HOWEVER a significant amount of repurposing and resequencing of material has been undertaken in order to serve the new narrative.
Certain sequences which are redundant, due to them being there to permit the movie to work as a standalone; these have been removed or repurposed.
Deleted material from Unbreakable that was added to Glass for it to work as a standalone movie has either been removed or repurposed.
Large portions of Glass have been re-purposed for use throughout the edit and lighten the load of Glass at the end of the edit.
Deleted scenes have been used ONLY where they serve the new narrative. Not all available deleted material has been used and where deleted material has been added back, it has been trimmed to serve the new narrative with completed and /or altered scoring and audio work used where needed.
SECTION B – Light Spoilers
Highly altered scenes from all 3 movies and new sequences.
This section describes new sequences created to facilitate the new narrative.
A new opening has been created.
Scenes from one film are used as bookends for scenes from another film.
Opening caption has been replaced
Eastrail 177 is combined with the version from GLASS
Eastrail 177, David no longer comes on to the fellow passenger
The hospital scene is altered
New montage for the memorial has been created
The weightlifting scene is shortened with some removed material repurposed for later in the edit
The Station scene is materially repurposed
The gallery scene is altered
The main stadium scene is altered
The memorial material is repurposed
The wreckage visit is repurposed
David’s “coming out” is shortened and enhanced, but you need to watch to see how and why.
Casey’s fellow abductees are de-emphasised
The climax is re-worked downplaying horror tropes
Deleted material (sometime just the dialogue or audio) is selectively used
Selective appearances of The Horde have been removed or repurposed
Dr Staple’s introduction to David and Kevin are completely re-worked and no longer intercut as heavily.
Deleted Casey material used to create a necessary pause and for character development
Flashbacks have been repurposed or replaced with more appropriate material for this narrative

Cuts and Additions:
A detailed description of the Narrative changes is contained in the Forum thread in a Spoiler Box.
Please do not discuss these changes in the forum in order to allow others to view this cold, as with any Shyamalan movie.
The details here, lists additions and removals, still trying to not give all away so hyper detail is avoided.
SPOILERS FOLLOW BELOW, but still not full blown.

