Week of September 4, 2022 – New Fanedits

This week sees the release of 5 new edits.

A Star is Born (1954): Extended Cut HD by Wraith

To expand the theatrical cut without any of the reconstruction of the roadshow version challenges.


A Star is Born (1954): Reconstrcuted Theatrical Cut in HD by Wraith

The Unavailable and ignored 154 min Theatrical Cut – Reconstructed in glorious Stereo and HD for the first time.


Sweet Charity (1969): The Wonderful Perfect Edit by Wraith

To re-insert the original ending, seamlessly!


The Wolverine: The James Mangold Restoration by Wakeupkeo & Silver Screen Samurai

Essentially, this project aims to restore James Mangold’s original vision for the film, before the studio enforced changes to the script.


Desperado: Grindhouse Cut by Dawnrazor

The original version has its ups and downs and I wanted to create a higher paced version with some grindhouse elements added.


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