Hobbit Legendary Edit: A Lord of the Rings Prequel, The

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2012, 2013, 2014
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Brief Synopsis:
A more serious take on The Hobbit
To create a more serious version that acts as a prequel to LOTR, fully recolored and with discrete foreshadowing.
Additional Notes:
Derived from my unrealeased Book Edit, It took nearly 4 years and 1500 changes completed in 2017. This further iteration takes the changes to over 2000 despite being shorter than my two part edits. I have made further refinements to it reducing the run time from 4hrs 10 mins to 3hrs 56 mins. These new refinements include more micro edits, further removal of humor and scoring additions, to name a few. Some major requequening also makes this more consistent with LOTR. This edit differs to most because a lot of micro edits that clean up character and performance have been made. Non book elements were retained provided they appear in the appendices of The Lord of the Rings. None of the retained additions are inconsistent with the books or the wider narratives. There are so many tweaks, new flashbacks, new openings and endings to both films and so much more.
Other Sources:
03 - Beyond Sorrow & Grief - Hobbit; The Battle of the Five Armies [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] [Special Edi, Disc 1 -
01 - My Dear Frodo - Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack], Disc 1 - Howard Shore
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13 - Dreaming of Bag End - Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack], Disc 2 - Howard Shore

Special Thanks:
SPECIAL THANKS to @Artisdead who persisted for a release, encouraged me, previewed (often) and for the Artwork.
@spence who inspired this edit (and "lent" a few pieces).
donkeykonga, previewer and meddler
and bionicbob previewer
Release Information:
Editing Details:
• Unique opening
• No Giants
• No Songs (bar one)
• Less silliness
• Less Martin Freeman twitching and double takes
• No Alfrid (one shot only)
• A virtually silent Mayor of Laketown
• No prophecy
• No kids
• No Tauriel
• Legolas is just another elf at this point
• More seriousness
• No Radaghast or rabbit sled
• No crazy physics
• No Black Arrow
• No Liquid Gold
• NEW flashbacks
• NEW Scoring
• Music cues from LOTR
• New Epilogue
• Less Ring forshadowing
• No Dol Guldor
• Restructured White Council
• No modern idiom ANYWHERE
• Thane does not tell all to PISS OFF (WTF were the writers thinking????????
• 2000 more changes...!
Cuts and Additions:
EVERY SINGLE SCENE has been color graded to more closely match LOTR
0001 MGM Lion and WB logos are removed
0002 Red Apple Crew Alumni logo added
0012 A new opening using new narration has been created with “The Palantir” music from the LOTR CD Score
0023 All opening credit text "NEW LINE CINEMA" and "WINGNUT" etc. re-created using a new font
0026 Custom CAPTION of "BREE: Borders of the Shire" added to appear to leap from the map
0027 "Prologue" caption added
0028 Entire Prologue from H1T/X Deleted though some shots are used to create context relevant identical flashbacks later
0029 Prologue from H2 TDOS used here, but modified AND RUNS DIFFERENTLY DUE TO DIFFERING PLOTS THREAD not being present
0030 Peter Jackson's cameo is removed
0031 Entry to The Prancing Pony is trimmed
0033 Thorin’s exchange with Gandalf is trimmed, again for plot reasons
0048 The Flashback to Moria is trimmed with additional sound work and vignettes added
0059 Thrains pledge and warning to Thorin moved to a later flashback when Balin speaks to Bilbo, and the beheading close up is removed and relocated similarly
0074 Pale Halo Vignette surround added to the Moria flashback
0078 The Beheaded head foley is replaced and relocated to the later Balin recollection of the same event
0081 The Opening Title "The Hobbit: The Legendary Edit" is newly made
0092 The opening sequence where Bilbo strikes a match and walks down the corridor has complete new audio build to accommodate re-scoring and removal of all narration
0094 Bilbo looking at himself and contemplating the past is completely removed
0095 Opening stroll through Hobbiton, removed
