Justice League: Ultimate Edition

Justice League: Ultimate Edition
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Brief Synopsis:
The Justice League: Ultimate Edition, aims to reinsert as much deleted footage from trailers, TV spots, promo material, behind the scenes featurettes, VFX Reels, Blu-Ray deleted scenes and a few fanedits to create the longest possible version of the Theatrical Cut.
It's not anything too spectacularly different, but it's four minutes longer with almost 70 alternate, deleted, extended and new shots and scenes added to the running time. Everything has been painstakingly colour matched with the theatrical footage and rescored with the OST with added SFX where needed to fill gaps.
This isn't any fancy Snyder Cut, but more of the movie you saw in cinemas with a few extra moments sprinkled throughout.
I wanted to create a longer version of the theatrical cut of the film as there is so much footage to play with and edit in. I didn't hate the theatrical cut, but it's very non-resonant. So I felt I needed to add some mayo to this dull sandwich, not making the sandwich superior at all but just making it a bit more substantial.
Other Sources:
Special Comic Con Footage
Trailer 1
Comic Con Sneak Peak
Heroes Trailer
Blu-Ray Bonus Scenes
Mercades Benz Promo
At&T Exclusive First Look
Unite the League Teasers
Various VFX Reels

YourMovieFix's Ultimate Fan Edition
TheRFB09's JL Origins
Chris Dawson's Black Suit Edition
WhiplashDynamo's Unauthorised Snyder Cut

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
SFX including Thunder, Boiling Water, Underwater, Crowd Whisper, Superman Sonic Boom/Taking Off and Glitch Noise
Special Thanks:
Zarius, TM2YC, bionicbob, Crimson713, heathen3017, motleycat Enterprises inc, and musiced921 for feedback, previews and encouragement of all kinds since I started this back in '18. Also YourMovieFix, TheRFB09, Chris Dawson, WhiplashDynamo for creating their own fanedits and sharing their work with the world. And to Mindd Kidzag and Awesome Edits Productions on Youtube for sharing some of the more obscure items of footage that I got my hands on.
Release Information:
Special Features
- Lost Footage: More Deleted Scenes, Shots and Lines
- Highlighting the New Footage: A Comparison Featurette
Editing Details:
There are about 70 new bits and pieces scattered throughout the film. Some less than a second and just a few frames,with the longest being a minute long. They've all been colour corrected to match the film and had score or SFX added to make it all cohesive. DrDre's ColourMatch is a godsend for this kind of thing.
Cuts and Additions:
Added extended shot of the lead terrorist walking
Added extra shots of hostages in the church
Added Wonder Woman sweep kicking a terrorist
Extended shots of Bruce traveling to the fishing village
Added 2 shots of the fisherman holding a Bruce Wayne business card
Added new wide shot of the crowd gathered around Bruce and Aquaman
Added shot of Aquaman turning around and saying "Talk." to Bruce
Alternate angle of Bruce saying "that was last night"
Extended shots of Bruce and Aquaman smirking at each other
Extended shot of Aquaman picking up Bruce
Extended shot of Aquaman looking at Bruce while he's against the wall
Extended shot of Aquaman in the water, talking to Bruce
Cyborg dream sequence using the deleted flashback of his football game with his mum
New shot of Hippolyta looking at the Boom Tube opening
New scene with WW and Bruce watching the Aquaman footage from BvS and discussing the attempted recruitment
Added shot of Aquaman on the sailors boat as he comes to rescue him
Extended shot of Aquaman diving into the water
Added 2 new action shots of Steppenwolf talking out the Atlantian Guards
Extended shot of Barry saying "Sitting in the dark in my 2nd favourite chair"
Extended shots of Barry avoiding the batarang
Extended shot of Bruce saying “So you’re fast”
Extended shot of Barry saying “That’s an oversimplification”
Added Bruce saying "Just like that" after he says "You're in?"
Extended shot of Barry saying “I need friends”
Extended shot of Bruce and Barry driving off
Added shot of Batman on the gargoyle looking down at Gordon
Extended shot of Batman jumping down as WW and Flash walk up
Added extra Wonder Woman dialogue as they enter the Gotham Sewers
Added Cyborg/Batman exchange right after previous addition
Extended shot of Wonder Woman stabbing a Parademon and smirking at Steppenwolf
Extended shot of Steppenwolf reacting to WW stabbing
Audio of WW saying "shall we?" over the previous shot
Extended shots of Batman jumping down onto a Parademon
Extended shot of Batman fighting said Parademon
Extended Steppenwolf and WW fight
Extended shot of Parademon fighting Batman and winning
Added Flash taking out a Parademon as he dodges it's gunfire
Replaced Batman’s “I didn’t bring a sword” with “My turn”
Alternate angle of Wonder Woman attacking Steppenwolf
Extended 3 shots as Flash trips over
Replaced the Cyborg shot and dialogue in the Nightcrawler
Extended shot of Cyborg plugging his arm into the Nightvrawler
Extended shot of Steppenwolf catching the missle from the Knightcrawler
Extended shot of Steppenwolf saying "You are all a distraction"
Extended shot of Wonder Woman running from the surging water in the sewers
Added shot of Cyborg flying through the clouds when he goes for the motherbox
Added Gordon saying “It’s nice to see you playing well with others AGAIN” (TR1)
Added reaction shot of Batman/Gordon looking at Aquaman while he says "dressed like a bat?"
New shot of Batman looking over the Kyptonian crash site on a vantage point
New shot of the League's feet landing at the Superman memorial
New shot of WW at the Superman Memorial
New shot of Cyborg at the Superman Memorial
Extended shot of Cyborg's defence mechanism kicking into gear
Extended shot of Superman throwing Cyborg, Aqauman and Wonder Woman
Extended shot of Superman swiping his arm at Flash
Extended 2 shots of Superman punching the memorial wall
Extended shot of Superman hitting Flash, sending him flying
Extended scene of Lois and Clark talking on the Kent Farm
Added Clark in the Fortress of Solitude getting a new suit
Added Clark going to see Alfred “He said you would come…”
Added shots of League getting ready in the Flying Fox before the final battle
Added Steppenwolf voiceover “This world will fall, just like the others” to previous shots
Added Flash taking out more Parademons as he runs around the smokestack
Added Cyborg cocking his head backwards as he sees something while seperating the Motherboxes
Added shot of Cyborg then jerking his head backforwards after seeing something
Extended shot of Steppenwolf walking towards Cyborg after he kicks the shit out of WW and Aquaman
Alternate angle of Superman punching Steppenwolf
Highlighting the New Footage: A Comparison Featurette

