Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Spark of Life, The

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No more subplots...
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Brief Synopsis:
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in the simplest and most cohesive structure that it can be.

TASM2: Spark of Life goes far to re-edit action sequences with new and extended shots to allow a clearer perception of events, cut a lot of the unimportant subplots out (Parker Parents, Aunt May, Oscorp/Rhino/Sinister 6, Plane Crash, etc.), adding portions of deleted scenes back in, refocusing the story on whats important, and overall trying to bring some closure to a duology that tried to be a franchise.

I wanted to remove all the crap and all the clutter that is needlessly in a film that tried to setup a cinematic universe. The countless pointless subplots that distracted from the main story took no effort to remove, demonstrating how pointless they were. The sometimes headache inducing editing during the action sequences needed a lot of retooling due to the countless angles and half-second shots. The setups for sequels, franchises and villians that would never appear. All just needed to go.
Other Sources:
- The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
- Pursuit Of Happiness (Extended Steve Aoki Remix)
- Various Trailers and BTS Documentaries (raw footage compiled by WhatTheActualMark)
- Deleted Scenes (From the Blu-Ray)
- SFX including Ambiance Nighttime Near Town, Open Window New York City Soundscape, Phone Vibrating, Machine Gun Reload

Special Thanks:
WhatTheActualMark for compiling all unused and raw footage that I could then take and use in my edit, as well as general feedback and some music suggestions.
Malthus for watching a rough cut and giving feedback
Marc Webb for having a wierd last name, did he get chosen for the pun?
Release Information:
Special Features
- One Minute Comparison
- Deleted Moments Caught in the Web
- Colours and Regraded Stuff
Cuts and Additions:
- Reverted opening logos back to their original soundtrack, as opposed to the film's soundtrack which leads into the opening scene
- Film now opens with Norman/Harry Osborn, but the scene has been cut to remove the scotch story and something about forgiveness
- Cut 7-minute long opening scene with the Parkers on the run and the whole plane thing
- Replaced all shots of the truck ramming the barricades and police cars. Originally it was 5 shots in 2.14 seconds, now it's simply just new 2 shots borrowed from the Blu-Ray documentary
- Cut Paul Giamatti shouting his characters name and laughing maniacly. This is now replaced with an alternate take of him grumbling
- Cut Go-Pro footage of the truck running over the cop car
- Added 2 extended shots of the truck to cover the Go-Pro shot
- Cut someone yelling "SPIDER-MAN!" and Spidey's subsequent responce
- Cut Spidey's prolonged banter as he sits on top of the truck, poking his head in while Paul Giamatti shoots him
- Moved up Spidey's "woah okay" from the cut footage to the new end of the shot
- Cut Spidey steering the truck as it rams into traffit, damaging property
- Added 2 extended shots of Max seeing the car flying towards him and Spidey's rescue of him
- Cut Spidey's "It's written on your badge" as an explaination for him knowing Max's name
- Replaced dialogue with Max saying "nobody knows my name" as Spidey grabs his badge
- Replaced 3 shots of the truck driving down the alley with the cop cars in pursuit with 1 extended shot
- Replace 60s Spidey ringtone with simple vibration
- Cut Peter lying to Gwen about the sirens and him seeing Cpt. Stacy
- Cut Spidey jumping back onto the truck saying "hello"
- Cut the truck's wiper fluid spraying onto Spidey
- Cut Go-Pro footage of the truck slamming into a bus, it was mostly covering the lens, making the shot entirely darkness
- Added 2 alternate angles of the truck crashing to replace Go-Pro footage
- Cut Spidey whistling the 60s theme
- Cut Paul Giamatti yelling that "this isn't over Spider"
- Added Spidey saying that Paul Giamatti has "cute underwear" while Giamatti remarks he is funny
- Cut Peter Parker saying "and my folks" when Aunt May mentions she wishes Uncle Ben could've attended Peter's graduation
- remove the first "I've gotta find my aunt" from Peter (him repeating things twice is a wierd trait)
- Cut Gwen's "I break up with you" x2, we get it enough in her other lines, we don't need it spelt out to us
- cut a bit of the Spidey-Sniffles
- RCut scene of Aunt May trying to enter Peter's room while he removes his costume
- Cut scene of Peter arguing with Aunt May when trying to wash his costume
- Max's apartment and his wierd shrine to Spider-Man, we get enough that he likes Spider-Man in the elevator and the VO during the later montage.
- Cut Max daydreaming of yelling at Alistair Smythe for joking about being Spider-Man
- Max's fake party thing in the elevator
- Max's tooth gap filling in during the Electro transformation
- Cut any mention of Peter's parents while he and Harry Osborn are skipping rocks
- cut "you don't have to explain any of it to me" during the rock skipping
- cutPeter "Just one Spider-Man, or woman we don't really know...for sure" bad delivery of a bad joke
- cut a bit of the flirty dialogue stuff between Gwen and Peter to try and speed things up to get to TImes Square
- trimming down the whole stalker dialogue so its made less creepy
- Spidey calling Electro "sparkles" and some dialogue from him talking about anger or something
- recut Electro being hit with the truck using some extended shots
- Electro "it's my birthday, so i'm gonna light my candles"
- added an extended shot as Spidey flips over the cop car
- added 2 extended shots as Spidey webs the cop car in front of the staircase
- Cut scene of Peter assembling the wall of clues and leads regarding the disappearance of his parents
- cut the Youtube scientist and simply have Peter experiment with the batteries
- replace 60s Spidey ringtone with simple vibration when he wakes up in the garage
- Added deleted scene of Felicia Hardy greeting Peter at Oscorp, followed by Gwen entering soon after
- Harry "Does whatever a spider can", bad delivery and spelling it out too much
- Cut Electro commenting on all the Oscorp tech at Ravencroft
- Cut Electro "you do realise this prison runs on electricity...etc."
- Cut Dr Deutsch Sterotype "who are you?" and the response "I'm Electro"
- Cut scene of Aunt May discovering Peter's investigative wall in his bedroom and that whole thing
- cut Harry's "everyone wants my money"
- Cut Peter mentioning his parents when venting to Gwen that everything is falling apart
- added Gwen getting accepted to Oxford and Peter sitting on a rooftop peacefully thinking about Gwen instead of...
- Cut scene of Peter throwing a temper tantrum in his room and throwing his father's calculator against the wall
- Color corrected scene of Harry being fired from Oscorp to make it appear earlier in the day
- Removed scene of Peter entering the subway to investigate his father's secret lab
- Added deleted scene of Gwen visiting Peter's house to inform him that she has been accepted into Oxford
- Cut all shots of Peter watching the recorded message his father left behind
- Edited all shots of Harry breaking into Ravencroft into one cohesive montage
- Re-edited all audio present the scene of Harry breaking Electro out of Ravencroft, allowing it to flow as its own standalone scene
- Cut Dr Deutsch Sterotype from Harry's Ravencroft visit and the dialogue refering to Electro by name
- Cut everything at Ravencroft after Electro kills everyone in the room as he floats around
- Cut Peter leaving the subway while listening to a voicemail Gwen left him saying that she's leaving for Oxford
- Cut Electro: "Remember me?" to Menken, I suppose somehow he saw him while at Ravencroft, unlikely though
- Cut Harry: "Am I right? (right as rain)" "Grant me a wish" "That's not the answer we were looking for" "Welcome back to the bonus round, fairy godmother"
- Added extended Goblin birth scene, but replacing low-FPS shots with unused shots from other sources to maintain the same scene length
- Rescored entire Golbin birth with a new score track
- Added deleted scene of SWAT team members guarding the elevator exit with Menken, but not the Pumpkin Bomb exploding
- Added deleted scene of Peter returning home only to be informed by Aunt May that Gwen stopped by earlier to say she was leaving for Oxford
- Added shots of Gwen in a cab on the bridge from an earlier scene where Peter is listening to Gwen's voicemail
- Cut Gwen telling her cab driver to stop the cab, as well as the cab driver responding with "Lady, I ain't even moving!"
- Cut everything refering to the plane crash that is about to happen over NYC
- Added deleted scene of Felicia talking to the Green Goblin in the now destroyed Oscorp building, this audio in this scene has been completely redone
- Cut everything with Aunt May in the hospital during the climax
- Trimmed Harry's realisation that Spider-Man and Peter Parker are the same person
- Replaced 2 half second shots of the Goblin lunging at Spidey with one new single second shot (from BTS Doco)
- Added 2 extended shots to replace one shot of the Goblin's stunt double being clearly visable
- Cut Harry and the man in black at Ravencroft discussing the Sinister Six and Rhino
- Removed the final battle with Rhino, he only appears in the news report on TV discussing rising crime rate
- Rescored last scene of Peter looking at the Spidey mask contemplating returning to the role with a new score track that leads into the end credits
- Added "Spark of Life" title card to the Spider-Logo at the beginning of the end credits
- Changed end credits sequence from blue to red (I think it looks cool)
- added faneditor credit during end-credits
One Minute Comparison

