Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan Redux - Fan VFX Replacement Showcase

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Brief Synopsis:
The Wrath of Khan as it might have been, had it not been made on a tight budget with recycled VFX by the Paramount Television Unit (which it was astonishingly)
To replace almost every VFX shot in Star Trek 2 The Wrath of Khan with new, fan made VFX, extend a few scenes, add in some scoring and audio enhancements and trim some cringe from the Director's Cut
Additional Notes:
Khan had circa 105 VFX shots excluding most of the viewscreen shots. This version has 158 VFX, all created by fans and enthusiasts online. over 95 Shots have been replaced including the famous Genesis sequence and 23 new shots added. I have used a myriad of sources, 4 in particular, 11 in total. I had previously made two versions of this edit which only replaced recycled shots from STTMP. One based on the Theatrical Version in which the new VFX were similar to the replaced shots by Hike animation. The other (derived from the Director's cut with the more sturated color timing), leaning heavily to DeLImited's Unity II project in which the shots replace Drydock with the Spacedock from ST3 onwards. In both cases given the exclusivity of the VFX origins, I did not feel I could submit these, and thus they remain in the vault. However, I recently shared these with a fell editor, and over the years I have ammassed a huge library of reimagined VFX shots from all the ST movies. When I did a recent tally, I realised the only sequences I could not replace were the initial attack on the Enterprise (and even there there are a couple of new establishing shots), and the final Genesis device detonation shots. So I decided to see if it would work. Together with many repurposed standalone VFX from other people and fans out there, I constructed this newer version with a plethora of sources. Since we are in the artistic endevours of reimagining etc, I though it would fun to see what this movie would like with a more modern VFX sensibility. I have also added many new establishing shots which the original was short off for VFX budget reasons. I have also reinstated missing dialogue (the Turbo shaft scene and the references to Sulu's forthcoming command of the Excelsior)...and one or two more surprises including score enhancemnts using James Horner music which is not from ST2, but sounds very like ST 2. There is also some additional foley added in places and some VFX fixes of my own. There is alsoi a completely remade from scratch opening title credit roll. That's the lowdown folks.
Other Sources:
Star Trek II Expanded CD
Brainstorm , James Horner CD
DeLimited Productions
Hike Animation
Special Thanks:
ParaniodAndriod for his outstanding Quality Control over 7 iterations and micro iterations of this edit over an intense two months with 100s of tweaks, suggestions and technical observations which were almoist all addressed in full.

ArtisDead, for his continued encouragement, advice and observations.
Release Information:
Special Features
Editing Details:
Khan contained about 110 VFX shots. It now contains 158 vfx shots, of which 11 are original shots. Half of those old original vfx come from the final Genesis device detonation.

There are 11 new extensions or establishing shots. One extension contains 6 new vfx and 49 audio elements in 9 secs of material in order to deliver the inserted material ( which had no audio in the original).

15 new scoring enhancements, half using music by James Horner not from ST II.

A significant re-resequencing of the Mutara Nebula battle for pacing and facilitating of new VFX material.

New color grade throughout, including VFX.

All new VFX had a 35mm grain overlay applied.

More than half were in the wrong aspect ratio and/or frame rate. All corrected now.

Some compromises remain, but are very few, including retaining full length NEW VFX where a frame or two was missing rather than truncate or try to finesse audio which would be dissonant.

