Star Wars Episode III: Vengeance of the Dark Side - A Revenge of the Sith FanFixed Extended Edition by DsqrD Studio

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“Vengeance of the Dark Side” tells a more complete story of Anakin Skywalker’s fall from renowned hero to the galaxy’s most dreaded villain by reinserting 5.75 previously deleted scenes (AI-upscaled to 4K and recolored into HDR). Where the theatrical cut follows Anakin nearly exclusively, the extra scenes in this edit give Padmé her own storyline that intersects with Anakin's--providing deeper foundations for his growing mistrust of her--and helping to expand Star Wars lore by showcasing previously unknown aspects of the Force (when the saga is viewed in episode-order) and the conception of the Rebel Alliance even before the Galactic Republic officially falls.
Most deleted scenes in many movies are deleted for good reason: They don't add anything to, or even detract from, the story and unnecessarily lengthen the running time. Episode III has many such scenes, such as two different deaths for Shaak Ti or extended challenges on General Grievous' command ship. But many scenes involving Padmé, Palpatine, and Senators Bail Organa and Mon Mothma actually deepen the world building for both George Lucas trilogies and subsequent Disney stories like "Rogue One" and Andor; provide context for the fall of the Republic; and expand Anakin's story even as they momentarily pull the viewer away from seeing the character on screen. In other words, they complete the story by providing a fuller, richer picture.

As a lifelong Star Wars fan, I wanted to create an edit that tells a fuller story of Anakin's fall to the dark side in the highest possible quality. At the same time, to honor the seriousness and gravity of his story, I made some minor cuts that remove what feels like out of place comedy and needlessly belabored choreography. Finally, working on this edit also gave me an opportunity to fix or add some special effects like blinking lights for astromech droids.
Other Sources:
Star Wars: The Clone Wars, season 6, episode 11: "Voices" for dialogue from Yoda and Qui-Gon Jinn.
Special Thanks:
ArtisDead for the poster art and guidance on navigating the forums and submissions.
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Special Features
Faneditor's commentary and faneditor's commentary subtitles.
Editing Details:
Unfortunately, working with Star Wars deleted scenes is a mixed bag. While many of these scenes for Episode III feature fully completed special effects, the scenes themselves are only available in DVD resolution. The deleted scene that extends Anakin's conversation with Palpatine is technically presented in HD resolution on a Blu-ray disc, but the actual image isn't crisp and the composite against the Coruscanti background is unfinished. Given these limitations, I did my best to upscale and recolor each deleted scene to insert it as professionally and seamlessly as possible. I struggled with whether to include the unfinished composite from Palpatine's office, but I felt the political context and texture it adds to Anakin's story outweighs the incomplete visual. The first scene of the senators meeting was especially challenging, as the original color timing didn't match the time of day and colors of the scenes centered in the Jedi Temple. In particular, the exterior shot of the senatorial building that begins that scene has 10 adjustment layers with various masks and color effects running. The rest of that scene also runs masks to paint the exterior daylight in a more greenish-beige while the interior has more blueish hues into order to correctly bring out the skin tones and the white of Mon Mothma's robe.

Unlike my approach to "Shroud of the Dark Side," my Episode II edit, here I made only minor cuts to get rid of some of the clunkiest dialogue, slowest choreography, and most annoying comedy. Unlike Episodes I and II, Episode III is the most streamlined and watchable of the prequels in its original theatrical form. Therefore, I do not feel it needs the same extensive edits that I made to Episode II. In addition, my goal for any Star Wars edit is to preserve the original story as much as possible in order to maintain my edits' place in the continuity. (If you watch "Shroud," you'll notice that Padmé still begins her journey by resisting Anakin's advances, and they still keep their relationship a secret.) For this reason, I didn't make any drastic story changes such as showing Padmé alive and well at the end of the film.

There are excellent edits out there that further extend the story by inserting "The Siege of Mandalore" arc and footage from "The Bad Batch." My intention was to use only live action footage that directly relates to the story being told in this film. You might then ask why I didn't include live action footage from from "Kenobi" or "The Mandalorian." I feel that including scenes of Order 66 that focus on other characters will only distract from the focus on Anakin and the fall of the Republic. Episode III already features a highly effective montage of Order 66. (Not to mention that the point is to see the Jedi die, not to see characters like Reva or Grogu survive the purge.) Such inclusions would also present visual inconsistencies between digital clone troopers and those filmed in live action for the Disney+ series.