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An amazing edit, turning an okay film to wonderful!
Bobson trimmed, added, moved around and replaced many scenes and shots, yet the result flows smoothly. I felt that most trims were definitely justified, and that they improved both the narrative and Peter's likeability. I especially appreciated how removing the Shared Universe buildup (Sinister Six stuff, Peter's parents) streamlines the plot, how gently trimming some of Peter's scenes make him less whiny and temper-tantrum-y, but rather more relatable, and how cutting or replacing silly things (tooth gap, ringtone) can improve the general tone of the film.
While most of the film is technically amazing (as generally always with Bobson's edits), there were two technical issues that surprised me. The first is a total audio mute, as dingo mentioned in their review, that takes place at the 57th minute mark (between 57:04-08). I thought I was crazy, but it is really there. I hope it will be quickly corrected.
The second issue is a slightly underwhelming audio transition at 1:12:13 - from really tense to strangely calm. I know it is a result of trimming some Ravencroft scenes, but the result felt a bit odd to me.

All in all - this is a fantastic and impressive edit, and definitely makes this film watchable.

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Overall rating
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Does exactly what it says on the tin and does it really well: this fan edit (re)builds a really good film by adding in deleted material, moving things around, and ruthlessly cutting "all the crap and all the clutter" meant to set up sequels.

It clips along at a brisk pace, and the big theme about connections between people -- including Spidey's (doomed) effort to balance love for Gwen and his great responsibility -- is front-and-centre. Fewer lame jokes, less waffling; more action and a clearer emotional core; the interminable side-tracking to the world's least interesting, most inconsequential mystery, the fate of the Parkers, is gone, gone, gone. Seamless editing.

Honestly, I'd say what we have here is now one of the three best Spider-Man films ever (the first two by Sam Raimi still top the list, IMO), and something far better than the current bland, emotionally empty series with Tom Holland.

I really, really liked EXPOED's "Amazing Spider-Man 2: Reworked" but this is shorter, tighter and punchier.

PS. I didn't give audio full marks, because on my copy there is a brief silence when Gwen is taking leave of Harry in the lift during her escape from the Oscorp building – Harry talks but nothing comes out. Maybe something wrong with my copy? Happy to edit the marks back in if it’s just me.

Otherwise pretty much flawless.

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