0001- Fanedit logo
0007- Studio and production logos from all 3 movies, re formatted and consolidated for time
0008 –Custom caption replaces Unbreakable’s caption
0014 - Custom opening using two pieces of Staples dialogue, a repurposed shot of David and a chroma key overlay of the shattering menu page from the Unbreakable Blu Ray Menu
0068 - Custom titles using custom font, the score track “01 Physiks” from the GLASS Score but re-edited for timing and fit. Full customised animation and expanded credit roll per more traditional movie opening formats.
069 - Custom caption for block 1
070 - Repurposed night shot of Ravenhill at night
077 - Scene of Dr Staple at desk reviewing Elijah’s file with 7 pieces of custom audio rebuild
078 - Crossfade to Philadelphia Dept. Store 1961, unaltered scene but music is altered to “06 Unbreakable” from Score CD at the to permit crossfade to…
085 - Dr Staple continues to review Elijah’s file, 6 pieces of audio work
088 - Added deleted scene where Dr Staple goes to reception and calls “Mrs Price” which is now underscored by “02 Reflections of Elijah” from Unbreakable Score CD
090 - A portion of Mrs Price and Dr Staple discussion
091 - Deleted scene from Unbreakable used in Glass (so in HD) at fairground is used, slightly trimmed with caption added
095 – Crossfade to Elijah and Mrs Price apartment and playground scenes, with custom caption
098 – Cross fade to Limited Editions gallery scene underscored by “02 Reflections of Elijah” from Unbreakable Score CD at both ends
103 – Crossfade back to a portion of Mrs Price and Dr Staple discussion which is modified
104 - Custom caption for block 2
123 – Establishing scenes of Casey are trimmed for pacing as is the abduction
144 – Repurposed Casey flashback used with rack focus applied throughout
151 – 7 trims to opening incarceration scene to remove and play down the other abductees
158 – Patricia introduction plays down other abductees
161 – Dennis’s sanitation scene is underscore by “01 Visions” from Unbreakable Score CD to also permit transition to…
163 - Custom caption for block 3
167 - Crossfading to repurposed night shot and David arriving home with closing music replaced with a custom mix of Piano from “06 Unbreakable” from Score CD, slowed to match the scene which follows
169 – Custom caption and cross fade to new Eastrail 177 scene using the version from Glass AND Unbreakable. This has a crossfade and staged wipe mid shot from one movie to the other, with color correction and re-framing to match, underscored by the ongoing custom piano piece mix from “06 Unbreakable” from Score CD.
181 – David does not come on to the lady passenger. Extensive audio work to retain how the scene originally plays out in Unbreakable despite the scene opening being the version from Glass. The close up of the brief case is removed.
186 – Hospital scene is shortened, wife is briefly seen, underscored by “06 Unbreakable” from Score CD.
199 – New montage sequence created from David at table, stadium scene and memorial using only audio from the Unbreakable.
203 – Minor trims to Limited Edition scene with David, Joseph and Elijah
207 - Custom caption for block 4
214 – Hedwig’s intro is altered to deemphasise the other abductees
217 – Flashback added for Casey with Rack Focus
235 – The scene with Patricia uses deleted material and repurposed dialogue and music from the Theatrical audio track to create a tighter scene that removes the other abductees from the equation as quickly as possible.
236 - Custom caption for block 5
240 – Transition with new shot of Ravenhill (sourced from Blu Ray featurettes) segue to Dr Staple and Mrs Price, in a modified scene
251 - Stadium scene with David and Elijah is trimmed but has an enhanced moment to establish David’s gifts more clearly earlier on due to later portions having been removed.
265 – Elijah’s fall is truncated for narrative purposes.
272 – Elijah’s post fall hospital scene is altered
277 – A further Dr Staple and Mrs Price scene follows.
283 -- Custom caption for block 6
287 – Casey flashback is modified and rack focus applied
293 – Scene with Casey and Hedwig going to see the CD and walkie talkies is modified –No dancing
301 – Casey and Dennis modified and score from next edit scene underscores the end of the sequence.
303 -- Custom caption for block 7
321 – New sequence using a shot of David at a bar, the audio on the TV has been replaced. The scene is underscored with a purpose made track at 85% speed modifying the piece “David and Elijah” from the Unbreakable Score CD.
327 - David meeting Joseph after school is modified and joined with the walking discussion about the heroes’ code.
341 – A repurposed street shot leads into a modified and shortened weightlifting scene
347 – David and Joseph in bed is modified, certain shots now play in reverse with the scene underscored by the custom mix track at 85% speed modifying the piece of “David and Elijah” and “Falling Down” from the Unbreakable Score CD.
361 – David and Elijah’s second discussion at Limited Edition is highly modified for narrative purposes including repurposed shots and new zoom and pans applied.
369 – Elijah at the comic store is modified and shortened
373 – David’s arrival home to listen to answerphone is repurposed and modified to serve the narrative. It is now underscored by “18 Origin Story” from the Glass Score CD, at a very low volume to tie the motif to the Heroes journey
375 - Custom caption for block 8
397 – A new sequence has been created with material from Split using close ups of Dr Fletcher’s files but repurposing this with an new shot of Ravenhill with extensive audio and music work.
423 – The sequences that follow with Dennis, The Beast and Casey are highly modified and remove Dr Fletcher and minimise the other abductees. This is underpinned using pieces from the Split Score CD, tracks “13 Arrival” and “14 Meeting the Others”.
454 – The playout with Casey and The Beast is highly modified with the closing portions removing the police but adding flashbacks; the piece “18 Kevin Wendell Crumb” and “21 Rejoice” being used from the Split Score CD.
469 – Use of a flashback sequence for Casey has rack focus applied and is modified for the narrative.
470 - Custom caption for block 9
487 – A new sequence is created repurposing a shot of Dunn’s shop and partial use of material from a “specified walk” underscored with “11 Thru the basement” from the Glass score CD
522 – A modified discussion at the store is underscored in part using and “13 Unravelling” from the Glass score CD and certain shots have been cropped and a zoom applied to conceal elements that are not used in this narrative. A shot from another part of Glass is used to further conceal these elements. Reference to “the zoo” is removed. Additionally, the references to the “elaborate salting” and the “book” are removed. More due to how the lines are delivered. It also dilutes a tender moment materially, and its removal benefits the Dad/Son bond that the scene is intended to convey.
