Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen – Gieferg’s Cut

Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen – Gieferg’s Cut
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This version of REVENGE OF THE FALLEN cuts out as much as possible of the stupidity, which ruins this movie (especially scenes involving Sam’s parents, Leo and the Autobot twins), and other useless stuff, which does not serve any real purpose to create a faster and more serious cut of the movie.
To cut out as much as possible of stupidity which ruins this movie (especially scenes involving Sam’s parents, Leo and Autobot twins), and other useless stuff which does not serve any real purpose to create faster and more serious cut of the movie. I’ve also decided to put in some sounds and music from original cartoon in order to give this edit more G1 feel.
Release Information:
  • Digital
  • DVD
Editing Details:
Cut something about 40 scenes, and parts of scenes, which are not necessary for the plot.
Cuts and Additions:

- Twins completely removed from Shanghai*
- dialogue between Sam and his parents at the beginning trimmed
- kitchen-bots trimmed
- dogs removed
- some of Sam’s mom scenes deleted
- garage scene replaced with alternate version
- crying Bumblebee deleted
- trimmed some shots during arriving to Diego Garcia*
- one shot of Optimus in truck form added*
- Twins upgrading removed*
- Epps alternate line after Optimus transforms added
- Leo’s pals trimmed
- cut all Sam’s parents scenes at the college
- added Sam, Leo & Alice scene at the dorm*
- cut Sam, Leo & friends going to the party (not the party itself)
- cut entire scene with Sam & Alice in Bumblebee
- trimmed Wheelie trying to get the shard (no mouse trap, less talking)
- Sam is freaking out in his room a little less
- cut Leo’s reaction on Sam in his room
- most of the dialogue between Sam and Mikaela during escape deleted
- cut Leo’s “So hot” line
- Sam’s parents & the mime deleted
- twins removed from Sam & Leo discussion scene
- cut part of Decepticons arrival
- part of Simmons dialogue in meat shop removed
- “don’ tell my mother” removed
- some of Wheelie’s lines removed
- Simmons ass and dialogue before going to museum deleted
- cut entire Leo’s toilet scene
- removed Leo line “I’m not going anywhere” when Simmons paralyzing the guard
- humping wheelie removed
- cut part of Jetfire dialogue and parachute scene
- cut the scene in which Mikaela lies on Leo
- added “Leo refuses…” deleted scene*
- deleted police chase*
- deleted hiding from the police*
- trimmed phone call scene*
- deleted checkpoint scene (now Soundwave locates Sam after Simmons phone call)*
- trimmed Epps, Lennox, headquarters talking*
- Leo & Simmons sleeping removed
- Galloway plane and Egypt scenes removed
- Leo’s panic in the car removed
- paralyzing Leo removed
- cut part of dialogue between Leo and Simmons where paralyzing was mentioned
- part of Headquarters talking deleted
- deleted some military equipment footage during battle
- removed “enemy scrotum”
- removed “Transformers heaven”
- and some minor cuts here and there

and especially for G1 fans:

- added Stan Bush – The Touch as soundtrack in final battle
- Linkin Park end title song replaced with Stan Bush — Till all are one
- added G1 transformation sounds here and there (find them by yourself ) *
- changed Soundwave voice in G1 fashion *

* only in version 1.3 (DVD release)
Cover art by Gieferg (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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I saw this cut and this is the movie I remember seeing. Robots killing each other.
The actual movie isn’t as good as I remember. This is the better movie but not what I would call the objective definition edition. I don’t think there is such a thing for this movie. I still like it better than the first though.

The movie sound is good. There are 3 80’s song choices that are either awesome or weird depending on your taste but as far as non music audio editing, Not once did I ever hear a single mistake. It was perfect.

Adding a new 80’s music to one of Bee’s chase scenes confused me. At first I thought it was on the radio but then realized he didn’t need to turn on the radio. It was so short but it was a lot of fun and didn’t detract at all.

