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You'll finally believe a man can fly
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Superman - Last Son presents 2013's Man of Steel in a more linear, less bombastic manner that focuses more on character development and plot progression.
I love Man of Steel, and I'm not afraid at all to admit that. Despite the ups and downs of the DCEU, this film won my heart opening day back in 2013. It's gone on to inspire me in nearly every aspect of my life, and I legitimately feel as if I'm a different person because of it. That being said, I didn't think the film was perfect. The nonlinear storytelling doesn't work like it did in Batman Begins, and the nonstop CG action didn't grab my attention the way I know Snyder wanted it to. And judging by reviews, many felt the same way. I want others to see what I saw in Man of Steel, what I saw in the story that Snyder wanted to tell.
That's why I made this edit, not just to bring the film to a state more palatable to those who didn't enjoy it initially, but also to show my love for one of my all time favorite films.
Additional Notes:
The New DCEU: While Superman - Last Son can be viewed as a standalone film, it's also intended to be the second entry into my New DCEU series, an edit of the entire DCEU franchise that seeks to create a more unified shared universe experience between films. You can view this as a sort of DCEU Continuity series, I suppose. Superman - Last Son is the second entry into the New DCEU series, preceded by Wonder Woman 1918 and followed by Suicide Squad: War Gods.
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Man of Steel Deluxe Soundtrack
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Special thank you to TM2YC, Ryantology, Motleys Fanedits, theryaney, Malthus, Zarius, and addiesin for their feedback, their praise, their words of encouragement, and their assistance.
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Cuts and Additions:
Complete Cutlist (Film Spoilers Included)

-Tweaked color grading throughout when appropriate
-"Look to the Stars" begins playing at a later point in the track
-Rearranged Kal's birth to tighten the pacing as well as the audio
-Added date & location subtitle: "KRYPTON | 33 Years Ago"
-Added 3D House of El animation and custom film title sequence
-Removed the Rondor yelling into the sky
-Removed all the scenes depicting the coup as Jor-El flies to the birthing chamber
-Trimmed Jor-El getting off H'Raka, moved his and Kelix' conversation accordingly
-Trimmed Zod's stare at the council, now he answers after only a brief pause
-Removed Zod spitting on the council
-Removed one of Zod's "I will find him!" lines so that the scene flows more naturally
-Removed the wideshot of the Penis Pods ascending into the prison ship
-Moved the shot of the councilor looking up to before Lara herself looks up, sound moved accordingly
-Phantom Drive closing hard-cuts to black
-Added date subtitle: "Three Weeks Later"
-"Sent Here For a Reason" plays over top of Clark's journey to Earth
-Added location subtitle: "EARTH"
-Added date & location subtitle: "SMALLVILLE | Twenty Years Ago"
-Moved the bus crash/Pa Kent talk scene to immediately after the pod lands on Earth
-Removed much of Pa's musings on Clark's impact on the world, now he simply says "We talked about this. You saw how Pete's mom reacted."
-Removed Clark yelling "Tell me!"
-Moved Clark being bullied as a teenager to here
-Added date subtitle: "Eight Months Later"
-Moved Clark's northern hitch hike to here
-Removed the tinkle exchange between Lois and Col. Hardy
-Removed Lois asking "Where the hell are you going?"
-Created close-up shot of the command key sitting in the ignition
-Trimmed polar bear footage
-Removed "a shadow of him"
-Removed "I have so many questions"
-Moved Lois speaking to Pete Ross here
-Removed Lois driving up to the Kent's farm and speaking to Ma Kent
-Moved Clark coming home and speaking to Martha here
-Moved Lois and Clark at Pa Kent's grave here
-Added footsteps to indicate Clark walks to the grave, not flies
-Removed the entirety of the tornado sequence
-Moved Clark's line "What do you think?" here
-Moved Lois being scolded by Perry here
-Moved Swanwick's introduction here
-Trimmed some of the international communities watching Zod's message
-Connected the church scene into one continuous sequence
-Removed the priest's fearful swallow
-Removed the military readying their weapons on Clark
-Removed Superman's demands that Lois' be unharmed and let go
-Removed Clark leaving the military soldiers
-Moved Zod releasing the world engine here
-Removed Clark and Lois' kiss atop the rubble
-Created artificial zoom during Metropolis fight
-Shortened Zod's death to appear more spontaneous and frantic and time-sensitive
-Removed Clark's screams as he kneels
-Moved Clark checking in on Martha and the house damage here
-Moved Clark and Martha visiting Pa's grave here
-Removed Clark and Ma talking about how Pa would be proud
-Removed flashback to Clark as a child
-Added "Superman: Last Son" title card
-New credits sequence spliced with First Flight footage
-Moved the satellite scene here to create new mid-credits sequence
-Added date subtitle: "Four Months Later"
-Moved shot of Clark flying around the Earth to the end of the film to close out the credits before the WB logo appears

Man of Steel's original runtime is 2hr 28m, but my edit has been trimmed down to just over 2 hours. The cut content is justified by the more focused, less muddled plot, the better pacing, and the new emphasis on character motivation and the events that cause the plot to move forward.

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I first watched this movie a few months after it was released so I can't remember it in the fullest but from what I remember I mostly enjoyed it although it did drag on a bit, so the scenes removed helped speed up the pace and all the audio and video edits are perfectly executed and wouldn't be noticeable to a first time viewer as I've only seen the original once and didn't notice. This will be my go to version if I ever feel like watching Man of Steel again due to being shorter then the original which made it a more enjoyable experience.
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I had many issues with the theatrical cut - mostly its pacing, the colour palette and a few plot points. A few edits tackled these issues fairly well - for example, TM2YC's An Ideal of Hope fixed the palette issues in a spectacular way, turned the film into an eye candy, as well as resolved the pacing issues. For me, TinyBreadMouse's edit did all that while also fixing the plot points that bothered me.
Pacing - While the TC spent roughly forever on Krypton, in this edit we see just the essential bits that help the story better, I assume that the chronological structure of this edit has prevented the use of these scenes as flashbacks later in the film (a trick used in some edits), but I think this opening works well.
The absence of flashbacks really helps the plot move forward throughout this edit, and especially in the first half of the film. While I liked seeing Clark learn how to master each of his powers, it really slowed the TC and in retrospect diminished my enjoyment of it. So thumbs up on that decision.
Plot Points - I really disliked Jonathan Kent's death in the TC, and didn't feel that Clark momentary guilt really changed anything in the plot. So removing the tornado scene altogether was a wonderful decision.
Another plot point which annoyed me in the TC was the final battle in Metropolis - I felt that Superman should do anything and everything to take the fight elsewhere, and especially to avoid killing Zod. In this edit, however, it was much clearer that Zod would kill everyone and everything if Clark didn't fight him to the death. So well done again.

To summarize - a wonderful second entry in your New DCEU series.

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