557 – Using deleted material, repurposed and modified shots, including the use of reverse play, crop, zoom and pans, a new sequence has been created for a bridging scene of the horde into the narrative incorporating “02 Brick Factory” from the glass Score CD and “01 Visions” from the Unbreakable CD.
569 – A modified version of the diner scene with the breaking news has been created. The terrible music edits in this scene are the original audio from Glass (which due to poor channel separation, cannot be fixed). Nevertheless, the music, “01 Visions” from the Unbreakable score CD has been used to smooth out where possible.
601 – In one of the most complex changes to the narrative when David calls Elijah and goes to the station, 36 edits, 27 audio and scoring segues, additional and repurposed sound effects and more have been deployed to both retain this key moment while adding something completely new from a narrative perspective. Extensive audio rebuild was also required using “01 Visions” from the Unbreakable CD to both maintain the original musical thrust and adhering to the visual cues needed, though now repurposed. Watch to see how and why.
615 – David’s pursuit of the kidnapper is modified for pacing and narrative drive.
634 – David’s encounter with The Beast required significant work and sleight of hand to remove the abductees from the material while still delivering on the thrust of the scene. The track “16 Checkmate” from the Glass CD is used to tie the sequence together which uses multiple modifications to audio and certain shots cropped, zoomed and re-framed with upscaling to maintain quality.
700 - Custom caption for block 10
719 – Using “03 Pink Room” from the Glass Score CD as a bridge, a new version of the Casey at school sequence is created with some deleted material from Glass
720 – An unaltered sequence from Unbreakable is used at this point for a characters drive and the continuing development of this narrative. The sequence is modified to remove references to events that are not present in this narrative.
728 – The school scene with Casey continues underscored by a modified 85% speed version of “03 Pink Room” from the Glass Score CD.
761 – David and The Horde’s arrival at Raven Hill are completely reworked, removing some clunky or un-needed dialogue and extensive use of the modified 85% speed version of “03 Pink Room” from the Glass Score CD.
765 – Elijah and Dr Staples “discussion” is brought forward both for narrative pacing and to correct a continuity error revealed by the jumper she wears.
779 – Joseph Dunn and Dr Staple’s encounter is highly modified with the two flashbacks which Joseph has one is replaced with other material in order to serve this narrative and the fact that some of the material has not been used elsewhere in the edit prior to this encounter. The other is modified, again to serve the narrative.
792 – All references to the abducted girls in Dr Staple and Joseph’s discussion have been removed, since they have not been abducted in this edit.
778 – Casey’s encounter with Dr Staple is modified
788 –Casey and The Horde is modified, generally removing redundant material
794 – Added the deleted scene of Elijah and Mrs Price pre-op meeting, with one shot played in reverse and one line removed.
799 – Added the deleted scene of Dr Staple sitting outside prior to David’s scene with the water jets since the narrative flow required a break in pace during this section of the edit and a needed bridge from the previous scene she features in. The scene is slightly shortened, favouring the color timing of the deleted version shots in common.
806 – The scene with the orderly and Elijah is brought forward to increase the tension given what the viewer is now aware of. This scene works much better with the addition of the earlier deleted material.
810 – Custom caption for block 11
826 – The Pink Room scene is far too long but 100% required, so it is now split with the addition mid-way of the comic book store sequences which also keeps Casey and Joseph in the narrative thrust in a more balanced manner with both scenes repurposed to add to the narrative materially by what they are juxtaposed with. Minor trims made.
844 – The most significant enhancement to the Pink Room is the expansion of David’s experience with material from Unbreakable (left out earlier in the edit) being used, sparingly, and not seen to this point. This involved significant changes in shot framing, crossfades, audio and music work.
845 - There is one deletion to the Pink Room dialogue, in order NOT to give away an element yet to be revealed (but soon to be).
849 – Some scenes re-sequenced in proximity to the pink room.
850 – Custom caption for Block 12
855 – Audio rebuild for Dr Staple in car park since new scoring was required
859 – A few trims are made to Elijah’s night-time exploits, and a few modifications for narrative purposes.
882 - This plays through to the procedure but that vision during Elijah’s procedure has been replaced with material from Unbreakable which is required at this point in the narrative. That segment is highly modified to fit the pacing of the overall sequence. With “02 reflections” from the Unbreakable score Cd being used. Extensive audio and edit work required for this portion.
883 – Deleted post op discussion with David added
889 – Audio rebuild in carpark
902 – Custom caption for Block 13.
918 – 16 trims made up to David and the door
939 – Material from Unbreakable that was not used earlier is now repurposed here with a custom music mix from the Score of Glass
950 – 11 more changes until the showdown, all trims.
951 - Custom caption for Block 14. The final block.
953 – The transition uses 16 – Checkmate from the score CD to Glass.
959 – Additional minor trims in the least altered part of this edit.
969 – When David takes Dr Staples hand, 10 alterations and enhancements occur underscored by 03 The Pink Room from the Glass score cd.
976 – 7 more trims up to Dr Staple and Mr Glass.
998 – 22 changes, audio, music and editorially are made thru to the last shot to change the ending. The ending is complete altered, repurposing material from the end of Glass, to create a more satisfying conclusion and one that mirrors two previous sequences.
1000 plus: Over 500 floating mattes, near 8000 words, a whole new scoring close (created from 6 pieces of music) were created for the new end credit roll (so more than 1500 changes, but let’s just leave it at that).
Closing credit roll uses
Fanedit.org and members thanks added.
Trivia and stats added to credits
Other sources added to credits
Wraith logo added.
Cover art by Wraith (DOWNLOAD HERE)


