Batman v Superman: False God

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What if BvS didn’t try to balance an Extended Universe and instead kept the focus on the titular characters; while minimizing the problems with infamous elements like the portrayal of Luthor? That’s what False God intends to offer.

While keeping Snyder’s style intact, controversial elements have been alleviated (Luthor’s ticks, a more respectful funeral…).
All UE scenes that strengthen lois and Clark’s respective investigations or Luthor’s manipulations are intact.
The DCEU connections are removed, which closes the door to the JL movie but leaves it open for the Wonder Woman (2017) 'self-contained' solo movie.
My intention was to focus on the Batman and Superman conflict and away from the DCEU connections with the exception of Wonder Woman who is still part of the story.
Beyond making it a conclusion for Superman’s journey and removing the JL elements, there were other alterations made that I consider benefits the film.
Before proceeding with the any changes, I followed 2 parameters:
Keep Snyder's style as is, unlike other fan edits that try insert "Donner or Burton era" elements or vibes.
Try to elevate the positive elements in the film and diminish elements that I felt were negative.
Other Sources:
Man of Steel extended soundtrack
Special Thanks:
Thanks to ArtisDead, his guidance through the different stages here at IFDB, from the process at the website to clever creative suggestions were key to having this edit complete.
And thanks to INIGHTMARES, for taking the time to reviewing my edit several times, sharing your finds lead to important corrections to the files; the movie runs smoothly thanks to you.

Thanks guys! ❤️
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Editing Details:
While today the Snyder Cut exists and answers most of the plot threads from BvS, the story that Snyder was telling never got a it’s planned conclusion; JL 2017 not feeling like part of the previous 2 movies and with ZSJL ,WB sadly has chosen not to give us a sequel, again leaving us with an incomplete narrative.

So, that’s were my edit fits, closing the door to the DCEU but enough of it left open for WW2017 to exist.
With all the changes made the edit has a 2 hours and 45 minutes running time. 15 minutes longer than the theatrical cut but keeping all the scenes that were plot relevant from the extended cut while removing the JL/DCEU connections.

For this edit I followed 2 core parameters:
- Keep Snyder's style as is, unlike other fan edits that try insert "Donner or Burton era" elements or vibes.
- Try to elevate the elements that are perceived as positive in the film while diminish elements that are often considered negative.
Cuts and Additions:
- Slightly Re-colored Image
- IMAX Waynes intro.
- Jack call is interrupted.
- Shorter Lex ad lib at basketball court.
- Lex doesn’t feed the candy to senator.
- Less Lex ad libs-sounds while meeting senator Finch (no red capes)
- Bruce arrives to event, no Clark being surprised by Wayne.
- Less awkward Lex speech at event.
- Less awkward Lex interrupting Bruce and Clark.
- No Knightmare-Flash scene.
- Clark does not go to the mountains abandoning the city after explosion.
- Lex and Lois rooftop talk is bit shorter.
- Less Lex ad libs while discussing with Clark on rooftop.
- Diana only sees her picture on the email.
- IMAX Batman vs Superman fight
- Batman doesn’t “humanize” Clark mentioning his parents during fight.
- Slightly altered “Martha” moment.
- Lois does not throw the spear in that flooded room. It “falls” there after an explosion during Doomsday fight.
- Batman doesn’t kill the attackers outside the warehouse.
- No Steppenwolf
- IMAX funeral
- No mention of other metahumans after funeral.
- Altered “hopeful” ending sequence. (MOS soundtrack insert in credits)
- Aftercredits scene, Batman visits Lex in prison.

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