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I dreamt about seeing an extended version of this movie. When I already enjoy something and I have a desire to keep revisiting it, I'm not going to get bothered if a movie starts dragging in some places. Hence, I usually like and even prefer extended cuts. Spending more time with great characters in a world that I love is always a treat.
So I had a blast watching this movie, obviously. Some of the added scenes felt like they don't contribute much. I easily understood why they were cut. But there are plenty of other scenes that elevated the film. Can't wrap my head around Johnson's decisions to get rid of them (I'll have to check the "Bonus Features" folder later to hear his reasons). It's not the matter of which version is better, this one or the original. Theatrical version works better as a complete movie. And that was the point. Yet, this edit has more to offer in a positive way. So the game is definitely worth the candle.
All in all, the edit did it for me. I can't make myself complain about a few unnecessary additions as that's what I came here for in the first place. That's the promise of this edit, and Bobson Dugnutt did a great job delivering on it.

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