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Visual Editing
Audio Editing
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(Updated: June 03, 2022)
Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
Audio Editing
Wraith did something absolutely remarkable with this edit. An instant classic fanedit.

First, the film is all about a dark and rising tension, then it descends into doubts and madness as the three main characters become trapped. This in-turn sets the stage for a jail-break with super-villainous intent. But Dunn has his gift and a poncho to dawn. And throughout all this, Casey comes to know that their gifts are not just fantasy, nor are her own, as the Horde and Mr. Glass go on a rampage.

The opening credits are amazing. This is S tier editing of video and audio. In terms of flow and pacing, they're perfect. This is a powerhouse of an edit. The tension is relentless. The time and effort put into this makes it a wonderful piece of art. There is not a scene that felt forced, unwarranted, or superfluous, because every scene has it's purpose throughout the edit and leads in-step with next. The ending of the edit is sad, story wise. Not a problem of Wraith's. I had just hoped for a more uplifting ending, but it fits with the dark undertone throughout the films.

I watched SUG 6.05PRF

User Review

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Owner's reply June 17, 2022

Thanks for the review...just to note the most recent version is 7.01, addressing many minor glitches.

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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
Audio Editing
I'd highly recommend this edit; it completely transformed my enjoyment of these films. It was obvious how much love and time Wraith put into the pacing and story structure. The flow overall was fantastic, and the finale felt far more earned this time around.

My scores on the visual elements came down to a couple nitpicks:
- There are a couple of subtle audio pops.
- The visuals are great; as a matter of personal taste, though, I think the title convention and fade to black transitions are a tad overdone. Once the titles become more like chapter titles, they work brilliantly. I understand the idea behind the fades...I just don't think it was as effective as other transitions could've been. I just would have made a few different choices as far as that's concerned.

But honestly, those things are a reach. I really loved this. WATCH IT!

User Review

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1 reviews
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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
Audio Editing
I highly recommend this edit. Like the editors other film of The Unbreakable series, this one is like a masterclass in how to create a well thought out fan edit. I saw no issues or errors and I give it a 10 on the enjoyment meter. If you like the original film then you will enjoy this new ride and, like me , you will try to figure out where some of the new footage came from. This is a must see! Thank you to the editor for all the time spent and his incredible talent and vision.

User Review

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(Updated: May 04, 2022)
Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
Audio Editing
Unbreakable is one of my favorite films of all time. I also enjoyed Split and (even) Glass too!

In this fanmix of the trilogy, Wraith makes the tough but necessary choices on cuts for this narrative. And it works well.

Superb VFX work for the opening and closing glass shards. Also great VFX for several visual transitions.

A lot of top notch, above the call of duty video transition work is apparent, including where Elijah was getting the laser treatment transitioning to the flash of the train. And the transition from David back to Elijah's eye. Excellent job of maintaining the original transition style there. Wraith has a great eye.

Nice cut away from David's weight lifting scene ending with the line "what else can we use?" Now that I see it cut this way, I realize that's where M Knight could have easily ended the scene. Again, such a good eye, Wraith. When we see the paint buckets added on later in a flashback it now feels necessary and with purpose, rather than a drawn out scene.

