A Star is Born (1954): Reconstrcuted Theatrical Cut in HD

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The Unavailable and ignored 154 min Theatrical Cut - Reconstructed in glorious Stereo and HD for the firt time.
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Brief Synopsis:
The Restoration of A Star is Born was a tremendous accomplishment which was also the first of its kind.
It is also one which many believe to be flawed, due to its use of stills to fill in the visual gaps on what is a complete audio of the roadshow version.

This version reconstructs the unavailable and IGNORED 154 min Theatrical Version in its entirety with no bells or whistles.

To bring back to everyone the version of this movie that most will recall and saw...THE THEATRICAL CUT at 154 mins; no longer ignored and available for the firt time in HD.
Additional Notes:
I applaud and acknowledge the huge effors that went into this restoration, and they are well documented in many articles and books, but for my taste, the Theatrical version should also have been assembled....instead, it was ignored (until now).
Other Sources:
A Star is Born VHS (as refernce)
Special Thanks:
Spence, ArtisDead
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Editing Details:
All the material recoverd for the Blu Ray restoration has been removed to leave JUST the 154 min Theatrical cut.
Cuts and Additions:
All of the following are removed from the Restored version:

This edit tries to a number of things:
1. ALL the stills used to pad out the full audio that was discovered.
2. All additional Musical Numbers
3. The INTERMISSION card is gone
4. My Reconstrcuted George Cukor's orginally intended ending is NOt [resent...Just the original Theatrical version scoring.

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