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A combination of season one episodes "The Conqueror" and "Don't Drink The Water", creating a climatic high-stakes two-part Captain Planet adventure to cap off season one!
Captain Planet, being quite episodic in nature, had about six or so seasons. Arguably it's best years were probably the original 65 episode or so run, but none of those seasons had proper 'finales'...but they came ever so close to one. Arguably the best of those was 'Summit to Save Earth', where the original spirt of the Earth Zarn pretty much wipes the floor with the Planeteers with the help of the eco-villains and takes over the planet. By the story's end, the Planeteers vanquish Zarn and COP 22 turns out to be a success (lol)

So while season two has that, the first season has a couple of candidates for a strong finale...the original Mission to Save Earth (introducing Captain Pollution), Two Futures Parts One and Two (a 'for want of a nail' scenario), and Heat Wave, which sees Doctor Blight attack Hope Island.

I watched some of them lately, Heat Wave really is the best one despite being so short, but the others I felt suffered from having little to no real 'finality' to them with the eco villains. At least you can make the argument Doctor Blight could have died at sea in Heat Wave.

Two episodes from earlier in the first season however, work pretty well at providing the 'big kicks' of season finales...high stakes, the feeling the heroes could be tempted with absolute corruptible power, and the villains coming together for a big gamble and getting all caught at the end. Those were "Don't Drink The Water" and "The Conqueror", the first is the show's first real multi-villain crossover with a plot far superior to that of "Mission to Save Earth", the latter is the first appearance of Zarn, my favourite CP villain.

I have tried out a few test edits on this so far, one clocks in at 19 minutes, the other part manages 27 minutes, both edits include "Planeteer Alert" and end credits.

For the sake of a title, I've used the title cards for parts one and two of "Mission to Save Earth" even if the edit has nothing to do with the original story, but I think it fits it far better as Zarn is tempting them with the power of the iron fist and sends them on a mission to 'save' the planet from nuclear armament.

Hopefully this serves as a worthy candidate for a season one finale, and if not, at least a rollicking good bit of 90s cheese.
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-Removed Wheeler and Gi being initially caught by Plundar's men inside his base, instead they enter the building and decide to flee when the security cameras pick them up.

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