Ben 10: Race Against Time - Armageddon Edition

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This is a light edit of the first live action Ben 10 movie that doesn't drastically deviate from the original. Adjustments are spread throughout the entire film to give it a better cartoon to live action experience. The out of place scenes such as Grey Matter trashing the diner are removed, and various trims throughout the movie allow the plot to move quicker.
Unlike many of the cartoon to live action adaptations, Race Against Time and its successor, Alien Swarm, did pretty well for what they were able to accomplish. Though I thought this movie could be improved a little bit with some trims to move the plot along and remove the most glaring oddities.
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Ben 10: Race Against Time - Behind The Scenes
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Cuts and Additions:
- Increased the saturation and contrast to improve the washed out look of the film.

- Removed all commercial break transitions.

- Replaced Heatblast's one sided conversation with Eon with a BTS shot of him shooting fire.

- Trimmed the fight with Eon and his servants by reducing Heatblast's dialogue and the cops showing up.

- Removed the scene with Ben and the crossing guard.

- Removed the two school girls talking about Heatblast.

- Shortened the conversation between Ben and his parents by keeping the conversation mostly on topic and having Ben leave the table after Carl says Max's stories aren't real.

- Eon doesn't monologue inside the clock tower, keeping his plans a secret until later.

- Removed Ben struggling to respond to the talent show girls and them laughing at him.

- Ben doesn't say he would rather be in the Null Void than in Bellwood.

- Removed Ben transforming into Grey Matter and wrecking the diner.

- Removed Ben being surprised at Gwen’s computer skills.

- Removed Ben asking Max if he fixes Eon's toilet.

- Gwen doesn't mention Ben always wearing his shirt.

- Removed the scene of Ben, Gwen, and Max heading back to the Rustbucket, as Ben’s attitude in that conservation didn’t seem appropriate after Jacobs death.

- Eon's servant isn't shown jumping down from the building after the trio enters the elevator to the Plumber base.

- Removed Ben, Gwen, and Max waiting inside the elevator.

- Gwen doesn't highlight the security features the Plumber's use.

- Removed Mrs. Dalton mentioning Grey Matter.

- White simply apologizes to Ben about detention and says nothing about not wanting to blow his cover.

- Ben and Gwen do not comment on the construction of the Plumber base during the tram ride.

- White does not give a history lesson on the effects the Hands of Armageddon have caused on the world. This was done to justify the Hands being destroyed later in the film with no destructive consequences.

- Reduced Ben talking about the Plumbers implying they need him.

- Removed White's second comment about finding a replacement for his lock.

- Removed Ben and Gwen discussing the gender of the assistant for the magic trick.

- Ben says "Really is." instead of "Wow. Yeah. Really is." when White asks it must be strange for Ben knowing he is a Plumber.

- Ben doesn't call White "The weird creepy guy nobody likes."

- Applied an additional thunder sound effect to smoothen the gym-to-park transition.

- Removed Ben's blurry vision shot after being captured. Modified the contrast so the merged shots of Ben could match.

- Used an extended shot of Max looking at Ben right after he shocks him.

- White quickly frees the rest of the Plumbers locked inside. No key gag.

- Trimmed Gwen's speech to Ben.

- Ben only says Gwen's first name right before the Plumbers show up.

- Removed Bellwood losing power for a moment and Gwen saying she doesn't feel good.

- Wildmutt and Gwen immediately appear after the talent show lady announces them.

- Removed the talent show results.

- Removed Gwen talking about Ben's shirt again.

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