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I saw this cut and this is the movie I remember seeing. Robots killing each other.
The actual movie isn’t as good as I remember. This is the better movie but not what I would call the objective definition edition. I don’t think there is such a thing for this movie. I still like it better than the first though.

The movie sound is good. There are 3 80’s song choices that are either awesome or weird depending on your taste but as far as non music audio editing, Not once did I ever hear a single mistake. It was perfect.

Adding a new 80’s music to one of Bee’s chase scenes confused me. At first I thought it was on the radio but then realized he didn’t need to turn on the radio. It was so short but it was a lot of fun and didn’t detract at all.

You got the touch. This purely for us G1 fans with nostalgia. The other 99% will be confused but then again that 99% won’t even be watching this fan edit. That’s just an over complicated way of me saying it was so unfitting but I smiled throughout the whole thing. It’s fun but not something I would’ve chosen because it absolutely drops the illusion of a real movie.

All are One Stan bush during the credits. The transition from New Divide to “All Are One” did not flow into each other well at all. Because the music is building up to the chorus of New divide but then abruptly switches to a different song before it’s finished.

It uses DVD Quality from 2009. On my big HD TV it looked strange but on my monitor it looked perfectly fine. Either way it’s totally watchable.

Film Editing and Narrative.

I’m glad most of the parents are cut especially at the college but I admit I missed the brownie joke. But objectively the college scenes flows so much better without the parents.

I think maybe the baby shoes joke should have been left in because The first shot of Sam’s parents was abrupt. I would’ve had no idea what was going on if I didn’t see the movie.
Example is Mom’s line “I’m crying again” when we didn’t know she was crying before, why she was crying at all, or why she’s holding the baby shoes. Sam’s dad goodbye speech is too short as we don’t even know Sam’s leaving yet. I also noticed that “Mom” never falls from hitting the plant, but the next shot she’s on the floor.

Kitchen robot scene. Edited so well, I didn’t know anything was cut.

Alice. It was all cut so seamlessly I didn’t even notice it was removed. Perfect, this is how the movie should’ve been in the first place. Heck, didn’t even need to have the Alice hallway deleted scene, her introduction at the party is enough. More college stuff means less robot screen time.

I would’ve cut even more military war room scenes.
There’s nothing engaging about people staring at computer screens saying out loud what the audience can already see. Again just distracting from our bots.

Simmons himself I hated in this movie but liked in Dark of the moon as he balanced out the depressing mood of the movie and never went overboard with his stupidity like he did in this movie. He was toned down a bit in this edit but I feel more of him could be removed without affecting the narrative or audio.
Same deal with Leo.

Wheelie : thanks for cutting out the humping scene; that was so gross. However I did notice there was a mousetrap on his wheel and didn’t know how it got there.

The 1st biggest difference is the removal of the twins. The introduction for the scene is very disconnected. For story line purposed I was confused when Sam suddenly talked to 2 transformers who I didn’t even know were there because almost all of their footage was until that point. Confusing and would’ve completely thrown me for a loop if I didn’t already see the original. Anything else I can say about the twins would just be subjective personal opinion so not worth writing down.

Deleting Primes resurrection scene, this is the 2nd biggest change. Like the twins introduction I would’ve been completely lost if I didn’t see the original. For narrative purposes and the climax of the movie, this was not a good idea.

Geifferg’s Cut is awesome. Can it replace the original cut? Nah, I would’ve been totally lost by the end of it considering the deleted Primes Scene. Showing this to someone who is not familiar with it would not the ideal way to see it. But for me and a lot of others, This is a fun alternate way of seeing the movie for fans who know it and want to see it with less cringe and a little more Stan Bush.

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