June 2022 FEOTM

This month we see another stellar group of fanedits released, four of which are Batman related.

Batman: Path to Justice by Malthus

The Batman: Year Two (Miniseries) by DonKamillo

Stan & Ollie: Their Last Dance by ParanoidAndroid

Saving Private Ryan: A PoorAndin Fan Edit by PoorAndin

Miami Vice: The Spence Edit by Spence

Leeroy’s The Killer Bride (Extended Cut) In HD by lantern51

Shang-Chi: Legacy of the Rings by tremault

M.A.S.K: The Series Finale by Zarius

Justice League: The Unity Edition by BionicBob

The Great Outdoors: Suck My Wake Edition by robulon

The Thing: The Musical aka Escape from the Shining Alien Thing from Beyond the Stars by Blueyoda

Batman & Robin: Deep Freeze by MusicEd921

Batman Forever: Red Book Edition – The 15th Anniversary Enhanced Edition by INIGHTMARES & Scaperat

Voting closes on August 1st.



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Anyone found voting for their own edit or soliciting votes will have their edit disqualified from the poll. No exceptions.


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