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I love Wraith's editing methodology - he does his research and takes notes so it's baffling to me some of the mistakes that made their way into the final cut of this fascinating fanedit. As others have pointed out, there's three loud BEEPS at 1:21:21, 1:32:44 and 1:35:33. Wraith also made some strange choices, for example when Kirk gives the order: "Z-minus 10,000 meters." when Spock notes that Khan has two-dimensional thinking. In his version the Enterprise goes... up? A decision that makes the final space battle confusing.

This isn't just a straight up replacement of the VFX though, Wraith also made a few creative decisions, like adding sound effects or dialog back in, or adding music cues to music-less scenes. Some of these changes work better than others.

Overall this was an interesting experiment. Some of the new visual effects don't work at all and look like something out of Babylon 5 while others are magnificent and breath taking. I haven't watched the theatrical version which only replaces the recycled shots but I'm sure purists will appreciate that one more. I'm still grateful Wraith created this as it's a nice template for anyone wanting to create their own "perfect" version of ST:TWOK. It is what it is: a Fan VFX Replacement Showcase.
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