Week of June 12, 2022 – New Fanedits

This week sees three new fanedits.

Saving Private Ryan: A PoorAndin Fan Edit

A savage and unsentimental a film. Except for an embarrassingly sentimental, sappy prologue and epilogue. This is a version without schmaltz that does not pander to the audience.


Miami Vice: The Spence Edit

This edit mainly focuses on upping the pacing of this movie, which I like very much. This is an action movie with very little action, so the slow pacing and spending too much time on the romance subplots really hurt the film. However, I don’t think the solution is to remove those subplots entirely, as they’re uniquely romantic and interesting. The best, most important parts remain, but everything movies at a far faster pace making for a brisk, tense film.


Leeroy’s The Killer Bride (Extended Cut) In HD

This is all the cuts made by the original editor upgraded to HD.