Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Expanded Edition

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Brief Synopsis:
The Expanded Edition aims to extend The Last Jedi to its maximum possible length with finished effects. Using a few existing fanedits, this incorperates just about everything clean in the kitchen sink.

Eleven new, alternate and extended scenes have been masterfully restored added back into Episode VIII with 10 more minutes of footage.
I wanted to create the longest possible cut of Episode VIII, as I wasn't quite satisfied with ebumm's edit, in the way a few scenes were incorperated into the film. So I made my own extended cut of the film witha few unique bits.
Additional Notes:
This actually has 5.1 surround, unlike many of my edits. There is also a workprint version of this cut, running at 2:46 that adds the alternate opening, extended Fathier chase and the alternate Phasma fight with Finn. This all has unfinished VFX, so it is available upon request.
Other Sources:
- The Last Jedi Blu-Ray: For the film and it's deleted scenes
- The Last Jedi – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: A few tracks to bridge scenes here and there were used
- ebumms' Extended Edition was used for the Canto Bight audio, however all the video was replaced with the lossless BR footage
- poppasketti's Rekindled/Recalibrated was used for some of the transitions between the "Not Much of a Sewer" and the "Luke Mourn" scene as well as the "Where We Belong" scene
Special Thanks:
ebumm's for making his Extended Edition, as I've borrowed a few elements from it, including the amazingly extended Canto Bight sequence
poppasketti for making his Rekindled/Recalibrated cut that cut together a few deleted scenes in a way that I was a big fan of
Release Information:
Special Features
- Expanded Edition Trailer (0:51)
- Rian Johnson and Cast talk Deleted Scenes (4:51)
- Rian Johnson Commentary on Deleted Scenes (13:29)
- Rian Johnson talks Deleted Scenes (Feature Commentary Clips)
Cuts and Additions:
- Added a Resistance officer telling Poe the First Order found them, and him contacting Lt. Connix
- Added Luke mourning Han's death
- Moved around a couple of Resistance scenes to accomodate match-cutting that scene with Leia coming out of hyperspace
- Added Poe catching Finn up to speed on what happened, giving him his jacket back (last 3 changes borrowed from poppasketti)
- Cut a Resistance officer telling Poe the First Order found them, after they jump out of Hyperspace, as the footage is now used much earlier
- Added BB-8 showing Finn a hologram of Rey saying goodbye to Finn (puppeteer's arm removed by ebumms)
- Added the Caretaker staring down Rey for blasting a hut wall
- Added almost all of extra Canto Bight B-Roll to extend the Red Ponbloom search (extra SFX added by ebumms)
- Added Luke's third lesson, telling Rey to be a proactive Jedi
- Added Kylo Ren on the Mega Destroyer bridge, staring out the window
- Added the extended Mega Destroyer incursion, cutting a few of the shots and lines that were repurposed in the Theatrical Cut, or where some shots are missing the digital set extentions
- Added Hux taunting Rose, ending with him ordering her excecution
- Added Finn telling Rose they are going back to "where they belong" (Crait reflection and perspective, and audio work done by poppasketti)
Expanded Edition Trailer

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Enjoyed it a lot! Bobson does it again!

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