Week of April 4th, 2021 – New Fanedits

Three new edits this week:



Once Upon a Super Duper Deadpool 2 by Ryantology

Once Upon a Super Duper Deadpool 2 differs from the original source simply because it has two additional versions of the movie interwoven with it.



Star Wars: Abridged I – The Republic by subjectzero

Star Wars: Abridged is meant to tell the Skywalker saga as succinctly as possible, taking all nine films and cutting them down to three. While many narrative threads remain the same, some have been vastly altered.



The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Spark of Life by Bobson Dugnutt

TASM2: Spark of Life goes far to re-edit action sequences with new and extended shots to allow a clearer perception of events, cut a lot of the unimportant subplots out (Parker Parents, Aunt May, Oscorp/Rhino/Sinister 6, Plane Crash, etc.), adding portions of deleted scenes back in, refocusing the story on whats important, and overall trying to bring some closure to a duology that tried to be a franchise.


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