Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Untold Finale Edition, The

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 rebalanced, with deleted scenes added, motivations strengthened, pacing & structure improved, and plotlines that distract from the main conflict removed.
My journey editing this film has been extremely educational, so much so you could say me finishing this is me coming full circle. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is still one of my favorite movies, and yet as my filmmaking skills and storytelling knowledge grew, I saw the severe structural problems this film has, among others. This FanFix is my attempt at trying to remedy these.
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Deleted Scenes
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Deluxe Soundtrack
Special Thanks:
Special thanks to Bobson Dugnutt for color correcting some of the deleted scenes for me. Also thanks to my sound design professor Derek Katzer for helping me with better mixing the Norman Osborn dub, and Problem Eliminator for doing the dub for me.
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Special Features
Available as 8 GB MP4 and 25 GB MP4.
Cuts and Additions:
-New cold open, with brief voiceover from Richard Parker transitioning into Harry's introduction scene with his father. Rescored the opening logos with "Harry's Suite" by Hans Zimmer, containing a haunting violin tune that was not used in the original film. I kept the watch shot from the beginning but implied it is either Harry's or Donald Menken's inside the car, as accompanied by a car engine sound effect.
-Added two new lines to Norman Osborn: "The disease started much earlier than mine. You don't have much time left." This is done to explain and strengthen Harry's paranoia and obsession with the limited time he has, and ties into the themes even better. The dubbed over lines were spoken by Problem Eliminator so very special thanks go to him!
-Cut the opening scene with the parents and the entire Roosevelt subplot along with all mentions to it beyond simple nods to the mere existence of Peter's parents. It distracts from the main conflicts and I already moved that subplot to the first movie in my ASM1 edit.
-As echoed by many people, the passage of time in this movie is a little confusing, so I added a "JUNE" title card on screen before Spider-Man free falls, and additional month cards during the montage after the breakup.
-Added the deleted scene with Flash Thompson at graduation so the film can breathe a little bit from the super fast pace of the first act and also give a nice little farewell to Flash.
-The "we have no chimney" scene where Peter is trying to remove his Spidey suit before Aunt May comes in has been cut for time and better pacing/structure purposes.
-Kept Max's apartment scene but toned it down a little. I didn't want him to seem to crazy, but I also wanted to emphasize how lonely and invisible he feels, and I think this scene is critical for that.
-Added the deleted scene with Max's mother to further emphasize the point that he's underappreciated.
-Cut the mention that Aunt May is having training as a nurse and hiding that from Peter simply because it's inconsistent with my ASM1 edit.
-Cut Max's mental outrage to Smythe. We already have one in the mother scene and it makes more sense while here, he gets angry because he "disrespected Spider-Man". Losing that makes him more relatable and again emphasizes better how abandoned by society he feels.
-Cut the exchange between Harry and Peter about Peter's parents and how he was left with only "a briefcase full of junk." I kept "we both got dumped" however to keep the thematic parallels between them.
-Added the deleted scene with the mortician being electrocuted to death by Electro, instead of having an empty morgue with a running incinerator, which was dumb.
-Cut "You set me up! You lied to me!" in order to make Max's motivation less about being betrayed by Spider-Man and more about being hated on and seen as a monster by the city when he was finally seen by everyone. I still kept "You're so selfish" to keep Max feeling at least a little abandoned by Spider-Man too.
-Cut "It's my birthday today. Now it's time for me to light my candles!" Getting into Mr. Freeze territory here...
-After Peter takes off his suit and the little nod to Richard Parker's briefcase, we cut to Harry discovering all of his father's files.
-Contrary to other fanedits, I kept Peter looking up "Dr. Jalling's Science Investigator" on YouTube to keep Peter being resourceful. It's clear he's a lot better at biology than physics in this universe, but that doesn't diminish his intelligence in the slightest. It also explains to the audience what Peter is trying to do in that scene.
-Because I moved the Oscorp establishing shot to later, I added scene where Felicia welcomes Peter to Oscorp as a substitute, but I did not include the rest of the deleted scene as it adds nothing to the story, especially since the Roosevelt subplot was cut.
-Added the "Missing Each Other" deleted scene, but it plays after the scene with Gwen and Harry in the elevator. This was done to emphasize, after the kiss at the midpoint of the movie, how Peter is unable to let go of Gwen.
-Cut "A world without Spider-Man" once again to make Electro's anger and abandonment towards the city more than Spider-Man. Also cut its repeat during Harry discovering Special Projects.
-Added the deleted scene where Gwen is accepted into Oxford and Peter sitting on top of a building, sad. Afterwards we see an establishing shot of Oscorp in the sunset and transition to Harry at Oscorp.
-After Harry is thrown out, he immediately drives to Ravencroft to break out Max. Once again, cut Harry firing Max up by mentioning that he wants Spider-Man.
-Extended the Goblin transformation scene with the more gruesome alternate scene and color corrected & rescored it.
-Added the deleted scene where Felicia sees the Green Goblin beyond the glass.
-Cut the Sinister Six setup scene--used some of the Ravencroft footage to show Harry being locked up there. After that, we transition to the news that Aleksei Sytsevitch broke out.
-Cut Jorge's mom incorrectly yelling his name "Joe!"
Cover art by theryaney (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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The editor has done the impossible, or so I thought until now, and made at best a B movie into for me, is now S tier.
Gone now is the Batman forever vibes and the Parker parents subplot which added nothing to the movie and instead it’s streamlined into a wonderful romance movie between Peter and Gwen whilst we can also feel how alone Max is as he’s pushed toward villainy, and makes me think of the excellent spectacular Spider-Man series.
Green Goblin is also improved as much as possible and isn’t as cringe as the theatrical made him.
If this were the theatrical version we got at release date then I guarantee that we would have got an amazing spider-man 3.

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