You got the touch. This purely for us G1 fans with nostalgia. The other 99% will be confused but then again that 99% won’t even be watching this fan edit. That’s just an over complicated way of me saying it was so unfitting but I smiled throughout the whole thing. It’s fun but not something I would’ve chosen because it absolutely drops the illusion of a real movie.

All are One Stan bush during the credits. The transition from New Divide to “All Are One” did not flow into each other well at all. Because the music is building up to the chorus of New divide but then abruptly switches to a different song before it’s finished.

It uses DVD Quality from 2009. On my big HD TV it looked strange but on my monitor it looked perfectly fine. Either way it’s totally watchable.

Film Editing and Narrative.

I’m glad most of the parents are cut especially at the college but I admit I missed the brownie joke. But objectively the college scenes flows so much better without the parents.

I think maybe the baby shoes joke should have been left in because The first shot of Sam’s parents was abrupt. I would’ve had no idea what was going on if I didn’t see the movie.
Example is Mom’s line “I’m crying again” when we didn’t know she was crying before, why she was crying at all, or why she’s holding the baby shoes. Sam’s dad goodbye speech is too short as we don’t even know Sam’s leaving yet. I also noticed that “Mom” never falls from hitting the plant, but the next shot she’s on the floor.

Kitchen robot scene. Edited so well, I didn’t know anything was cut.

Alice. It was all cut so seamlessly I didn’t even notice it was removed. Perfect, this is how the movie should’ve been in the first place. Heck, didn’t even need to have the Alice hallway deleted scene, her introduction at the party is enough. More college stuff means less robot screen time.

I would’ve cut even more military war room scenes.
There’s nothing engaging about people staring at computer screens saying out loud what the audience can already see. Again just distracting from our bots.

Simmons himself I hated in this movie but liked in Dark of the moon as he balanced out the depressing mood of the movie and never went overboard with his stupidity like he did in this movie. He was toned down a bit in this edit but I feel more of him could be removed without affecting the narrative or audio.
Same deal with Leo.

Wheelie : thanks for cutting out the humping scene; that was so gross. However I did notice there was a mousetrap on his wheel and didn’t know how it got there.

The 1st biggest difference is the removal of the twins. The introduction for the scene is very disconnected. For story line purposed I was confused when Sam suddenly talked to 2 transformers who I didn’t even know were there because almost all of their footage was until that point. Confusing and would’ve completely thrown me for a loop if I didn’t already see the original. Anything else I can say about the twins would just be subjective personal opinion so not worth writing down.

Deleting Primes resurrection scene, this is the 2nd biggest change. Like the twins introduction I would’ve been completely lost if I didn’t see the original. For narrative purposes and the climax of the movie, this was not a good idea.

Geifferg’s Cut is awesome. Can it replace the original cut? Nah, I would’ve been totally lost by the end of it considering the deleted Primes Scene. Showing this to someone who is not familiar with it would not the ideal way to see it. But for me and a lot of others, This is a fun alternate way of seeing the movie for fans who know it and want to see it with less cringe and a little more Stan Bush.

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March 8, 2010 @ 1:24 pm

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February 14, 2010 @ 10:26 am

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December 24, 2011 @ 8:48 am


I just finished watching the latest DVD version of this, and I, thusly, am going to post a lil review…

To start off, I hated Transformers 2 with a sick passion that nearly led to massive projectile vomiting and suicide when I came to the realization that I had just paid money to see this piece of destructively sickening garbage in the theatre. I cannot possibly stress how much I hate this movie.

So, with hopes that the fanediting community could come up with something other than pure acidic drivel, I turned to Gieferg’s Cut. So, without further ado, here we go…

There was no menu to speak of (actually, none at all lol), which is kind of a put-off, but not a big deal in the grand scheme of things…

Menu – 0/10

The audio:

As was stated in earlier posts, there were some volume discrepancies throughout…like the action being far louder than the talking parts. It was annoying, but the editing made it all okay (I’ll get to that later!). Aside from that, the audio quality was really good. No harsh cuts or pops that can plague an edit.