0096 There is no vocal interaction between Bilbo and any other Hobbit prior to the dwarves showing up
0109 Bilbo's first meeting with Gandalf is removed….they already know eachother as will later be established
0115 A number of Bilbo's double takes and twitches are removed as are a number of redundant and clumsy lines. Alter Martin Freeman’s performance = (MFP)
0122 The arrival of Dwalin is shortened and his manners at the table tidied up somewhat
0129 The arrival of Fili and Kill is shorter and comedic elements removed with a more abrupt enrty
0134 The arrival of Balin is trimmed and the head-butt with Dwalin removed
0157 All material of the dwarves pranks prior to Thorin's arrival are removed
0160 Thorins arrival includes a shot of Bilbo looking at the food eaten.
0163 Thorin's arrival discussion with Bilbo has the reference to "experience of fighting" and "conkers" are removed
0166 The post Thorin arrival dinner antics up to Gandalf discussing the mission are completely removed
0177 Gandalf's briefing of the dwarves is shortened and kept to the point..flipped shots and reverse playback were required to achieve this.
0186 Contemporary idiom "I'm up for it" and "up his jacksie" from the dwarves and most outbursts during the mission briefing are removed…as is all contemporary idiom removed throughout.
0199 Thorins briefing to the Company omits elements including Ori's outburt.
0208 2 shots are flipped, and one is played back in reversed (Thorin Standing) to establish and maintain continuity
0212 Balins "not the brightest" removed
0218 Reference to "we are fighters" and "Gandalf will have killed hundreds of dragons" removed
0224 discussion about Bilbo being a burglar is trimmed and Bilbo's double take removed
0231 Contract review is trimmed and the warning about "fire breathing dragon" in order to keep it serious…so NO FAINTING either
0236 Bilbo and Gandalf’s fireside chat shortened, removing Bilbo's outburst and Gandalf history of Golf with the scoring starting earlier.
0240 Additional foley work to fireside scene and additional scoring so music starts earlier
0244 Dialogue during the fireside discussion is placed over a few shots "also a Took" from the rear to preserve continuity
0246 Balin and Thorin's discussion of losing their burglar is removed
0249 Bilbo searching for dwarves in the morning is slightly shortened to accommodate a scoring segue
0252 Bilbo running down the hill to go on "An Adventure" is removed
0254 Gambling references removed from the tightened up sequence where Bilbo joins the company of Thorin Oakenshield
0256 The voiceover as the Company depart where Bilbo is briefed by Gandalf is removed (it is superfluous and clunky)
0257 Company departure is re-scored
0259 The Company's first camp night is slightly trimmed to keep it serious
0263 A vignette halo is added to Balins telling of the Battle of Moria and the search for Thrain
0270 The first reveal of Azog post the campfire differs as an alternate Azog scene is used with altered subtitles to facilitate the new narrative
0280 Scoring changes applied
0289 The Company riding in the rain makes minor ref to radaghast, who is not in the edit And the sequence is score enhanced
0296 The stop at the farmhouse where "a farmer and his family" is rescored which has a "fellowship" motif to foreshadow that motif. This the first of two such motifs uses.
0318 A new flashback sequence was created which is underscored by Thorins Narration, which tells of the elves betrayal.
0325 The new flashback has bespoke color timing and vignette Halos and Moria drum underscores
0343 The nighttime intro is trimmed and contains a flipped shot to ensure continuity and an additional excision to remove humor and the “hooting owls routine” which is completely mis delivered IMHO
0348 The trolls dialogue has all contemporary idiom removed and is made significantly less silly (less soup, chicken and snot discussions)
0359 Bilbo is more decisive when dealing with the trolls with MFP trims throughout
0365 The fight sequence is slightly tighter and the threat to tear Bilbo is more menacing and scored
0373 The discussion to "plate up" is altered, and there are no references to parasites or tubes
0374 ”Secret ingredient” is altered
0375 Gandalf reveal is slightly tighter to ensure a good pace
