Man With The Golden Gun: Less is MOORE Edition, The

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Man With The Golden Gun: Less is MOORE Edition, The
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He never misses his target.....and now Music Ed faces the Golden Gun!
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The Man With The Golden Gun is now taken a little more seriously, which means no silly karate fight outside of the karate school, a shorter boat chase without the annoying kid selling an elephant statue and most importantly, no J.W. Pepper (which unfortunately meant losing the entire car chase).
The Man With The Golden Gun should've been way more iconic than it turned out. Apparently there was more filmed of the final duel between these two titans, which a trailer can show, but who knows if we will ever see what it could've and should've been. For now, I wanted to, as always, tighten things up and lose a majority of jokes that just don't land. Also, Alice Cooper's song is way more awesome!
Release Information
Cuts and Additions:
-Added Alice Cooper's version of the title song
-Tightened up initial encounter between Ms. Anders and Bond
-Cut Scaramanga basically fondling Ms. Anders with the Golden Gun on his boat
-Cut random goons eyeing up Bond as he leaves the compound because it gives away too quickly that they know he isn't who he says he is
-Cut Bond saying "he must've found me titillating"
-Cut the agent dropping off Bond with his nieces in the car
- Cut the whole karate fight scene with the agent and his nieces. Now, Bond jumps through the window of the karate compound/school and heads for a boat
-Cut Bond's lines as he is trying to hit the henchmen with the motor
-Cut all of the kid selling the elephant statue and JW Pepper
-Cut Bond's line "a gun and a bag of peanuts" as Nick Nack holds a gun on him
-Cut the entire car chase because J.W. Pepper is visible throughout 95% of the shots of Bond's car
-Cut "this should run a few electric toothbrushes" when Scaramanga shows Bond around his island and the solex
-Cut henchman fondling Goodnight
-Trim Bond saying he's never killed a midget before
-Cut scene between Bond and Goodnight and talking about the boat being on autopilot since Nick Nack would've tried to kill them mid-sex and not after their first round of sexy time
-Added Alice Cooper's version of the title song to bring the film to a close

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