The biggest challenge using the new vfx was maintaining a visually consistent continuity, which hopefully has been achieved.
Cuts and Additions:
0:00:00 Added Paramount Star Trek Fan Film Disclaimer
0:00:10 Added KEY to on screen discrete visual markers indicating Audio, VFX and both changes
0:00:18 Added WRAITH Logo
0:00:48 Added Logo
0:00:55 Version id
0:00:57 Added Paramount logo from TRANSFORMERS to pan up to the stars
0:01:10 Cross fade to panning up starfield taken from 4K Star Trek: The Motion Picture overture to act as new background plate to new titles. Tracked with care for near seamless transition.
0:01:18 All new opening Credits created from scratch. All captions required manual “kernelling”.
0:03:09 Added Faneditor, QC, and VFX main sources (full sources in end credits) credit
0:03:14 Added VFX sources credit for most used sources
0:03:41 Added missing “Nicholas Meyer” Screenplay credit per IMDB
0:04:00 AUDIO 01 added to Enterprise simulation scene using TOS Bridge and red alert foley
0:06:00 VFX 001 – 3 Klingons vessels
0:06:08 AUDIO 02 Added Red Alert Klaxon from TOS
0:06:10 VFX 002– 3 Klingons vessels
0:06:20 VFX 003– 3 Klingons vessels prepare to fire torpedoes
0:06:22 VFX 004– 3 Klingons vessels fire torpedoes
0:09:44 Score 01 – SCORE 01 “Kirk Takes Command” From STII CD to span into the first scene addition
0:09:58 AUDIO 03 small shuttlepod engines added
0:09:59 AUDIO 04 Engine sound added for Reliant for extended shot
0:10:00 VFX 005-011 – New Sequence of the Reliant departing spacedock for Project Genesis
0:10:01 Caption added to describe the mission
0:10:15 Added Reliant re-located V.O. of Chekov’s partial log Enterprise to better facilitate the scene addition
0:10:59 Score 02 - SCORE 01 “Kirk Takes Command” From STII CD concludes and overlaps into Kirk’s apartment Enterprise
0:14:14 A retiming of the establishing shot approaching Ceti Alpha to accommodate the removal of one of Chekov’s Log lines that had been moved to earlier in the edit
0:14:14 CAPTION added “Mutara Sector Project Genesis to tie in with the earlier Reliant relocated VO to the Reliant leaving space dock.
A replacement Enterprise VFX does exist for this establishing shot, BUT the planet looks completely different Enterprise than in any other utilized shots thus, despite being present Enterprise in the edit for some time, I decided to remove it for visual continuity consistency.
0:14:18 AUDIO 05 Engine sound added for Reliant for extended shot
0:27:37 First shot of Kirk in travelpod has been altered to imply lighting
0:27:42 VFX 012-015 3 shot replacement Enterprises now establishing that Kirk is in fact approaching a spacedock not drydock
0:27:48 VFX 016 Bespoke reflection lights were added to this shot, enhancing some previous work from source.
0:27:49 Score 03 Music here is carefully extended in order to facilitate the addition of the long lost Sulu dialogue.
0:27:52 VFX 017-018 Two additional shots establishing the journey inside the spacedock taken from differ sources, but used to maintain continuity
0:27:58 VFX 019 Bespoke reflection lights have been added to this shot
0:28:04 VFX 020 Passing travel shot of USS Grissom
0:28:11 VFX 021 Bespoke reflection lights have been added to this shot infamous due to the last few frames indicating that Sulu’s dialogue was truncated; a fandom fave.
0:28:13 SCENE EXTENSION 01 - ADDED missing Sulu dialogue over the now extended scoring which began at 27:49
0:28:15 VFX 022 Travelpod travelling in spacedock from alternate source to next shot
0:28:19 VFX 023 Establishing new shot of Enterprise docked, shortened by 2 secs to accommodate previous shot
0:28:27 Added Sulu dialogue ends seamlessly as extended SCORE 04 dovetails into the original soundtrack.
It should be noted that Sulu’s dialogue had to also be manipulated to fit the scoring constraints dispute adding a music extension.
