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In anticipation of the ZSJL release, "Bad Movies made Less Bad" presents:
Dawn of Justice Trilogy : Part One

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(All three movies generally focus on the inherent nature of mankind.)

This Man of Steel edit tries to keep the spirit of the original movie, but also find the classic hero inside - to make Clark more like “the noble Superman I grew up with” (yes I am aware how extremely subjective that is).

Its about a confident hero, with boy scout morals almost to a fault. He is confident in his actions but remains hidden from the world due to his personal choice. With the arrival of Zod, Clark Kent must finally reveal himself. This is not an origin story, although his origin is retold. This is about the confident kryptonian boy scout we all recognize, and we watch as Zod forces Clark beyond his limits to save his adopted world.

Main Changes:
• Krypton prologue now begins at Kal’s launch
• Credit sequence from the great Man of Steel: A Symbol of Hope from TM2YC
• Pa Kent doesn’t die for his idea, nor does he tell young Clark that he might have to let people die.
• Bus incident moved to replace tornado incident, focus on “people afraid of what they don’t understand,” which is then re-emphasized by Perry and then again by Martha
• Suit reveal moved to after discussion with priest to emphasis Clark’s overall decision to officially reveal himself to the world.
• Innocent bystanders that might get hurt are removed as much as possible in Smallville battle as well as in Metropolis battle.
• Clark contemplates the aftermath of his battle with Zod on a mountaintop with the memory of Pa Kent.

After three long years of OCD, my cherished MoS and BvS edits are finally complete. These are movies that I now love.

When MoS came out, I was absolutely heartbroken - this didn't feel like the Superman I remember. When BvS was announced, I got on board with this Superman to see the movie of my dreams, or so I thought. Then I saw Batman killing people like I'd never seen before. Needless to say, I wasn't on board with "what they did to my boys."

And so my fanediting journey began. I was sure there were great movies buried in these blasphemous turds. I did a ton of work at the beginning, learning as I went. My skills were terrible, but I could not stop trying for some reason. After the first year, I was happy with the result, taking out all the parts of the movies I didn't feel matched the characters I wanted. I showed my better half, and her response was that all the characters felt flat, lacked depth. At the time, I thought there was no solution for this due to the source materials. By this time I had also seen TM2YC's amazing MoS edit and Mr. Blue's equally amazing BvS edit. I recognized that I was beating a dead horse, and retired the effort. Their edits are the gold standard, and every faneditor worth a lick already has their own edit of these movies, so I decided to put my edits on a shelf.

Or so I told myself over and over again. I would constantly revisit my edits however, watching them at least once a month and making at least 5 new revisions each and every time, always with an intent to bring more character development and depth to my heroes. OCD if there ever was one. But it was also the greatest hobby for me. I design for a living, working within deadlines and creating the visions of others. Fanediting has allowed me to pursue my own artistic vision, on my own timeline and to the exacting vision I that have, not the client's. I do think the broader audience opinion matters, but its much like my personal art in other mediums I have done in the past.

When Zack Snyder announced his Justice League were on their way, I was once again excited, knowing I may yet again be disappointed. But my little pet MoS and BvS projects had given me new appreciation for the movies, as I now know pretty much every frame WAY too well.

My better half asked what the ZSJL hubbub was all about, and when I mentioned her reaction to my edits a couple years ago, she gave me a completely blank look, not remembering already watching them. So I showed her the edits as they existed at that point. And... she loved them! I brought up the character development issues from the past, but she said she didn't notice them now. Validation. These new edits were not the same as my first attempts.

Next up was to make my friends watch. Most of them liked the movies much better than the original, but one friend had this to say: "If the Martha Name Trivia scene is still in the BvS movie, there is no saving this franchise." And he still wouldn't watch. I told him it was hopeless, and that I think he'll like everything else about the movies. Still a hard "NO" from him, who is even a comic book collector.

I took to Reddit next, sharing my edits there as I was still not an approved editor on this site. Lovely complements, and lots of fans and followers, but not the real constructive criticism I was looking for.

