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(Updated: July 17, 2020)
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An edit that has been in the works for two years, Bobson's JL Ultimate Edition sought to piece together the most complete version of the Frankenstein's monster that was the divisive theatrical cut of the movie. Did he succeed? Very much so. Without rocking the boat with experimental cuts or unique narrative alterations that a lot of JL edits undertake, Bobson's edit is a simplistic arrangement that focuses on restoration, adding, not subtracting. Even the most microscopic angles are successfully reintegrated into the film.

With the release of the Snyder Cut only a matter of months away, it will arguably become the 'Ultimate Edition', had this edit been delayed further, then it might have needed a re-title to the 'Ultimate Theatrical Edition', for now until the advent of the much anticipated directors vision, it's title holds true..this is the JL movie as you knew it, warts and all, and much more.
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