0:28:27 VFX 024 Bespoke reflection lights have been added to this shot
0:28:32 VFX 025 Concluding added travelpod shot docking with Enterprise
0:30:36 Removed a few seconds of cringe dialogue but retained most of Dir Cut addition.
0:30:59 Removed a few seconds of cringe dialogue but retained most of Dir Cut addition.
0:31:32 VFX 026-035 Added 9 new shots from 2 sources , with some resequencing and tweaks to Enterprise light p now in Spacedock
0:33:08 VFX 036-045 10 new shots of the Enterprise departing spacedock from two sources
0:33:13 VFX 046 Inserted shot of Enterprise firing Thrusters from alternate source
0:33:49 VFX 047 Had to recolor the reflector dish as it lit up to match the continuity of the other sources and the rest of the movie
0:33:48 VFX 048 Control room POV with Enterprise leaving Spacedock
0:34:07 VFX 049 Long panning shot of Enterprise approaching doors
0:34:09 VFX 050 Exterior Spacedock Enterprise egress
0:34:11 VFX 051 New shot of Enterprise accelerating away from spacedock.
0:34:41 VFX 052 New shot of Enterprise accelerating into distance
0:34:48 OLD 001 Establishing shot of Space Station Regula
0:39:14 VFX 053 Enterprise fly past Saturn
0:39:48 OLD 002 Establishing shot of Space Station Regula
0:40:45 VFX 054 New Enterprise shot and audio
0:43.03 VFX 055 New Enterprise and Audio
0:44.09 VFX 056 Enterprise goes to warp
0:44.13 VFX 057 New Reliant Shot
0:45.19 VFX 058 Enterprise in warp
0:46.16 EXT 2 VFX 059 New Enterprise drop out of warp and audio build
0:46:18 SCORE 05: 1-09 tv theme “warp 8” from STTMP Spec Ed CD
0:47.50 VFX 060 New Genesis effect
0:50.52 VFX 061 New Reliant towards camera
0:51.27 VFX 062 New viewscreen Reliant
0:51.39 VFX New viewscreen Enterprise
0:52.07 EXT 03 VFX 063 Enterprise approaches Reliant
0:52.29 Spock scanner from TV series audio
0:52.38 VFX 064 Enterprise approaches Reliant
0:52.46 Spock scanner from TV series audio
0:52.54 Spock scanner from TV series audio
0:52.56 VFX 065 Reliant fire
0:52.58 VFX 066 Enterprise hit
0:53.01 VFX 067 Reliant fires
0:53.03 VFX 068 Enterprise fires
0:53.04 VFX 069 Enterprise hit
0:53.10 VFX Red alert audio from TV Series
0:53.37 VFX 070 Enterprise hit
0:54.18 VFX 071 viewscreen Reliant away
0:54.22 VFX 072 Reliant viewscreen fire
0:54.25 Red alert audio from TV Series
0:54.29 VFX 073 Reliant
0:54.31 Red alert audio from TV Series
0:54.42 VFX 074 Reliant approach
0:54.47 Red alert audio from TV Series
0:55.21 EXT 04 VFX 075 Enterprise approach
SCORE 06 Score “10- surprise attack” From ST2 CD Expanded
0:55.22 Spaceship audio
0:57.24 VFX 076 Reliant distance past Enterprise
0:57.59 VFX 076 Enterprise looms over Reliant
0:59.25 E VFX 077 Enterprise fires
0:59.28 VFX 078 Reliant hit
0:59.29 VFX 079 Enterprise fir
0:59.31 VFX 080 Reliant dome hit
0:0:59.46 VFX 081 Reliant close pass over Enterprise
0:59.57 OLD 03 Reliant flies away
1:00.35 OLD 04 Damaged Enterprise
1:03.17 13 “13 Brainwashed” From ST2 CD Expanded
1:03.18 VFX 082 New Enterprise approach Regula
1:03.29 VFX 083 Establishing shot Regula and Enterprise approach
1:04.29 OLD 05 Close up Enterprise and Regula
1:04.11 SCORE 07 “13 Brainwashed” From ST2 CD Expanded
1:05.33 “03 Gaining Access” from Brainstorm Cd, James Horner
1:05.34 VFX 084 Regula and Enterprise
1:17.04 Last 20 or so frames Kirk removed (odd face)
1:17.05 VFX 085 Reliant single close up overhead and pan
1:21.05 SCORE 08 “03 – Khan’s pets” from ST 2 Expanded CD
1:21.19 EXT 05 VFX 086 New flyby overhead Reliant
1:22.22 VFX 087 Reliant approach Regula
1:22.24 VFX 088 Reliant approach Regula
1:22.35 SCORE 09 “03 – Khan’s pets” from ST 2 Expanded CD
1:21.19 EXT 05 VFX 086 New flyby overhead Reliant
1:22.39 VFX 089 re colored viewscreen only
1:22.44 VFX 090 re colored viewscreen only
1:22.46 VFX 091 Regula and Reliant plus audio build
1:22.46 VFX 092 Recovered dialogue NEW where Kirk mentions his son to Spock and Spock responds
