Week of November 14th, 2021 – New Fanedits

4 new edits this week:



Iron Man 1.1 by lantern51

“I felt there were 2 unanswered questions in this movie. Both answers were found in deleted scenes. So I added the 2 deleted scenes back in.”



Daughter of Themyscira (A Wonder Woman Edit) by krausfadr

“Removed all narration from Diana as well as events that take place in the present. Better, tighter action sequences.”



Star Trek: The Man Trap – The Salty Seductress Edition by The Warlord

“My first edit in HD, this is a simple one: re-instating cues originally created for the episode, but subsequently removed.”



Terminator – The Hunt for Sarah Connor by robulon

“This edit aims to keep the ambiguity of whether Reese can be trusted and if his story is even true for as long as possible. The audience is learning information along with Sarah instead of being way ahead of her.”


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