That Thing You Do! (LP)

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Erie to LA; the not quite fully extended story of five friends and that thing they do
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The story of 5 friends form Erie, PA who find themselves on a journey of wonder as they rise the charts doing that thing they do.
To create the best version of That Thing You Do! using the Tom Hanks Extended Edition and Theatrical Editions of the movie. I love the insight into Guy's character from the EE as well as the progression of he and Faye's characters. I also wanted to retain some of the added Tina scenes as there is a good bit of comedy, ie the golfing date scene. Jimmy's character is also expanded and improves his characters depth, even if his character is ultimately shallow.
Other Sources:
Various open source sfx (vintage traffic noise)
The Ventures - Walk, Don't Run
Special Thanks:
To whoever is reading, are my biggest fan :)
Release Information
Editing Details:
A pretty straightforward edit that combines the best of the EE with the TE of That Thing You Do!
The most difficult/time consuming part of this edit were the opening credits which were achieved by using masks of solid color screens to create the twirling block effects along with various fx to try and simulate the film artifacts on the edges of the blocks. I hope it worked.
Cuts and Additions:
Custom FE Warning
FE Logo by theryaney
Tribute to Adam Schlesigner
Custom intro credits for and fan editor mimicking the stylized graphics of the movie requiring extensive masking
Removed Guy meeting Tina while he drives home and their night time make out fest where Tina is talking about their future prospects and telling Guy what he should do with Patterson's Appliance
Cut Jimmy saying, "You can hit my girlfriend's car any time". Line delivery was cheesy and Jimmy will have plenty of other moments to show how un into Faye he is
Cut the TE's placement of Tina's first visit to the dentist. Having it so early in the film creates an unwanted conflict with her character. Now she gets angry at Vilapianos and goes after the dentist hunk when she meets him
Cut extended Patterson's Appliance scene to remove the Telemart eye twitch scene and fight between Guy and his sister. Again, the line delivery feels cheesy and it slows down the scene. It now cuts after Guy says they should move across town.
Cut the whispered F-bomb by Chad
Removed the extended scenes of Faye, TBP, Lenny and Jimmy checking on Chad on the side of the road
Removed Lenny calling Chad and @$$hole
Removed Ken saying he's going to kick the Oneders lonely fan's @$$ after he yells at him to shut up
Cut extended scenes of Jimmy begging to re-record All My Only Dreams (causes a continuity error anyway when he mentions to Mr. White that they only got one take)
Cut shots of people taking and passing the fire extinguisher around during My Little Wild One
Re-inserted scene from the Theatrical cut of Horace buying a record
Cut some of Jimmy's freaking out at the crowd when the riot starts, now cuts to Lenny saying, 'This means they want an encore!"
Cut extended scene of Tina's first time in the dentists office and restored the original cut where she first meets the dentist
Cut Chad running into the band at Watson's when Guy gives them all radios to listen for the song
Repurposed opening shot (cropped) to have an exterior establishing shot after Guy says they should listen for the song on the radios
Added portion of The Ventures "Walk - Don't Run" during the shot of them driving past the marquee sign
Put Jimmy's "Shhhh!" over the top of Lenny calling Boss Vick Koss an @$$hole
Removed secretary implying that she heard Lenny call Boss Vick Koss it when she's talking to Guy
Brought argument between theatre usher and Faye up in the audio mix to create seamless removal of secretary line and visual of Guy hearing and moving on to help Faye
Restored Theatrical version of first performance with Playtone and the rising up the charts montage
Re-arranged ending of the final state fair tour performance to have them immediately pull out their cables and run off stage, then the fans start to hop the fence and storm the stage
Restored Theatrical version of Goofball's "We're being invaded line"
Removed portions of meeting with Sol Siler
Removed Guy being dropped off and his drunken exchange with Mr. White and Lloyd
Reinstated the Theatrical transition of the clock and phone ringing
Removed scenes of the talking monkeys and Guy getting lost when he first arrives at the tv showcase
Cut scenes of the tv exec freaking out about milk in his coffee
Removed Lloyd from the credits
Logos placed at the end

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That Thing You Do was a fun movie when the Theatrical Cut hit cinemas in 1996. The subsequent Extended Cut. wasn't perfect but did improve the experience. Now DigModiFicaTion gives us the best of both worlds by keeping the best Extended material while trimming the rest down to the Theatrical story.

Audio is impeccable throughout (crucial in a music movie!).

Video is excellent but not perfect: a few short transition scenes look softer than the scenes before and after (Reshoots? Pick up shots?). The green screen is noticeable when the band plays outside to a large audience (with the camera behind the drummer, you see the "cut out"). And one brief cutaway shot of street (@36m) is noticeable grainy (DigModiFicaTion confirms in the change list that this is a zoomed-in shot). Mind you, none of this is problematic to the edit's enjoyment.

One editing detail caught my attention: the start of the bar fight. Most of the lead-up (with the fire extinguisher) is cut and it was not very clear to me what causes the fight.

This edit compellingly replaces both the Theatrical and the Extended Cut. Go enjoy and swing to That Thing You Do!

Full disclosure: I made the subtitles for this edit, so I am obviously a fan.

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Overall rating
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The video quality bounces around a bit, but I only really noticed it happening in one scene. I know it happened in other scenes but it was usually on scene changes and not very distracting.

I wouldn't have cut some of the language, personally. But I didn't really miss any of it.

In general, this was really, really well done.

If you think the extended cut was too long, give this edit a shot. It's pretty snappy.
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