Week of December 19th, 2021 – New Fanedits

Three new edits this week:



Jason and the Argonauts: B+ Movie Edition by The Scribbling Man

“The adventure you remember… only with considerably tighter pacing, enhanced stop motion, and more.”



Captain Planet: Mission To Save Earth-An Alternative Source by Zarius

“A combination of season one episodes “The Conqueror” and “Don’t Drink The Water”, creating a climatic high-stakes two-part Captain Planet adventure to cap off season one!”



Spider-Man: Far From Home – Spider-Sense Edition by Masirimso17

“Following the events of Infinity War & Endgame, an overwhelmed Peter Parker hopes to escape from the pressures around him by going on a school trip to Europe. But when trouble follows him everywhere, he will realize there’s no rest for a weary superhero.”


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