Not a big deal but cutting the beginning of David's weight lifting session makes the scene maybe a tad confusing when David suddenly asks out of the blue, "how much did you take off?"

The scene with David passing Joseph the newspaper articles loses much it's dramatic power with the way the scenes have to jump around in this version (a necessary compromise). But then again, the way this edit is cut and scored, the fight between David and the Beast outside the asylum gains more emotional resonance.

For me the most awful parts of Glass to endure were when the characters start narrating what is presently happening but in comic book terms like, "the enemy becomes the ally." This is just my personal preference as I'm highly adverse to expository. Some or most of these cringy (for me) Glass moments remain in this cut. Others may like them.

****** SPOILER ALERT ******
Scroll further down if you don't want to read comments about the end:

The way Wraith ends everything is now more dramatically effective by no longer having family members be an active part of releasing video footage to the public. The moment is now more about resolving the story of the Mastermind. Superb!

There were some sporadic framerate issues (random frame skips, one example at 1:13:36). This can happen for different reasons but usually when a video file such as an mkv is converted to mp4 with a tool that incorrectly flags the framerate as variable. The resulting output in an NLE unfortunately will have random, jerky frame skips throughout.

Multiple parts where slow motion was used had a noticeable drop in framerate (without apparent motion smoothing applied), indicative of fanedited material.

There were several very noticeable audio and video editing issues in this cut, a few jarring. Below are the main issues which affected scoring:

dozens of tiny clicks/pops throughout during when audio clips are not faded in the NLE (very audible through headphones but not so much on a tv/external speakers) examples 13s 29s 2m15s 14m56s, 16m49s... recurring until the end

43:16 - 43:21 color grade of the scene changes abruptly
1:10:00 sudden audio jump, makes the video cut seem very edited
1:18:42 the music track added back in here at the comic shop isn't matched up perfectly with itself (noticeably goes off tempo with a double drum hit at the merge point)
1:33:12 very noticeable visual cut to remove McAvoy dialogue, even with the short insert in between, McAvoy is suddenly in a completely different stance and much closer to Casey
1:42:12 audio glitch: Loud computer noise cuts out then back in.
2:03:59 very noticeable audio gap, approaching but not quite jarring
2:06:16 high pitched, JARRING audio glitch
3:24:31 The last words of Dr Glass' ending VO speech are completely garbled underneath the music. : (

Note: the video quality itself is decent and watchable, but there is a moderate amount of blocking artifacts in many scenes in the dark or flat background areas of the picture. Although the audio bitrate is on the very low end for 6 channels, the audio quality is still usually perceptually high overall, but with ever so slight occasional high end muddiness.

Overall, this cut is worth watching alone for Wraith's beautiful and thoughtful job with all the re-scoring choices. Thank you Wraith for the insane amount of thought and heart you put into this project. I did thoroughly enjoy it as an alternate viewing experience. Nothing personal on the audio score; see below for the reasoning. And I can certainly update the score based on any future revisions I learn about.

For reference here's my general rating explanations:

Best in Class / Perfect (or nearly so) = 10
Excellent = 9
Good = 8
Decent / Above Average = 7
Fair / Slightly Above Average = 6
Slightly Below Average = 5
Below Average = 4
Poor = 3
Bad = 2
It really can't get worse = 1

And because I gave a lower score on Audio Editing below is my own personal guideline to explain how I reached the score:

Audio Editing incl. Musical Score
Three or more instances of jarring issues such as very rough transitions, complete loss of sound, or major audio syncing errors = 1
One or two instances of jarring issues or five or more instances of minor issues such as clicks, low audio; or added music masks the dialogue = 4
Four or less instances of minor issues, noticeable but not jarring, added music fits the mood but has minor volume issues = 6
One or two instances of minor issues, nearly seamless, added music improves the scene(s) and blends well = 8
Completely seamless, no mistakes, professional. Must include audio restoration or compelling changes to musical score = 10

User Review

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Owner's reply May 05, 2022

As always K, thank you for the detailed and heartfelkt review. I always appreciate constructive feedback, and a further layer of furniture polish will be applied accordingly.

My gratitude as always.

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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
Audio Editing
I haven't seen the original movies in a long time so I already loved the idea watching them as one movie combined.
This is now my goto version. The editing here is superb. Both audio and video. I now also prefer the thighter story telling. It's a long film but it feels just right. I highly recommend this.

User Review

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1 reviews
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