Amazing Spider-Man: Extended Edition, The

Amazing Spider-Man: Extended Edition, The

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Amazing Spider-Man: Extended Edition, The
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This fan edit is an Extended Edition of Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man. I inserted all but one of the deleted scenes included in the Blu-Ray into the movie, making for a more complete and satisfying experience.
I think The Amazing Spider-Man is a great superhero movie, and I personally really love it. Despite the negative reputation it has gained in the years following its release, I find myself thoroughly engaged in the story and relating with the characters. Unfortunately, it also feels incomplete due to studio interference, and as a result, kind of redundant all things considered. Removing key scenes took away not only the freshness of the plot, but also some of the story and character depth. That is why I wanted to reinsert the deleted scenes that were made available to us so that we can all have a more complete Amazing Spider-Man experience.
Special Thanks:
Neglify and Reave for previewing,
samspider3 for the inspiration and support,
theryaney for the beautiful cover,
and everyone who gave their support and feedback both on and off the forum.
Release Information
  • Blu-Ray (BD-25)
  • MP4/M4V/MOV
Editing Details:
I used Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Encore CS6. While editing not only did I insert most of the deleted scenes but I also took some minor liberties by cutting some stuff.
Cuts and Additions:
*Regraded the movie to look brighter and more colorful.
-Cut Peter pretending to be someone else. He just sneaks into the intern group.
-As a result of the previous change, Peter getting bitten has been moved up to the Spider Room and Gwen taking his badge away has been cut.
+Added Uncle Ben's alternate death scene which was a lot more tragic.
+Added deleted scene of Connors giving his condolences.
+Added the POV shot from the teaser trailer for a more grandiose superhero entrance.
-Cut Peter bending the goal post with the football.
-Cut Peter seeing newspaper photo ad.
+Added deleted scene with Connors and his son.
+Added deleted scene where Peter follows Connors to the sewers.
+Added deleted scene where Peter and Gwen make out on top of a clock tower (foreshadowing?)
-Cut Connors montage that was spliced together with different unused scenes and newly recorded voiceover.
+Added deleted scene where Connors talks to himself.
+Added deleted scene where Dr. Ratha tracks Connors' location.
*I did not add deleted scene with the two random girls at the bathroom.
+Added deleted scene where Connors asks Peter for help. This was re-edited to remove the greenscreen arm.
*Reworked scene where Peter asks Gwen for an antidote. Now Peter sends a voice message instead of calling.
+Added critical "All the Power You Feel" deleted scene at the sewer.
+Added deleted scene where Peter makes breakfast with Aunt May.
Cover art by theryaney (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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I'm well aware that this is an unpopular opinion, but I really love both of the Amazing Spider-Man films. My personal favorite of the two would have to be the criminally underappreciated second film, but I still have so much love for its predecessor as well. One of my few flaws with the film was that it felt like scenes were crudely taken out as a result of studio mandates, even though some of these scenes were in the trailer. This extended fan-edit fixes that problem in spades. Much of the deleted material that was re-inserted back into the picture is incorporated into the story near-brilliantly and it helps make for a much stronger narrative and characters, creating a superior version of the film in the progress. Excellent work.

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