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December 24, 2011 @ 8:48 am


I just finished watching the latest DVD version of this, and I, thusly, am going to post a lil review…

To start off, I hated Transformers 2 with a sick passion that nearly led to massive projectile vomiting and suicide when I came to the realization that I had just paid money to see this piece of destructively sickening garbage in the theatre. I cannot possibly stress how much I hate this movie.

So, with hopes that the fanediting community could come up with something other than pure acidic drivel, I turned to Gieferg’s Cut. So, without further ado, here we go…

There was no menu to speak of (actually, none at all lol), which is kind of a put-off, but not a big deal in the grand scheme of things…

Menu – 0/10

The audio:

As was stated in earlier posts, there were some volume discrepancies throughout…like the action being far louder than the talking parts. It was annoying, but the editing made it all okay (I’ll get to that later!). Aside from that, the audio quality was really good. No harsh cuts or pops that can plague an edit.

Audio – 6/10

The video:

Great DVD quality! No complaints whatsoever on a 52″ TV. VERY happy!

Video – 10/10

And now, for the edit (warning: contains spoilers!!!)

I absolutely loved the editing in this movie!!! I didn’t notice any hard cuts (but I missed about 1/3 of the movie due to…ummm…distractions…ANYways, what I saw I was very happy with.

As much of the stupidity that could be excised has been excised. I was sad that you could still see up the decepticon chick’s ass and have her robotic tail poke out, but I don’t know what can be done about that one (it’s one of the most cringe-worthy parts of the movie for me aside from Devastator having testicles). The twins are minimized without taking so much of them out that you wonder why they’re there at all. I have no complaints about the story editing or any directions taken. Aside from ass-tail-chick, I was incredibly happy. Robot heaven is gone, and so seamlessly that it actually shocked me…WELL done!

Harsh cuts…I didn’t notice any, so I won’t bitch lol

You changed Soundwave’s voice…thumbs up from me!!!

And, now for the most controversial edit in the video (for me anyways, lol): The Touch. The addition of this song does not fit the soundtrack of this movie in any shape or form…BUT…pretty-much against my will, I found a HUGE smile creep across my face. The placement of this added song was perfect…but so out of place…but so perfect..but…

Bloody hell. It was a nice nod to where Transformers came from, and, darn it to heck, I thought it was a GREAT addition. It’s what fanediting is all about :)

The only parts I was sad to see go were Sam’s parents at his college…I thought they were funny, but I will live with it lol.

Editing – 9/10

Gieferg, you have turned one of my most hated movies of all time into a movie I will be happy to watch again! Thank you very much for your great effort, and if you fix the volume issues, you will have made it as damn close to perfect as it will get!!!

Entertainment value:

Original – 2/10 (VERY generously)

Gieferg’s Cut – 8/10 (only because of the volume and ass-tail-chick)

You have done a great job…thank you so much!!!
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