0376 Gandalf’s reference to Thorin of a "darker power" is removed and comment about Bilbo using his "nouce"
0378 The Troll cave has some silliness and refines to "long term deposits" removed
0382 After Gandalf gives Bilbo the sword, the sequence next sequence differs as follows
0386 Bilbo unsheathes the sword as music builds and howls encroach, and the Warg attack ensues.
0394 Continue with the Warg chase, but Radaghats part is eliminated completely and the company ends up in the ravine/chasm.
0408 Journey to Rivendale with some minor dialogue trims to tone down Thorins hostility.
0413 The initial meeting with Elrond on horseback is trimmed to shorten the dwarves incredulity and trust issues.
0428 The stay at Rivendale is different to accommodate a degree of LOTR foreshadowing but to leave material for a newly constructed Epilogue.
0430 The dinner is quite short.
0438 All silliness and songs removed from the dinner
0445 The discussion about the moon runes is trimmed
0450 Elrond’s discussion with Bilbo about staying in Rivedale is trimmed
0453 No naked dwarves
0456 Elrond’s discussion with Gandalf about Thorin is removed
0458 The encounter with Saruman is different, The enemy is discussed, but no Morgul blade is seen or discussed since Radaghast is not in this version…material removed is repurposed for the Epilogue
0469 The meeting with Saruman is score differently
0480 The sequence discussing the burial of the enemy in the tombs is not located here and moved to the Epilogue
0485 Galadriels discussion with Gandalf post the dwarves leaving removes the offer of help, since that sequence later does not appear in this edit.
0496 Modified departure from Rivendale
0502 The stone giants are removed
0506 The scene in the cave where the company falls into the Goblin caves, has a Shorter discussion with Bofur & Bilbo
0536 The Goblin Tunnels section removes the songs , silly humour, and the creature on the pulley, etc. It is far more serious and threatening and is intercut with Gollums riddles, which is also shortened
0558 The escape from the Goblin tunnels is significantly re-edited and has silly moments removed
0560 Goblin King sends message to "the pale Orc" with no silly messenger
0583 The scene following the escape from the Goblins has a few minor trims, an enhanced ring effect (audio), and modern idiom removed
NOTE The 22 min which follow the company and Bilbo meeting up is effectively deleted, the pine cones and the walk to the ridge to view The Misty Mountain (which is too close frankly).
0593 A new bridge between H1 and H2 is created where Azog and his pack chase the company but do not find them, with significant audio work.
0601 The discussion about there being "a house near by" has some Bilbo double takes, silly statements etc. removed to play more menacingly
0603 Beorns morphing is re-edited and relocated to here rather than playing later
0621 The chase across the fields to Beorns house is unchanged, but the night sequence has tweaks to Bilbo looking at the ring and a new Azog sequence placed here with scoring and subtitle alterations to link the final battle to also avenging the goblin king
0663 The silly introductions are removed and small trims made to the discussions with Beorn.
0675 DEPARTURE of COMPANY from Beorns house the alliance is mentioned, but no tombs,
0681 The scene where the tombs are discussed has a shot removed of the flashback of the incarceration which was relocated to the discussion at Rivendale for the new epilogue, increasing the known peril later for a quasi cliffhanger.
0684 The approach to the MIrkwood is modified with enhanced scoring
0694 When Gandalf enters the forest he sees Sauron’s eye but not the discourse with Galadriel is removed
0725 The journey through the forest is extensively modified for pace and silliness removal, with major tonal differences as a result.
0726 Encounter with the Spiders differs …bilbo drops and finds ring but no heavy significance.
0739 Additional score enhancements, trim to overlong fight with spiders, less silliness and far less spider talking…with the scenes color dialed down
0743 Legolas has a short cameo in order to capture the dwarves, Tauriel is insignificant and the scene tightened up for pacing consistency
