John Wick: Point Blank Cut

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John Wick: Point Blank Cut
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More of the killing... less of the filling.
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Brief Synopsis:
'John Wick: Point Blank Cut' is black & white with new simple credits for a more classic "timeless" feel. Every bit of dialogue that wasn't needed to advance the plot and inform character is gone, so the gaps between the action sequences are minimal. The Perkins/Marcus/Henry subplot is removed from the last act, to stay focused on John. The flashback/forward framing device is gone, it's all linear.

The action scenes and fight sequences in John Wick are some of the best ever but there is a lot of moody dialogue scenes between all that action. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy those too but I wanted a cut that focuses in tighter on that brilliant stunt work.

Additional Notes:
This could be put in the FanFix category because I have "fixed" things I didn't like, improved moments where I could and reordered a couple of scenes but I think it fits best as a FanMix. Because I've converted it to noirish B&W just for fun, edited it down to focus strongly on the fights/action to the exclusion of a lot of dialogue, for no other reason than I wanted an alternate way to enjoy the movie (not because it makes it a better movie. It probably makes it worse). A cut for when you've only got an hour 'n' change and just want to more-or-less see the action parts.

A bonus colour version is also available, for those that would rather not watch this in B&W. It's regraded to tone down the green tinting but I wouldn't consider it a complete colour fix.

Other Sources:
John Wick Blu-ray (Norwegian)
John Wick DVD (Spanish)
John Wick Soundtrack
Marilyn Manson - Killing Strangers
Bound Blu-Ray

Special Thanks:
Gaith, thecuddlyninja, Gatos, Hubunkey, JJE-187, ThrowgnCpr, TK251, jswert123456, ssj and especially Plissken1138 (For an edit idea. See cutlist)
Release Information:
Special Features
1280x532 5.9GB MP4 AC3
(Bonus Colour Version: 1280x532 4.2GB MP4 AC3)
Editing Details:
- Removed any shots and dialogue that weren't needed to get us swiftly to the next action scene (while retaining enough to still tell the story and convey character and emotion)
- Converted to black & white for that "Noir" feel (Just for fun and variety)
- Brightened the look of the film overall, with more contrast and some fim grain
- Removed all of the silly looking pop-video subtitles using a Spanish version of JW, to "paper over" those parts of the frame
- Added my own more classic looking subtitles instead. Some are new and some are re-written
- Replaced all colour credits with simple black-on-white "John Carpenter style" credits of my own
- Removed the Perkins/Marcus subplot. She served no real purpose in the final act and was not involved in any major/exciting action scenes, so now John kills her like everyone else who stands in his way. Henry, her would-be guard is gone too
- Avi is much reduced and I've removed all references to him to not being able to speak Russian. It's a stretch for the number-2 in the Russian mob to not understand anything anybody around him is saying
- Made many small trims of lines and shots I didn't like (Not just to save time)

