Superhero Movie - The Full Hourglass

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Brief Synopsis:
Superhero Movie is almost forgotten parody of the comic book hero genre, and a very short one at that, running at barely 75 minutes.
The Full Hourglass integrates 30 new, extended and alternate scenes, jokes gags and more for a brand new way to see the Dragonfly's origin!
Sixteen minutes have been added to the film, to create a more complete spoof experience!
I had realised how much deleted stuff they had shoved into the end credits of the film, the DVD bonus features and the Blockbuster Exclusive DVD, and so I wanted to cram all or most of it back in.
Other Sources:
- German Blu-Ray: The theatrical and official extended cut were taken from this disc, with some deleted stuff being taken from the TC as they play over the credits, as well as the majority of deleted scenes coming from the bonus features
- Blockbuster Exclusive DVD: A few additonal scenes were taken from this disc as they don't appear on any other release
- Spider-Man (2002) Original Motion Picture Score: Some tracks were used to rescore scenes that didn't have any, as Danny Elfman's score is pretty close to what's used in the final film
Special Thanks:
jrzag42 for suggesting the edit
Release Information:
Special Features
- Deleted and Unused Scenes, and Alternate Ending (11:21)
Editing Details:
Since I was using the Blu-Ray as a main source, the SD deleted scenes don't look as good next to HD footage. Some scenes play over the credits in the theatrical cut, and are in HD, so they could be used. Everything was upscaled to HD with Topaz AI, so that it can stand up with the Blu-Ray,
Some portions where the scenes fade in and out needed to be repaired using AviSynth as the editing didn't quite work out, hopefully it's invisible.
I've also used some tracks from the Spider-Man (2002) OST to fill some gaps where there were none in deleted scenes, most notably the hero montage.
Cuts and Additions:
- added Strom talking about Landers' prize winning invention during the school trip
- added extended scene of Rick stumbling around the house sick
- added the board members establishing an offical board meeting
- added extended unveiling of the Total Cure
- added extended version of Landers being strapped in the chair
- replaced Rick breakdancing on the wall with him doing some sit-ups instead
- rescored previous scene with Spider-Man (2002) OST "New Powers"
- added Trey and Uncle Albert asking about Rick's powers
- added extended conversation in the backyard about Jill's career ambitions
- added extended discussion in the car outside the bank about the loan
- added the banker discussing collateral with a loan
- added extended scene with Uncle Albert becoming delarious after being shot
- added extended costume designing montage
- added extended hero montage, replacing the cut down theatrical version
- rescored previous scene with Spider-Man (2002) OST Tracks "City Stinger 2", "Hint, Trouble, Kiss" and "City Montage"
- cut entire scene with Human Torch to allow for new transition into Landers' scene
- added extended scene of Rick seeing that the local paper wants a photogrpaher
- added extended scene of the papers' Crazy Editor and his rants
- added Rick suiting up before going to fight the Hourglass
- added extended scene of the Hourglass threatening the cops, as well as Dragonfly entering to challenge him
- rescored previous scene with Spider-Man (2002) OST "Enter the Goblin"
- added extended scene of the Dragonfly attempting to kiss Jill
- added alternate ending to Alley kiss scene
- added extended scene of Landers on his computer, trying to plan his Death Machine
- added extra gag during Turkey stuffing
- added extra gag while Rick hides from Landers
- added Rick needing to ID his Aunt's body
- added alternate scene of Dr Jeffrey Tambour telling Rick to take it easy with his uncle
- added extended funeral scene, but lightly edited down to preserve a joke that is spoiled by the uncut scene
- added extended scene with Rick and Landers backstage
- added Dragonfly getting distracted during the final battle
- added post credits scene

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