0749 Entry to Tharnduils abode is trimmed and dwarves are not seen to be incarcerated.
0765 Thorin / Thranduil discussion re-worked , scored and subtitle added to Thorins line (source: The One Ring.net)
0775 NEW FLASHBACK: While Thorin and Thranduil meet, a new flashback sequence illustrates Thranduils words regarding the white gems sing footage from the deleted prologue. New special FX, vignette framing, bespoke audio and scoring and foley are all added
0802 Subtitle added to Thorin'S insult to Thranduil. Translation sources from Onering.net
0824 This entire section of the film completely removed Legolas and Tauriel keeping the focus on the dwarves escape
0825 Bilbo's appearance is enhanced with a whoosh of the ring being removed.
0833 A number of minor trims to the escape leading to the barrel ride to remove Tauriel in all but one shot. Tauriel is just another elf.
0849 The slightly shorter ends to this sequence has all tomfoolery removed throughout.
0859 The Barrel ride removes Tauriel, Legolas and the orcs completely. Predominantly from The Spence Edit
0863 The encounter with Bard is reworked and trimmed
0875 This sequence where Gandalf visits the High Fells is removed. We never know where he went in th e books.
0882 The dwarves hiring Bard's barge removes the family banter removed. 0753 Book and Folio edits
0890 Trims across the lake, with Bofur's "watch out" removed
0893 Some silliness removed and trimming to make the Lonely Mountain reveal a tad more dramatic
0898 The fish poured into the barrels with minor trims for pacing and silliness removal.
0904 The walk across town and all the annoying people Are removed
0923 Bard has no children
0929 All references to the prophecy are removed
0932 The flashback to the Smaug attack removes the phrase "fired from a wind lance" since Bard does not use wind lance and this sorts a plot hole issue
0939 The raid for weapons is shortened.
0945 No orcs approach the town at any point and no attack takes place.
1062 The mayor has 3 lines of dialogue only, Alfrid is completely removed.
1075 Some shots of towns people are replaced since this is consistent visually with LOTR
1092 All Alfrid and Mayor interactions preceding this and following this are removed.
1137 Since there is no Orc attack and Tauriel also does not appear at all, all the dwarves must make to Erebor in the boat. this required building a completely new departure from lake town, flipping shots, trimming shots to give the impression all the dwarves board the boat. The new sequence has a complete ground up audio build, crowds, water, oars, cheering , medieval trumpets " thus removal of Mayors speech", music, and many many more effects. A single shot of Alfrid from the rear is seen.
1151 Continuing to cross the lake, slightly differing shot order of close ups, a truncated journey to the Overlook
1156 after Thorin say they will not wait pin the sized, with pacing trims.
1169 The trip to the hidden for is shortened and the entire exchange at the door removed.
1172 When he door opens and thuds, Smaug awakens. This moment is taken from the closing scene of the first hobbit movie.
1196 The briefing to Bilbo has some minor trims and is shorted so Bilbo is more decisive
1202 Trims to Bilbo’s mound climb with the folio edit inserting the earlier Smaug awakens reveal to here, after Bilbo pulls the goblet from the mound of gold.
1208 Throughout the encounter with Smaug a number of Bilbo’s twitches and double takes are removed as they are throughout the edits.
1219 edit continue with Bilbo’s exchange with Smaug from which some silly lines of dialogue are removed. Additional pacing trims are made
1239 The first time Bilbo runs away from Smaug is removed from the folio edit then Bilbo runs away the second time having seen the Arkenstone, he is seen to immediately pick it up. In the original movie we do not know Bilbo has the Arkenstone till later when we see it flashback. This finished the tension and by seeing that Bilbo does in fact have it increases the peril in later interactions with Thorin
1245 Ring whoosh are enhanced throughout since they are badly audible in the original versions
1250 The entire section of the dwarves preparing the furnaces to kill Smaug and the ensuing chase etc. with the molten gold is removed completely