1:22.48 OLD 06 shot Enterprise to Reliant panning past Regula to top of planet
1:25.59 VFX 093 Enterprise fly from Regula 1
1:26.03 Red alert audio from TV Series
1:26.35 VFX 094 Reliant fly from Regula 1
1:26.45 VFX 095 New viewscreen Enterprise in distance
1:26.54 VFX 096 Enterprise fly from Regula 1
1:26.59 VFX 097 Reliant fly from Regula 1
1:27.03 VFX 098 Reliant flies into distance and we see the Mutatra Nebula
1:27.10 VFX 099 Enterprise with Mutara Nebula in the distance
1:27.15 VFX 100 Reliant in pursuit
1:27.19 Spock scanner from TV series audio
1:27.30 VFX 101 Reliant flyby
1:27.32 VFX 102 Enterprise in distance, Reliant pursues
1:27.42 VFX 103 Reliant fires, Recolored torpedo progressively
1:27.43 OLD 07 Enterprise being shot on
1:28.14 SCORE 10 “17 Battle in The Mutarara Nebula” bespoke mix From ST2 CD Expanded
1:28.15 Spaceship audio
1:28.11 EXT 06 VFX 104 Ext Enterprise towards Nebula
1:29.37 VFX 106 Enterprise approach to Nebula
1:29.47 VFX 107 Reliant approach to Nebula
1:29.58 VFX 108 Reliant in nebula
1:30.07 SCORE 11 “03 Gaining Access” from Brainstorm Cd, James Horner
1:30.11 Spock scanner from TV series audio 1:30.50 109 Reliant o/h neb
1:30.58 VFX 110 Enterprise emerging in the nebula
1:31.07 VFX 111 Enterprise rise in nebula
1:31.21 VFX 112 Enterprise emerge behind Reliant
1:31.33 EXT 07 VFX 113 Additional new shots of Enterprise fire on Reliant with full audio rebuild of 48 elements in 9 seconds..
1:31.4 VFX 114 Enterprise approach Reliant in nebula
1:31.49 VFX 115 Enterprise behind Reliant nebula
1:32.01 VFX 116 Enterprise turn in nebula
1:32.09 VFX 117 Reliant in nebula
1:32.13 VFX 118 Enterprise in nebula
1:32.22 VFX 119 Enterprise in nebula
1:32.27 VFX 120 Reliant in nebula
1:32.31 VFX 121 Enterprise turn neb
1:32.33 VFX 122 Reliant fires
1:32.34 VFX 123 Enterprise fires
1:32.36 VFX 124 Enterprise miss Reliant
1:32.38 VFX 125 Enterprise under hull fire
1:32.39 VFX 126 Reliant hit
SCORE 12 Bespoke Mutara mix from ST 2 Extended CD
1:32.40 VFX 127 Reliant fires
1:32.42 VFX 128 Enterprise hit
1:32.44 VFX 129 close up hit Enterprise
1:32.46 VFX 130 Enterprise saucer fire
1:32.49 VFX 131 Reliant hit
1:32.51 VFX 132 return to DC
1:33.04 SCORE 13 “8 Reliant Surprise Attack Enterprise” from ST 2 Extended CD
1:33.07 EXT 09 VFX 133 'ext new establishing shot Enterprise
1:33.09 Red alert audio from TV Series
1:33.21 SCORE 14 “18 Buried alive” from ST 2 Extended CD
1:33.43 SCORE 15 “03 Gaining Access” from Brainstorm Cd, James Horner
1:34.00 Spock scanner from TV series audio
1:34.09 VFX 133 Nebula Reliant
1:34.22 VFX 134 Enterprise turn nebula
1:34.31 VFX 134 Enterprise come from behind Reliant
1:34.56 VFX 136 Enterprise rise from behind
1:35.03 VFX 137 New viewscreen Reliant
1:35.05 VFX 138 Enterprise continues to rise
1:35.09 VFX 139 New viewscreen Reliant
1:35.20 VFX 140 Long shot Enterprise behind Reliant
1:35.24 OLD 08 shot gantry explode
1:35.27 VFX 141 Reliant hit
1:35.29 OLD 09 flip nacelle
1:35.31 OLD 09 Nacelle shot
1:35.50 OLD 10 damaged Reliant shot
1:36.09 Spaceship audio
1:36.09 VFX 142 new audio
1:36.23 VFX 143 new Reliant shot
1:37.58 Spock scanner from TV series audio
1:39..03 OLD 11 old underside Enterprise
1:39.12 OLD 12 Reliant damage
1:40.04 OLD 13 long Enterprise Reliant
1:40.48 VFX 144 close Enterprise
1:42.35 OLD 14 Enterprise warp
1:46.35 VFX 145 Enterprise interlude shot to catch breath after big climax
Score 13 “01 main title” STTMP CD fade out sustained
1:49.12 VFX 146 Est shot Enterprise
1:50:00 VFX 147 Theatrical jump cut from pan to planet, corrected and now smooth
1:51:27 VFX 148 nu pan fly off warp star final shot
Bespoke end credits
“Judson Scott as Joachim” added
VFX sources added
Audio sources added
Thanks added
Music sources added
Fan disclaimer
Wraith logo
FE logo
Cover art by Wraith (DOWNLOAD HERE)


