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With great power comes even greater editing. While a few of the deleted scenes weren't necessary this is still the definitive way to watch Amazing Spider-Man. I always loved TASM 1. This is the most realistic version of an actual New York Spider-Man we've scene. In some ways I felt it surpassed Raimi's. I'll review all the deleted scenes add and how well they were integrated.

1 I firmly believe in show, don't tell. This one left me more confused than anything. Ben followed that shadow who looked like peter but actually he was the guy with the long blonde hair who's shadow would look nothing like peter. Why did he shoot Uncle Ben? What happened? I can't say I prefer this one but after this almost everything is improved.

2 This is where it becomes a different movie. Dr. Connors condolences. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS WAS EVER CUT. All it did was make the Lizard a great character that you feel real sympathy for. Without this he was just another villain of a "Good guy who went bad because of a failed experiment" This makes him an actual person with hope and goals and someone who genuinely cares about Peter as opposed to Osborn and Octavius whom Peter knew but wasn't very close with.
This shows WHY Connors does what he does. Integrated with a transition using music from TASM 2 and then seamlessly transitions back into the normal film with the proper TASM 1 Music. Perfect.

3 I enjoyed the POV swinging shot from the trailer, but it was probably cut for fear of motion sickness. Also I noticed the transition from the trailer music to movie wasn't exactly seamless.

4 Connors's son. Very interesting. Again re-establishing that Connor's is a person and the Lizard is slowly taking over his mind. I would've never known that Masi digitally removed the arm because it looked so perfect as if it was done professionally.

5 Peter follows Connor. This is a replacement for Peter seeing 37 Lizards go into the sewers. This one makes less sense as Peter could've just followed Connors right there into the sewers since he already knew where he was. Thus the Lizard web trap Peter makes later doesn't really make sense.

6 Gwen and Peter kissing on the Clock Tower. This is kind of an implied sex scene which doesn't bother me. Maybe they cut it because they thought it was too adult. My OCD is asking where did he get the cushion and lit candles from. Narratively I feel indifferent about this one. For editing Masi used the love theme from TASM 2. It fits perfectly.

7 Again great Connors scene that shows he genuinely does not want to kill Peter like every other villain does. He wants Peter to work with him for something he believes is noble instead of Goblin's "Let's just tear the city apart" Integrated perfectly and a fine addition.

8 Girls screaming in the bathroom. This was cut because it was corny. Maybe they were trying to be like the corny shots from the Raimi films. I don't know. It doesn't affect the narrative but lessens the dark tone of the upcoming fight when other scenes were trying harder to achieve that. Integrated well but I extremely dislike this one and wish it stayed cut.

9 Peter making Aunt May breakfast. I’m glad it was relocated to post credits. It’s cute but confusing. It’s a smiley scene but May keeps saying Peter lost something and I think it's Gwen’s father and now Gwen for the time being, which is sad, so the tone of this scene is just confusing. Good job relocating it.

10 Dr. Connors asked peter save to him WHY WAS THIS NOT IN THE MOVIE TO BEGIN WITH? This changed the whole movie for me. It brings every great Spider-Man theme present in the movie and brings it full circle. Peter always has to choose between being Peter and being Spider-Man this perfectly establishes how much of a toll this is taking on both Peter and Connors. He’s not just another villain. He genuinely thinks he’s saving people by transforming them. Connors asks Peter a question “Would you give up your power?” Peter can’t answer him which is what makes this hit home so well. For once we’re saying ...”He kinda has a point” This also answers the question of why Rajit wasn’t in TASM 2. The integration was done great except for the special effects of the little tablet that Rajit uses wasn’t completely finished but Masi did his best to make it look cleaner than the original unedited deleted scene.

Great movie made better. I loved it so much I watched it twice, and this is the one I want to watch from now on. Masi did amazing work here.

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