Alien: Darksteel Cut

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Brief Synopsis:
This is the director’s cut with some stuff taken out that always bugged me and adding back some stuff back from the theatrical cut. I also fixed the very inconsistent colour grading which varied from shot-to-shot in a few scenes.
I have always wanted a hybrid of the theatrical and extended cuts of each Alien film that had the best parts of both so I no longer had to decide on which one to watch.
Additional Notes:
As I got deeper into the edit I realised how terribly inconsistent the colour grading was on the blu-ray. It seemed more apparent in the director’s cut. Basically they reframed quite a few shots and changed the colour grading in the process, so you would have the colour changing as the scene is going. I decided to restore a lot of shots from the theatrical cut and occasionally colour match them myself to keep it as consistent as possible.
Special Thanks:
I want to personally thank ArtIsDead for being so incredibly patient with me throughout the process of having my first fan edit approved. It has not been an easy road travelled getting a handle on my ADHD whilst helping my pregnant partner who just gave birth to my first child in January 2023.
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Editing Details:
I strived to not make any edits that have not already been done officially. Any editing change from the director's cut was originally done in the theatrical cut. I ensured that any shots throughout a scene were consistent with their colour timing, as some shots were reframed and recoloured in the director's cut.
Cuts and Additions:

12:39 - Cut crew listening to transmission scene
1:06:47 - Cut shot of xenomorph hanging up high waiting to kill Brett because it spoils the surprise to come


1:02:11 to 1:05:58 - used theatrical version for Brett-looking-for-cat scene
49:20 to 50:19 - used theatrical version of Ripley-arguing-with-Dallas scene (adding back Ripley not trusting Ash)


14:39 to 14:42 - stabilised shot of Nostromo approaching LV-426
36:08 to 36:48 - regraded shot of Lambert slapping Ripley outside surgery
1:15:50 to 1:15:53 - reframed shot of Ripley looking at Lambert to match the previous shot
1:21:51 to 1:22:04 - regraded shots of Ash’s head being prepped for interrogation
1:25:29 to 1:25:35 - replaced shot of ship being prepped due to last frame turning green
1:40:55 to 1:40:59 - regraded part of shot of ship window as Ripley escapes Nostromo

Shots replaced with theatrical transfer:

7:46 to 7:52 - Parker telling Dallas he’s finishing his coffee
9:37 to 9:39 - Lambert in cockpit
12:32 to 12:39 - Dallas asking Parker “you got that?”, Parker responding “yeah” and Dallas saying “we’re going in”.
12:51 to 13:02 - Ash and Dallas on ship
13:10 to 13:16 - Dallas and Ripley on ship
13:29 to 13:31 - Dallas on ship
13:50 to 13:52 - Dallas disengaging ship
14:01 to 14:05 - Dallas starting ship up
23:02 to 23:28 - Ripley on the ship with her cat
24:19 to 24:22 - Ash observing alien ship on monitor
24:25 to 24:29 - Ash observing alien ship on monitor
25:12 to 25:23 - Ash talking to crew and observing alien ship on monitor
25:29 to 25:36 - Ash viewing crew camera footage
25:54 to 25:57 - Ash viewing crew camera footage
29:34 to 30:02 - Ripley telling Ash that Mother deciphered the transmission
36:05 to 36:08 - Dallas and Ash in surgery
36:48 to 36:57 - Dallas and Ash in surgery
36:57 to 37:00 - crew observing surgery
37:00 to 37:31 - Ash and Dallas operating on Kane
41:48 to 45:41 - Ash and Ripley in surgery
45:24 to 45:49 - Dallas being told by Ash to check on Kane
50:43 to 50:48 - Parker and Brett on ship during take off
50:59 to 51:06 - Lambert and Ripley on ship during take off
51:16 to 51:20 - Ripley on ship during take off
51:31 to 51:35 - Parker, Brett and Ripley on ship during take off
51:42 to 51:48 - Parker, Dallas and Ripley on ship during take off
51:57 to 52:54 - Crew discussing what to do with Kane
56:07 to 56:20 - Ash and the crew watching the baby Alien escape after killing Kane
1:05:58 to 1:06:41 - cat about to be caught and xenomorph coming up behind Brett
1:06:58 to 1:07:23 - cat watching after Brett was killed and Parker telling crew what happened to Brett
1:08:30 to 1:08:48 - Lambert and crew being instructed by Dallas
1:14:52 to 1:15:43 - Parker, Ripley and Ash talking after Dallas was killed by alien
1:15:46 to 1:15:50 - Ripley and Lambert looking at each other
1:15:57 to 1:17:45 - Ripley speaking to Mother and Ash surprising her
1:17:45 to 1:18:26 - Ripley trying to escape Ash
1:22:04 to 1:22:07 - Ripley slamming on table to wake up Ash
1:24:41 to 1:27:12 - Ripley, Parker and Lambert prepping for escape
1:40:11 to 1:40:55 - Ripley taking off from Nostromo
1:40:59 to 1:41:02 - Ripley looking at Nostromo
1:41:10 to 1:41:23 - Ripley being blasted with light from the destruction of Nostromo

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I have always thought this is a very creepy space movie and also how government and corporate wants/needs are deemed more important than a human life. And this edit still keeps all that intact for me. Remember I don't do "techie" reviews. But I did (finally?) see one edit that was a bit off. Dunno if it is in an original copy of the film. But for me it does nothing to distract the enjoyment of this film/edit. Usually when I watch a film or tv show I have other things going in the background either just for noise or to glance at in case I get bored with what I am watching. But this edit kept my attention until the end credits. The color was great and I saw detail that I have not seen in the past. One thing that did stand out for me is that the ship and all the other hi hi tech stuff the had to accomplish their "mission" but the video monitors were crap. I know at the time no real cgi or good video monitors so.... Ok on my entertainment scale I will give this 4.75 popcorns out of 5. Nothing to do with the edit but just some other "dated" things in the film. This was a fun time

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