Week of March 5th, 2023 – New Fanedits

4 new edits this week…



Kombat Bloody Kombat by Gieferg

“As a long time fan of first two Mortal Kombat games I was always a fan of this movie too and always wanted to do an edit of it one day. And here it is. This time it isn’t as much about changing the plot, but about modyfing the tone & overall feel of the movie. Not to fix it (as it doesn’t need that), but to alter it enough to offer a unique watching experience, quite different than original. To achieve that, the movie was completely re-scored with music from martial art films and fighting games with some other additions. Some additional footage taken from other movies was included as well as additional or alternate dialogue lines. Also, some blood VFX and grindhouse effects were added.”



Ben 10: Race Against Time – Armageddon Edition by Revan100

“This is a light edit of the first live action Ben 10 movie that doesn’t drastically deviate from the original. Adjustments are spread throughout the entire film to give it a better cartoon to live action experience. The out of place scenes such as Grey Matter trashing the diner are removed, and various trims throughout the movie allow the plot to move quicker.”



Possessor Complete by kidjupiter92

“After recently seeing Infinity Pool and greatly enjoying it, I decided to go back and revisit the first film that introduced me to director Brandon Cronenberg: Possessor. After studying both cuts of the film for nearly a month, I got it in my head that I would attempt to create the longest version possible of this film using as much footage from both cuts as possible and reinserting the deleted scenes present on the releases. I am proud to present: Possessor Complete.”



The Thing from 1951 by The Scribbling Man


“Arrow Parallel present, for the first time, John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ from 1951. While some damage inevitably remains due to the nature of interdimensional travel, the content has been painstakingly restored and largely remains in excellent condition. Please enjoy this insight into an alternate history through what is, quite literally, “The Thing” from another world…”


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