1266 Bilbo is chased by Smaug who crashes through the halls and finally flies off. Trims to clunky dialogue and pacing throughout. The attack on Laketown follows
1293 Bard's showdown with Smaug is as complete as possible with the removal of Tauriel, Legolas and all children. Bard defeats Smaug single handedly and gratuitous material with Alfrid and the Mayor of Laketown is removed.
1312 Edits continue in the golden hall with some restructuring for pace and plot
1322 The refugees from Laketown at Esgaroth does not contain Alfrid
1326 The building of the barricade is relocated to here
1336 Thorin questioning loyalty is tightened up a tad
1348 The sequences that follow remove lucky dialogue, and pace tightened with the Dragon sickness exchange between Balin and Bilbo being slightly tighter and enhanced with music for dramatic purposes.
1359 Thranduils arrival and Bards interaction to Esgaroth is recut to remove Alfrid and to heighten the tension build
1466 Unnecessary build up and repetitive exposition is removed
1478 Gandalf’s arrival at Esgaroth is reedit end to accommodate dialogue changes and removal of Alfrid
1501 Gandalf discussion with Thranduil is modified
1509 Continue with Azog at the tunnels. Subtitles have been changed to explain the tunnels by reference to the "Earth eaters" rather than wider worms, with a new sequence to show the coming hoards and then arguing back to Erebor. Custom sound and music.
1524 This continues with Bilbo being given the Mithril vest which contains trims and deletions either side.
1622 Bilbo's departure from Erebor shortens his interaction with Bofur.
1635 Bilbo’s discussion when handing over the Arkenstone is trimmed of annoying gestures and is slightly shorter in the FE
1658 Dain's dialogue removes the section where he tells all to "sod off" and the word "bastards" is surgically excised.
1668 A number of awkward looking shots of goats are removed
1683 To tie into the earlier reference to the tunnels and "earth eaters" a new sequence has the gathered armies attention drawn to Azog commanding the armies to come forth from what we already know to be tunnels . No worms appear in this sequence.
1739 At this point, Azog commands "send in the war beasts". The section that follows is unique for pacing issues. The fighting is trimmed for pace and better continuity.
1768 All children are removed from the edits since most are relatives of Peter Jackson and they just don't look like they should even be there.
1775 Alternative shots are used for continuity and pacing.
1889 Additional trims to fighting including the axe throwing and score enhanced
1901 The dwarves emergence from Erebor is slightly quicker and is rescored
1932 During the ensuing battle only a few moments of levity are retained, and Gandalf exclamation "they are rallying to their King' is retained
1965 Thorins stating he will kill Azog the used the Theatrical version riding goats to reach Ravenhill, with many poor FX shores removed
1977 Use of the extended versions chariot attack which has 3 sections removed and tightened up action and less silliness
1994 biggest change from here is the removal of Tauriel and Legolas from the proceedings
2019 Legolas does not shoot an arrow shot from afar. Thorin kills the assailant. Watch to see how.
2033 Kili now fights the Orc alone, no Tauriel
2036 The one on one fight with Azog has some trims and score enhancements
2048 When the Eagles arrive the shot of Radaghast is removed from FE.
2059 The funeral has the shot of Rhadghast removed in the BE and FE.
2063 A number of shot repurposings occur in the funeral and the hor shot is truncated and flipped for continuity.
2068 return to Hobbiton is omitted and the journey is retained and has a few trims and Bilbo’s twitches removed.
2089 An epilogue at the white Council setting up LOTR by saying the enemy is watching, added...a real shock and again sets up LOTR
2092 The film ends with a new caption and audio rebuild “TO BE CONCLUDED IN LOTR”
2109 Custom credits follow .
2115 Wraith Logo
2120 FE Thanks to others.
2135 Custom music mix for end credits.
END TITLES - Custom mix
The Misty Mountains
The Dwarf Lords (Bonus Track)
The LAst Goodbye
Trailer 4