Audio – 6/10

The video:

Great DVD quality! No complaints whatsoever on a 52″ TV. VERY happy!

Video – 10/10

And now, for the edit (warning: contains spoilers!!!)

I absolutely loved the editing in this movie!!! I didn’t notice any hard cuts (but I missed about 1/3 of the movie due to…ummm…distractions…ANYways, what I saw I was very happy with.

As much of the stupidity that could be excised has been excised. I was sad that you could still see up the decepticon chick’s ass and have her robotic tail poke out, but I don’t know what can be done about that one (it’s one of the most cringe-worthy parts of the movie for me aside from Devastator having testicles). The twins are minimized without taking so much of them out that you wonder why they’re there at all. I have no complaints about the story editing or any directions taken. Aside from ass-tail-chick, I was incredibly happy. Robot heaven is gone, and so seamlessly that it actually shocked me…WELL done!

Harsh cuts…I didn’t notice any, so I won’t bitch lol

You changed Soundwave’s voice…thumbs up from me!!!

And, now for the most controversial edit in the video (for me anyways, lol): The Touch. The addition of this song does not fit the soundtrack of this movie in any shape or form…BUT…pretty-much against my will, I found a HUGE smile creep across my face. The placement of this added song was perfect…but so out of place…but so perfect..but…

Bloody hell. It was a nice nod to where Transformers came from, and, darn it to heck, I thought it was a GREAT addition. It’s what fanediting is all about :)

The only parts I was sad to see go were Sam’s parents at his college…I thought they were funny, but I will live with it lol.

Editing – 9/10

Gieferg, you have turned one of my most hated movies of all time into a movie I will be happy to watch again! Thank you very much for your great effort, and if you fix the volume issues, you will have made it as damn close to perfect as it will get!!!

Entertainment value:

Original – 2/10 (VERY generously)

Gieferg’s Cut – 8/10 (only because of the volume and ass-tail-chick)

You have done a great job…thank you so much!!!
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(Updated: September 02, 2012)
January 1, 2010 @ 12:55 am

I just got through the movie, and I think this was a very good edit all around. There were a few audio glitches and slightly rough transitions which detracted from the experience a bit, but it was still a WAY better cut of the movie than the original. In addition to the small glitches (i.e. the audio temporarily disappearing for a fraction of a second), the transition in the end from the start of the Linkin Park song to Stan Bush’s “Till All Are One” was a little rougher than I’d have liked. However, everything else I thought was great.

Also, given how much screentime the Twins had in the original cut, I was very amazed at how well the beginning of the movie works without them. The only change I’d make there is that maybe the scene where they switch from being an ice cream truck to individual cars at the base should be left in, since I felt that their appearance later in the film was just a wee bit too abrupt (the scene I mentioned would probably be just enough of an introduction that they aren’t a total surprise later).

The nods to G1 like Soundwave’s voice and the implementation of “The Touch” during the last battle were very well executed and made the movie feel more enjoyable and nostalgic for me.

Hats off to you, Gieferg. This is a superior cut of the film IMO, and to me proves that there’s a gemstone in the rough of Bay’s bloated, immature and sometimes downright illogical theatrical cut. I do hope that you will continue to polish this gem, because it shows lots of promise and I think that with enough refinement (and possibly Blu-Ray? *fingers crossed*) this could replace the original version of the film entirely. Keep up the good work!

Oh yeah, also there were a few times (particularly during talking scenes, but also some action scenes) where the audio levels seemed weaker than in other parts of the film. I had the volume up pretty loud for most of the movie, but during the first scene with the Witwickies I had to turn it up even louder, as well as in some other scenes because the volume would drop down. Hopefully this can be corrected in a future release of this cut!
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