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Brief Synopsis:
After recently seeing Infinity Pool and greatly enjoying it, I decided to go back and revisit the first film that introduced me to director Brandon Cronenberg: Possessor. After studying both cuts of the film for nearly a month, I got it in my head that I would attempt to create the longest version possible of this film using as much footage from both cuts as possible and reinserting the deleted scenes present on the releases.

I am proud to present: Possessor Complete.
To create the longest version of Possessor possible.
Additional Notes:
Possessor Uncut was used as the main base of this edit, while alternate shots from the R-Rated cut were sprinkled throughout in their proper sequencing to extend scenes here and there. The three deleted scenes presented on the Uncut and R-Rated versions have been fully reintegrated into the edit as well.
Other Sources:
Possessor Uncut 4K Blu-ray Combo Pack: The uncut version of the film that serves as the base for this edit was sourced from here.
Possessor (R-Rated Cut) Blu-ray: The R-Rated cut of the film where several shot extensions and the three deleted scenes were sourced from here.
Possessor (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) CD by Jim Williams
Special Thanks:
To Brandon Cronenberg: for writing and directing a film that I highly regard.
To my girlfriend: for pushing me to begin this project and helping me see it through to the end.
Release Information:
Special Features
- 5.1 surround and stereo audio mixes.
Editing Details:
For the shot extensions that were carried over from the R-Rated cut, I simply ported over shots that would extend their respective scenes, and left out an alternate sequence that was present in the R-Rated cut for censorship reasons (the idea was to present this fanedit uncensored as much as possible).

The reintegrated deleted scenes were color corrected and graded using DaVinci Resolve.

The accompanying stereo audio for the deleted scenes were upmixed to 5.1 surround sound using NUGEN Audio's Halo Upmix in Adobe Audition so that I could present this project in full surround sound.
Cuts and Additions:
00:00:00:00: Added FE Warning.
00:00:06:07: Added Dark Netflix Style FE logo.
00:00:11:06: Added my faneditor logo.
00:00:17:16: Added R-Rated cut studio logos, effectively deleting the "this film has not been modified from its original version" message.
00:05:42:16: Added 40 frames from the R-Rated cut to the beginning of the medium shot of Vos/Holly stabbing the lawyer.
00:05:52:03: Added 14 frames from the R-Rated cut to the end of the close-up of Vos/Holly's bloody shoe.
00:05:52:17: Added 8 frames from the R-Rated cut to the beginning of the close-up on Vos/Holly stabbing the lawyer.
00:05:58:01: Added 5 frames from the R-Rated cut to the beginning of the close-up on Vos/Holly's face.
00:12:11:04: Added the "Panic Attack" deleted scene.
00:31:56:19: Added the "Wake Up and Count" deleted scene.
00:53:37:02: Added 192 frames from the R-Rated cut to the beginning of Vos/Colin & Ava's sex scene.
00:55:00:14: Added 10 frames of Vos' close-up from the R-Rated cut.
01:00:04:18: Replaced Vos/Colin's brief conversation with Girder with the "Reid's In the Pool" deleted scene.
01:09:16:10: Added 4 frames from the R-Rated cut to the end of the close-up on Parse's bloody face.
01:09:52:09: Added 20 frames from the R-Rated cut to the end of the close-up on Vos/Colin's face.
01:39:24:09: Added 24 frames from the R-Rated cut to the end of the close-up on Colin as he attacks Michael.
01:41:11:22: Added 34 frames from the R-Rated cut of Vos screaming as she shoots Ira.
01:44:28:14: Added end credits from the R-Rated cut as the credit for the sound designer is missing from the Uncut version.

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