And so, my OCD kicked in again. Over the years and especially since the pandemic, these movies have been polished and honed repeatedly. They have been compared with the original films again as well as the TM2YC, and Mr. Blue edits as well, for any remaining opportunities. Over the past three years and countless viewings, every viewing revealing more opportunities for making the edit just a little better, I now have two edits I can watch completely though without feeling the need to adjust anything.
Additional Notes:
1920x800, 48 kHz Stereo High and Low bit rate versions available
Other Sources:
Credit sequence from the great "Man of Steel: A Symbol of Hope" from TM2YC
Special Thanks:
Inspiration from the great TM2YC and Mr. Blue.
Release Information:
Editing Details:
Its about a confident hero, with boy scout morals almost to a fault. He is confident in his actions but remains hidden from the world due to to personal choice. With the arrival of Zod, Clark Kent must finally reveal himself. This is not an origin story, although his origin is retold. This is about the confident kryptonian boy scout we all recognize, and we watch as Zod forces Clark beyond his limits to save his adopted world.
Cuts and Additions:
Cut List:
• Removed Clark’s birth and Jor-El’s meeting with the counsel
• Removed Jor-El retrieving codex
• Krypton scenes begin at the launch of Kal-El. Scene dialogue adjusted to emphasize Laura’s worry more and accentuate the likelihood of Kal not being accepted by humans.
• Trimmed Zod’s sentencing to remove phantom zone exposition.
• Tightened overall speed of Zod’s ship entering phantom zone
• Added Laura’s Theme to Ship journey to Kansas
• New Credit sequence used from the great MoS fan edit “Symbol of Hope” from TM2YC
• Removed first face shot of Clark on fishing boat
• Removed shot of Clark on fire
• Removed bad CGI shot of Clark jumping to position to hold up tower.
• Pa Kent’s reveal of Ship to Clark moved to after Grade School Flashback and trimmed to remove religious symbolism
• Rescored Clark leaving ocean
• Removed bar asshole pushing Clark In the bar
• Removed truck demolition
• Trimmed shots of Clark helping Lois out of helicopter
• Removed Lois discussion of Afghanistan work
• Trimmed Lois introduction to Military in Arctic slightly.
• Trimmed Clark entering the command key and fighting with sentry robot.
• Removed Lois bragging about being a “Pulitzer prize winner”, she is just a good reporter.
• Trimmed Clark intro with Jor-El on ship cut after answer of why they didn’t come with Kal.
• Removed original suit reveal and first flight (Clark already knows how to fly if he wants. When is doesn’t, its because he chooses to be around others, assholes and good people alike. He loves humans.)
• Removed Lois repeating that she is from the Daily Planet to Martha
• School Bus flashback substituted for tornado flashback. Clark saving the kids is removed though, and only implied. When Pa Kent talks to Clark, Clark doesn’t ask “what was I supposed to do, let them die?” so Pa doesn’t have to say “maybe.” And the scene ends with “people are afraid of what they don’t understand” and cuts back to Lois and Clark, implying that the probable reaction by the public is a good enough reason to stop writing the story for Lois. This idea is then repeated in the following scene by Perry, and then by Martha.
• Replaced the bully flashback with the tornado scene before the priest discussion, and made to look more like an accident than a sacrifice
• After the priest discussion, we see Clark for the first time in the Scout ship looking at suits (pulled from JL) with voiceover of Jor-El discussing Hope from original suit reveal.
• Removed mention of Clark being 33 years old (in regards to pathogens), now he’s simply “been here for years”
• Adjusted Zod’s mention of searching “for 33 years” to simply “for years”
• Removed Jor-El’s mention that he designed Zod’s ship
• Removed Clarks discussion with Jor-El on Zod’s ship, along with the religious symbolism.
• Trimmed Zod’s search for the Codex at Martha’s house
• Removed Clark carrying Zod through the grain silos (to remove implication of innocent bystanders getting hurt)
• Removed Clark fighting in the Denny’s and Bank (to remove implication of innocent bystanders getting hurt)
• Removed General’s mention of a “black Hole”. (Seems a bit overboard if I were General – isn’t a black hole worse if it doesn’t stop?)
• Removed Clark telling Lois to stand back when he takes off.
• Joined scenes of Zod arriving at Scout ship and full discussion with Jor-El.
• Removed shots of Clark being rejuvenated by the sun (better use of the idea in BvS)
• Tightened Zod firing on plane with Scout Ship
• Added Shot of Scout ship crashing used from BvS
• Reduced Lois screaming
• Removed shots of Clark seeing Lois falling and screaming, he just appears and catches her
• Removed Lois and Clark kiss
• Removed Jenny says “he saved us”
• Removed many shots of Clark administering hits to Zod that would result in bystander deaths where possible. Zod hopefully seems like he is doing all the damage.
• Removed shots of public reacting removed
• Shortened time the gas truck sliding to Superman
• Removed shots of Zod and Superman fighting where cars fall on them
• Removed shot of debris falling
• Removed shot of Superman dragging Zods head along building side
• Added shots of satellite falling from BvS
• Added exterior shot of destruction of city from “San Andreas” movie during Clark scream after killing Zod.
• Trimmed to Lois shows up to where Clark is after he killed Zod and screams. (Gives her time to get there)
• Added Laura Theme after Zod’s death
• Added Clark traveling to mountains and sees dad, reflecting on the collateral damage of the fight with Zod instead of the Capital bombing
• Removed drone scene
• Removed Clark and Martha at cemetery
• Removed voiceover of Clark’s plans
• Removed shot of Clark putting on glasses (he would have them on already)
• Tightened Clark introduction at Daily planet (the tickets part removed – he tried to save your life, Jenny! You should be nicer!)
• During the scrolling credits, we see the flashbacks of the bus rescue and bully flashback.

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When I first watched Man of Steel I remember thinking how the scenes were all over the place and it felt like important scenes had been removed from the cutting room floor. I felt this edit solved that issue by trimming and rearranging scenes perfectly making it go from a nonsensical movie to a more structured and logical film. I also appreciate not showing as many innocent bystanders getting hurt as that is not what Superman is all about.

The only gripe I had with the edit was the removal of the Superman reveal in the mountains. I really enjoyed that scene with Hans Zimmer Superman's theme playing in the background. but other than I would still highly recommend this edit.

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Obviously some of the credit goes to TM2YC's monumental "A Symbol of Hope". A couple ideas are taken directly from there, but the many edits Wakeupkeo installs here are truly remarkable. The numerous removals of bits and shots make the film a lot more subtle in what it is trying to say, which actually makes it speak louder. This is THE DEFINITIVE FAN-EDIT of MoS, and I do not say that lightly.

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Top 500 Reviewer 7 reviews
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