I did want to add a live action holographic image of Ahsoka Tano to the Jedi Council war room scene, but this addition wouldn't lineup chronologically. Although I may reconsider it in the future, I presently don't like live action retconning events that transpire in Star Wars animation.
Cuts and Additions:
1. Added yellow/green blinking light to R2-D2’s back in every shot it’s missing from throughout the film.
2. Recolored several shots of R2-D2’s back light from beige/white to the correct yellow/green blinking.
3. Added red/blue blinking to R2-D2’s front to several shots in the Separatist ship’s hangar bay in which the blinking was missing.
4. Removed Obi-Wan’s “the shield is still up” line to give Anakin a little more intelligence and agency.
5. Removed General Grievous’ coughing and maniacal laughing after he says, “Just as Count Dooku predicted.”
6. Removed the super battle droid’s “Ow” after R2-D2 shocks him.
7. Removed Grevious’ “Activate ray shields” line.
8. Removed battle droid’s “You’re welcome” line.
9. Removed Padmé’s “Something wonderful has happened” line. Now she just says, “I’m pregnant,” which better reflects the anxiety portrayed in the rest of that scene.
10. AI-upscaled to 4K, recolored into HDR, and reinserted a portion of the deleted scene between Anakin and Chancellor Palpatine’s in Palpatine’s office. This scene adds some political context that is relevant to another reinserted deleted scene later in this edit. It also provides a more natural in-point into the exchange between Palatine and Anakin, whereas in the theatrical cut it felt like we were dropped in the middle of a scene that didn’t quite make sense. Reworked the stereo audio into 5.1 surround audio with appropriate reverb for the large space.
11. AI-upscaled to 4K, recolored into HDR, and reinserted the deleted scene of Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, Padmé Amidala, and other senators meeting to discuss the earliest origins of the Rebel Alliance. This scene now follows the Jedi council meeting and precedes the conversation between Obi-Wan and Anakin in which Obi-Wan asks Anakin to spy on Chancellor Palpatine. This scene has been recolored to better match the green/grey/beige colors of the sky we witness outside of the Jedi Council and Jedi Temple chambers.
12. Removed Mace Windu’s “I don’t trust him” line to better fit his optimism about Anakin from my “Shroud of the Dark Side” edit.
13. AI-upscaled to 4K, recolored into HDR, and reinserted the deleted scene of Padmé meeting with the other Loyalist senators in her apartment. This scene now follows the onset of the Battle of Kashyyyk and precedes the final conversation between Obi-Wan and Anakin before Obi-Wan leaves for Utapau.
14. Added yellow/green blinking to R4 as Obi-Wan walks back to his fighter to match the blinking we see in the closeup shot. Some these are recolors to green from the original orange that can be seen in those shots.
15. Retimed the varactyl lizard squawking behind Obi-Wan and the Pau’ans so that the sound comes out as it moves its beak. (In the theatrical cut, the sound can be heard several frames before the beak moves to make the sound).
16. Added red/blue blinking to R4’s backlight in the closeup shot, as no backlight is present in the theatrical version.
17. Removed the white matte line surrounding Obi-Wan as the scene transitions from Utapau.
18. AI-upscaled to 4K, recolored into HDR, and reinserted the “Petition of the 2,000” deleted scene that takes place at sunset in Chancellor Palpatine’s office.
19. Trimmed Palpatine’s initial assault on the Jedi who confront him to try to explain why he’s able to cut through them so quickly.
20. Added dialogue from The Clone Wars of Yoda and Qui-Gon Jinn speaking to restore George Lucas’ original intent of having Qui-Gon appear in this scene. Yoda’s dialogue has been AI-voice-cloned to match Frank Oz’s voice.
21. Removed Darth Vader’s “Noooooooooooooo” scream.
22. AI-upscaled to 4K, recolored into HDR, and reinserted the deleted scene of Yoda arriving on Dagobah. Recreated the pan across Alderaan so that the wipe transition can focus on Yoda’s face instead of the center of the screen like in the theatrical version.
23. Added a “Fanedited by DsqrD” credit to the credits.
Extended Conversation in the Chancellor's Office

Planning the Rebellion

Padme's Rebellious Meeting

Petition of the 2,000

Yoda Speaks to Qui-Gon Jinn


Yoda Arrives on Dagobah

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In the War for the Star Wars Stars this is undeniably a X with its focus on the love story!

I am reviewing here Episodes II&III as DSQR went for the same methodology in both and I think now they pretty much sit together as one Grand Epic within the Grander Epic. What can I say? Punchier seems about right.... Right in the guts! I get emotional watching the originals as seeing Padme (who reminds me of a lost love) always gleans a tear or two, but one finds oneself truly sympathizing with the choices of Anakin in this setting of the scenes. Added integrity to the protagonists story arc supersequent to streamlining of the sublime actions of the Jedi works a treat.

HDR colouring being all well and good too. Maybe a bit lost on me with my non-4K mobo. I watched the normal ones. Still colour did seem to be an improvement on the Disneyesque splendour of the originals. I'm maybe not up to date on what later editions are out now. Maybe this uses fandomain stuff or MPC-BE is doing something. One thing I will say and its been my gripe all along (and my hope for the Star Wars fan edits to hit on a perfectly unified saga) is that it still needs some retrograding. It looks too clean and gammy - CG things. Some sort of smokey wash, lower contrast, shadow bleed, grain, grit, 80s film effect, whatever it is. Its what's missing. For unifying with The Originals. Something I think is important to sustain the suspension of disbelief. Ideally we should be seeing all the Star Wars films as if through a lens that see far into the distant past of the galaxies. A single lens.

Finally maybe Episode II might be subtitled 'Anakin in the Clouds' and III called 'Promises of Power - Skywalker's Woe' :)

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