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He better be worth it.
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A savage and unsentimental a film. Except for an embarrassingly sentimental, sappy prologue and epilogue. This is a version without schmaltz that does not pander to the audience.
I wanted a version which focuses on the soldiers fighting the war.
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Stereo and 5.1 Audio tracks.
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Cut two maudlin scenes that begin and end the film with flag-waving patriotism as a tearful old man is seen mourning at the graves of fallen comrades. You no longer have to wade through five minutes of schmaltz to get to Omaha Beach.

Cut two scenes that take place in America in which George C. Marshall puts cloyingly sentimentality before morality when he orders the rescue of Private Ryan. We see the soldiers being given their orders and many times discuss the rights and wrongs of what they are doing over the course of the film.

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