Cuts and Additions:
00.00.00 - Added and TM2YC titlecards
00.00.28 - Replaced Summit and Thunder Road titlecards with a vintage Summit titlecard from 1996's 'Bound'
00.00.42 - Replaced opening credits with new titlecards in the John Carpenter black-on-white style. Timed with heart-monitor beats
00.01.03 - Removed original 3.5 minute flash-forward/hospital-backstory opening. Except one shot of John with his wife, which I fade up and fade down slowly. The film is black and white from this point
00.01.15 - Added new 'John Wick' titlecard, timed with wife's death
00.01.19 - Removed 23 seconds more of the hospital intro and moved the car shot to after the funeral
00.01.35 - Shortened close up of John and removed 27 second shot of Marcus watching him
00.01.56 - Removed 2 lines of dialogue and 2 shots
00.02.31 - Removed shot of the wake
00.02.37 - Brought airport/car scene forward. I wanted this to show John contemplating suicide BEFORE he gets the dog/gift for his wife. Now it can be assumed to be later in the day after the funeral
00.03.44 - Darkened shot of house to make it seem later in the evening
00.04.03 - Removed 14 seconds of John signing for a delivery
00.06.47 - Removed 12 second sequence of John watching his Dog sh,ting on the lawn
00.08.16 - Added 5 new subtitles. Originally we didn't know what the Russians were saying as they arrive at the petrol station. I've guessed some vulgar, nasty and loud-mouthed dialogue for these three a,,holes
00.09.36 - Removed 22 seconds of John at home with his Dog. We just cut on the Dog waking him up
00.09.43 - Removed 7 seconds of John getting out of bed
00.09.54 - Added new sarcastic "Good Evening" subtitle. This was another guess
00.10.45 - Removed 30 second fake-a,, looking CGI shot of the Dog
00.10.50 - Added slow fades up and down on John cradling the dead Dog
00.11.09 - Removed a minute of John cleaning up, having flashbacks and Losef arriving at Aurelio's garage
00.13.10 - Removed 10 seconds of Aurelio holding the gun to his own head (It felt silly and overplayed). Cropped one shot
00.13.47 - Removed 5 second shot of John thinking in silence. It's still almost the same cut and feeling without it
00.14.11 - Removed Aurelio dithering, he knew what he did was justified, so isn't afraid to admit it
00.14.19 - Removed Vigo saying "Oh" and added a phone hanging sound, to underline the impact of Aurelio's line. Not strictly realistic but it feels right to me. Also added various soundFX
00.14.26 - Removed a minute of Vigo walking downstairs and canceling a meeting
00.15.13 - Removed the comments about Losef's jacket
00.15.15 - Added more sound to the punch, just because
00.15.25 - Removed a minute of Avi not understanding Russian, Vigo taking off, then putting on his jacket again and more beating of Losef
00.15.30 - Inserted flipped shot of Losef looking up angrily. It better fitted his POV, now I moved Vigo to a different position
00.15.39 - Again flipped a Losef shot for the same reason
00.15.42 - Added dissolve into slowmo shot of John, so we see what Losef/Vigo is talking about
00.15.46 - Added dissolve back to Vigo
00.15.49 - Added dissolve back to John. Removed shot of Vigo drinking and remixed audio
00.16.17 - Removed Losef saying "Oh" in a silly way. This should not be a funny scene
00.16.45 - Removed Vigo's silly mime with the pencil. Again, let's keep thing serious
00.17.25 - Moved shot of John digging a bit later
00.17.45 - Removed Vigo's line interrupting Losef
00.18.44 - Removed Vigo mentioning John's wife's death. We know he knows from earlier dialogue
00.18.55 - Removed very long silence and Avi drinking
00.19.03 - Shortened shot of Vigo
00.19.08 - Inserted shot of Avi to cover removal of Vigo footage
00.19.10 - Shortened shot of Vigo
00.19.42 - Replaced lyrics/subtitles for the lullaby, as the original translation was clearly nonsense. I've come up with a translation that is hopefully much closer to the meaning of the old Russian lullaby 'Bayu Bayushki Bayu', which Vigo's words are based on
00.23.22 - Removed 10 seconds of John walking to the door
00.23.51 - Removed Jimmy saying "Oh well" and looking awkward. Now he knows the situation and backs down right away
00.23.57 - Removed 10 seconds of John closing the door and sitting down
00.24.18 - Removed 10 seconds of John walking across a room
00.25.37 - Removed Vigo saying "Of course he did"
00.25.42 - Removed Avi saying "How Much?"
00.25.49 - Removed Avi not understanding Russian
00.25.56 - Trimmed Avi staring in silence
00.26.26 - Removed 15 seconds of "small talk" between Vigo and Marcus. They get to the point, time is critical
00.29.37 - Removed 3 second shot of John getting a coin out of his pocket
00.30.02 - Removed 30 seconds of John watching his mobile phone
00.32.06 - Removed 10 seconds of Winston essentially asking John the same question
00.32.20 - Inserted shot of John and Winston to cover removal