Artwork Trailer

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(Updated: February 23, 2024)
Overall rating
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This is an excellent fan edit with a unique approach! Like most fan edits of The Hobbit series, this edit cuts out the most ridiculous elements of the film trilogy, especially moments that don't exist in the book. What makes this fan edit unique is the approach to tone. Starting from the restructured opening, this edit works to set The Hobbit more in line with the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The Hobbit book of course is far more humorous and more focused on a child audience. The films however didn't seem to know what tone they were going for. These edits fix this confusion by setting a slightly different tone from the book, but one that still works here and works considering the material on offer--the humorous moments in the movies were often the weakest elements, not translated especially well from the book. Overall, this is a fan edit worth recommending!

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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Audio Editing
Visual Editing
The Hobbit Trilogy is very flawed.

There seems to be an infinite pool of editors interested in making it into the movie(s) that it should have been.

So much fluff was added, the resulting trilogy hardly resembled The Lord of The Rings trilogy or even the book.

The Hobbit should have been the masterpiece that The Lord of The Rings followed.

That wasn't the case. Instead we got a half hearted attempt at the story with a full hearted attempt to make a ton of money.

There have been many great Hobbit edits over the years. Likely the most edited franchise other than The Star Wars prequels.

Several edits have stood out over the years.

Spence's edit was the first one that got our attention and M4's edit was the most recent. Neither of these were masterpieces but there was a very good reason for each edit's success.

However, what was really needed was a darker and less humorous version that could be cut down to the size of a long movie. It would resemble Spence's edit but be far more serious in tone. It would require a lot of nips and tucks, a color grade and more.

Wraith has accomplished that in his Legendary Edit. Unlike any Hobbit edit before, it perfectly sets up the tone of The Lord of The Rings Trilogy.

I can't wait to see what he does with that.

This is excellent work that will be remembered. It's as close to a perfect edit of The Hobbit as we will likely experience.

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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Audio Editing
Visual Editing
I embark on my journey of reviewing as many Middle Earth edits as I am able to obtain.

I had correspondence with Wraith earlier and he notified me that there is an updated version of this edit that fixes a few glitches.

This Hobbit edit seems to be on everyone's mind because I'm hearing about it everywhere. I know that Wraith is one of the more famous faneditors. His Godfather edits and Star Trek edits already caught my attention before this one. I haven't seen his most famous edit that won the award yet.

I love everything about Middle Earth. I always have since I was a younger.

I've have seen many of the Hobbit edits listed here and some that are not listed here like The Cardinal Cut.

Wraith's edit is the perfect way to watch The Hobbit. Especially, if you consider it a prelude to The Lord of The Rings trilogy.

There was always going to be a difference in the two trilogies because The Hobbit should have never been made into more than one movie. Everyone knew it was basically a way to make as much money as possible on a sure thing. As others mention, The Lord of The Rings was more serious, more somber and darker in tone.

Everything that the Hobbit trilogy isn't.

There have been so many good Hobbit edits, and I am going to review them. However, all of them missed this crucial chord to a large degree. To create this masterpiece required thousands of edits. Hundreds of micro cuts and years to complete.

Wraith did it! He created the perfect Hobbit edit! This is the one that will be remembered.

I can't recommend this edit enough!

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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Audio Editing
Visual Editing
I didn’t think another Hobbit edit could impress me at this point but I was mistaken. This feels like the movie they should’ve done instead of the trilogy.

The beginning and end is what really makes this something new and special. The colorization is just the cherry on top! Very well done, can’t wait to see Wraith’s LOTR project

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Overall rating
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I saw probably every version of the Hobbit movie(s) including theatrical and extended editions, as well as most edits out there. Wraith is the only one who first of all was able to make this feel less like a kid's movie, by cutting out all the unfunny attempts of humor.

Secondly, by removing all the unnecessary parts and well done reediting, the movie has more of a natural flow of the main story, which is captivating enough when the emphasis is put on it. It always felt clear to me that Peter Jackson (or the studio) felt the main story had to be stretched into 3 parts and other stuff on the side was just crammed into it, to reach the intended run times but also to give the fans more "original LOTR content" on screen. However this cost the movie (s) and story a lot of credibility that it already needed due the fact that the base story came from a children's book.

This edit "repairs" this by trying to create the story and give it the look and feel as it was supposed to be in order to be a standalone part of the LOTR universe that can be taken serious.

Though there were some (really small things) that I noticed or would have changed, this is just a personal taste so I will not mention them here. I rather want to thank Wraith for creating this experience for everyone who chooses to view this edit, which I highly recommend.

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