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(Updated: February 21, 2023)
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It's not a revolutionary take on the movie, but it even the smallest additions actually do help it out. The extra scenes, the longer shots, and slight alternate cuts were skilfully integrated and do enhance the experience by giving the movie more breathing room. It's the theatrical cut, but slightly better, take it or leave it.

Most of the edit is sound, but there were two things I noticed on my download: 1) as the scene with Martha at the planet ends, there's a repeat shot of her nodding before we get to Cyborg. I think that was meant to set up an audio transition, but a slightly more pressing issue is that 2) right before we get to the first scene with the Russian Family there is a very brief frame of Aquaman's face there. Otherwise I did enjoy this one.

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(Updated: July 17, 2020)
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An edit that has been in the works for two years, Bobson's JL Ultimate Edition sought to piece together the most complete version of the Frankenstein's monster that was the divisive theatrical cut of the movie. Did he succeed? Very much so. Without rocking the boat with experimental cuts or unique narrative alterations that a lot of JL edits undertake, Bobson's edit is a simplistic arrangement that focuses on restoration, adding, not subtracting. Even the most microscopic angles are successfully reintegrated into the film.

With the release of the Snyder Cut only a matter of months away, it will arguably become the 'Ultimate Edition', had this edit been delayed further, then it might have needed a re-title to the 'Ultimate Theatrical Edition', for now until the advent of the much anticipated directors vision, it's title holds true..this is the JL movie as you knew it, warts and all, and much more.
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