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Overall rating
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Visual Editing
I really enjoyed the Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan Redux - Fan VFX Replacement Showcase by Wraith.

I recall seeing the original version in the theaters back in 1982.

Having the VFX updated allowed me to stay in the story, and not be pulled out of it to notice clunky effects, as had been the case with all my repeated viewings over the years. I cannot recall how many times I would make apologies for the VFX with my kids as we watched it every so often.

Less of a criticism of this version and more of an observation about the passage of time, but I almost missed the VFX of the Genesis demonstration reel that Kirk and Co. watched. As I'm sure many are aware, the VFX of the original was state of the art at the time and drew audible gasps from the audience back in 1982. I say almost because I much prefer this edition as it allows both seasoned fans and a newer audience to enjoy the excellent narrative without the aforementioned clunky VFX.

Thank you for sharing!

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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Audio Editing
Visual Editing
I love Wraith's editing methodology - he does his research and takes notes so it's baffling to me some of the mistakes that made their way into the final cut of this fascinating fanedit. As others have pointed out, there's three loud BEEPS at 1:21:21, 1:32:44 and 1:35:33. Wraith also made some strange choices, for example when Kirk gives the order: "Z-minus 10,000 meters." when Spock notes that Khan has two-dimensional thinking. In his version the Enterprise goes... up? A decision that makes the final space battle confusing.

This isn't just a straight up replacement of the VFX though, Wraith also made a few creative decisions, like adding sound effects or dialog back in, or adding music cues to music-less scenes. Some of these changes work better than others.

Overall this was an interesting experiment. Some of the new visual effects don't work at all and look like something out of Babylon 5 while others are magnificent and breath taking. I haven't watched the theatrical version which only replaces the recycled shots but I'm sure purists will appreciate that one more. I'm still grateful Wraith created this as it's a nice template for anyone wanting to create their own "perfect" version of ST:TWOK. It is what it is: a Fan VFX Replacement Showcase.
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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Audio Editing
Visual Editing
This was a great watch - the inclusion of the upscaled VFX really adds a great sense of grandeur which should exist for a Starship launch and leaving the Solar System.
The scenes in the Nebula were fantastic.

The trimming of some of the extra dialogue from the Director's Cut whilst including parts of the newly included sections was a great balance.

I very much enjoyed this and I'm not sharp enough to notice the frame rate differences that exist between the CGI and studio shots. This was a great watch and I will certainly be recommending this version.

Very well done Wraith!

(PS - For some reason - in spite of the amount of times I've seen ST:TWOK , this was the first time I realised the similarities between Khan and Captain Ahab from Moby Dick. )

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Visual Editing
Great Time and Effort putting this together. Only a few small Issues, but otherwise, a great Edit.
Issue 1 - Reliant Leaving Spacedock. Since they were working for the Genisys Project for a while, they should be just on course to a new destination (No biggie, but just thought it was odd)
Issue 2 - Reliant arriving on Ceti Alpha VI.....but really V. Mutara Sector is in another area. Ceti Alpha V is in Sector 25712, Alpha Quadrant according to Memory Alpha, while the Mutara Nebula is in the Mutara Sector in the Beta Quadrant.
----Should have kept the full Engineering Inspection bit where Scotty's Nephew stats that if Kirk can't see that......he's as blind as a Tiberian Bat. LOL
Issue 3 - 1st Attack on Enterprise, you see the Enterprise in space prior to Khan communicating to Kirk with damage to the Torpedo Area, then after Enterprise draws Reliant away, the damaged area is no longer damaged.
Issue 4 - 1:32:44 and 1:35:33 - Loud Beep

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Overall rating
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Great edit!! Certainly an experiment... can't say I have ever seen a fanedit with so many VFX changes!

Others have mentioned it already but there 3 loud beeps during playback... I missed the first time code but the other two are 1:32:43 & 1:35:34

I'd definitely recommend this to others and I look forward to more 'experiments' ;)

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