Week of October 25th, 2020 – New Fanedits

Three new edits for you this week:

Drive Alone by Heavysyde

This fanedit completely removes Irene from the film and refocusses the story on the Driver’s conflict with the Las Vegas mob.

The Exorcist: The Devil and Father Karras

‘The Exorcist: The Devil and Father Karras’ aims to shift the focus of the film away from Chris and Regan and onto Father Karras, Kinderman and the other priest characters. 18-minutes is cut but enough is retained to chart Regan’s possession. Much of those scenes are a “wild goose chase” anyway, showing the Doctors trying unsuccessfully to cure Regan.

Superman: Last Son by TinyBreadMouse

Superman – Last Son presents 2013’s Man of Steel in a more linear, less bombastic manner that focuses more on character development and plot progression.


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