Mother Suspiriorum

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I wanted to make a faster paced Noir version in black/white.
And to rescore it with German krautrock legends Tangerine Dream.
For me this remake is too long and I want the running time to be more in line with Argento's original.
And like the original I want the story to be about Susie Bannion coming to the German dance school.
The remake has more subplots about Dr.Klemperer that takes a lot of the running time and I want to keep that part shorter.
I also want to change Tom Yorke's soundtrack into Krautrock legends Tangerine Dream with focus on their Phaedra and Rubycon albums.
Other Sources:
Music: Parts of Phaedra album-Tangerine Dream
Parts of Rubycon album-Tangerine Dream
Bent cold sidewalk and Stratosfear-Tangerine Dream

and some royalty free sound effects: radio news sound, train station sound, pencil sound , book page sound, horror ambience sound
Special Thanks:
reddit member: Superzwei for previews and feedback.
The red apple crew and of couse the rest of the IFDB as well for being an awesome community.
Release Information:
Special Features
Available in two versions:
Version 1 with hard coded Subtitles (English,German and French)
Version 2 with no hard coded subtitles but with a subtitle folder in srt. for the German and French parts.
Cuts and Additions:
Change the film from color to black/white for a more Noir style.

*Trimmed Patricia's visit at Dr.Klemperer
*Cut the original credit scene
*Added a new credit scene with parts of dairy shots and Susie arrives in Berlin shots and part of Rubycon 1 (Tangerine Dream)
*Cut Dr.Klemperer scene
*Added Bent cold sidewalk (Tangerine Dream) to the voting scene
*Cut Susie moving in
*Cut Dr.Klemperer scene
*Cut the camera zoom on Susie
*Added parts of Phaedra (Tangerine Dream) to the Olga in the mirror room scene
*Cut Susie bathroom scene
*moved young Susie shots to the new credits
*Cut carry out Olga scene
*Moved phonecall scene
*Cut Blanc and Susie scene
*Cut Susie and Sara investigate
*Trimmed police men at the school.
*Cut Susie and Sara
*Cut Blanc and Miss Tanner scene
*Cut the bar scene
*Trimmed Dr.Klemperer at the police station.
*Cut dance scene and Caroline collapse.
*Trimmed Sara and Dr.Klemperer at the café.
*Cut Dr.Klemperer arrive at the show.
*Added stratosfear (Tangerine Dream) to the dance performance.
*Cut Blanc and Susie scene.
*Trimmed Bar scene and added parts of Rucycon 2 (Tangerine Dream)
*Cut Dr.Klemperer and his wife scene.
*Cut Dr.Klemperer being caught.
*Cut Dr.Klemperer at the ceremony.
*Added parts of Rubycon at the ceremony.
*Cut Dr.Klemperer leaving the ceremony.
*Cut Dr.Klemperer at home.
*Cut Susie visit Dr.Klemperer.
*Cut the small house/cabin scene.

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(Updated: July 27, 2023)
Overall rating
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It's hard to overstate how well Tangerine Dream works here, especially when combined with the monochrome and slightly hazy look. The music fits exceptionally well. I found myself dialing things back and listening again. At the same time, the editor has applied this new music with a reserved hand. It's never too loud, and there are still several key scenes without any music.


I found the image was missing fine detail and grain was all but absent in spite of the file size, but the overall presentation was still quite acceptable. The audio is stereo but the bitrate is high enough to capture enough detail.


The monochrome look is certainly captivating. It's not quite black and white; more sepia. The visual presentation was at it's strongest when it was reinforced with Tangerine Dream's slightly dated sound. Absent of music it had a soft, waxy effect that was less effective. I'd be interested in seeing a version of this that was either starkly B&W with high contrast OR a with vibrant, punchy colours.

I found one flash frame during my viewing. I've sent the timestamp to the editor.

The biggest issue for me are some of the darker scenes near the end where it's very hard to tell what's going on without the benefit of the dancer's red outfit.


The new music is fantastic. It's really so much better than the original. The final dance is improved, as is the final...well, you know. Other moments that stand out are when Sara is exploring the property and when the group is voting.

I did find several very small audio issues, including some sections that were out of sync, and another that was too quiet. I've sent the editor a detailed list.


There's a lot of really interesting material in the original that's absent here, but this 90 minute presentation is a very agreeable version of the story, especially if you've already seen the original.


An early scene is still basically unwatchable (for me), but that's part of the charm. I enjoyed this presentation.

Recommended for sure.

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