00.32.22 - Moved scene of Vigo in the car to a later point so the two John/Winston scenes play neatly as one. This also places the shot of Perkins presumably talking to Avi, to before Avi first mentions it. Plus lets Winston explain "The rules" before Avi mentions them
00.33.00 - Removed 30 seconds of John catching up with the bartender
00.33.14 - Recut and trimmed the sequence of shots at the end of the bar scene. I wanted to end on Winston toasting John, it seems more natural and fun that way
00.33.23 - Remixed Avi's dialogue
00.33.30 - Removed Vigo sarcastically saying "Welcome home John". He is now deep in thought
00.33.33 - Removed Vigo sarcastically saying "How brazen". He is still deep in thought
00.34.15 - Intercut the Bath House scene with the security check scene in a fast-paced "pop-video" style to speed things up
00.34.17 - Changed a few of the subtitles in the Red Circle sequence to be more clear. e.g. The "Basement" is now called the "Bath House" because that's what it is, that's what it is labeled as on the CCTV monitors and that is what it is called in dialogue
00.34.57 - Removed 20 second scene of Losef's friend arriving in the locker room
00.35.34 - Removed 20 seconds of Losef shouting for more Champagne
00.36.19 - Removed 10 seconds of teeth being flossed
00.36.57 - Removed subtitle of "Fuck you" while the guy is drowning. Not needed and a little silly
00.37.45 - Changed some more subtitles a little
00.38.27 - Added "Hey!" subtitle
00.39.32 - Added two gun sounds to shot of Losef because it really looks like he is firing (It's actually two disco light flashes as he pointing his gun at John)
00.43.27 - Removed "Victor's dead" subtitle because John is clearly speaking English.
00.43.29 - Changed subtitle from "Everything's got a price" to "Everything has a price" because the former is not an accurate call back to the earlier line
00.44.04 - Removed 3 seconds of the Concierge sighing and saying "I'm sorry to say...". The next line is funnier without it I think
00.44.10 - Removed 10 seconds of the Concierge suggesting a drink
00.44.18 - Removed 2 seconds of John still pouring when we cut to the glass
00.45.30 - Removed 4 seconds of John staring in silence
00.45.54 - Removed 2 seconds of Perkins pausing to say "Hey John" sarcastically. She is trying to kill him, plus it makes John look more badass that he goes straight into an instinctive roll
00.48.17 - Removed Perkins saying "Fuck you"
00.48.46 - Remixed audio and added music so John doesn't just knock Perkins out, he snaps her neck. Added various soundFX including neck-break, clothes and John's exhausted breathing
00.48.51 - Removed 30 second "catch and release" scene. Perkins is now dead so the character of Harry plays no further part
00.49.38 - Removed 8 second shot of John dragging the priest away. Now we just cut to the vault and BANG! he shoots somebody (Hopefully this works as a new "jump scare" LOL)
00.49.58 - Brought forward John saying "Ah huh", so he is now saying it as an indifferent response to the Priests protests
00.49.59 - Added new minor visFX shot, so John suddenly spins round after the "Ah huh" line. Added gun soundFX, so John hears it and reacts.
00.50.22 - Changed the sarcastic "Have a nice day" subtitle, to a more sincere "My apologies"
00.50.33 - Removed John saying "This". He just does it like a pro
00.51.06 - Changed Vigo's "Get me that fucking idiot!" subtitle to "Get me that fucking Priest!", for a little extra clarity
00.51.15 - Trimmed a second of Wick watching from the roof
00.51.18 - Removed 1 minute long scene of Perkins killing Harry and Vigo shouting "Shit!" in Russian and the subtitle
00.52.41 - Mixed various parts of Vigo's monologue over the shot of John slowly waking up
00.52.36 - Removed 1 minute of the start of the church interrogation scene, up 'til the line "Priceless!"
00.53.29 - Removed 40 seconds of Vigo sitting down, talking about John's marriage and standing up again. Now with some recuting of footage and audio, he just stays standing
00.53.55 - Removed 10 seconds of Vigo talking about infecting and recut footage
00.54.04 - Removed Vigo's "common ground" dialogue and recut footage
00.54.24 - Removed John calling Vigo back and recut footage (Thanks to Plissken1138 for this idea)
00.54.55 - Removed 10 seconds of John's "I'm thinking I'm back!" dialogue. I never cared for it
00.55.10 - Removed an odd sound from the original movie that sounds like somebody is saying "John" very quiet (Maybe it's supposed to be Marcus??). Anyway it sounded like a mistake, so I trimmed it
00.57.49 - Brought forward Vigo looking into the car window and contemplating his options to right after John fires the warning shot. Giving up his son should be the big decision, not pulling the contract on John
00.57.53 - Removed Vigo shouting "Shit!"
00.58.34 - Changed a couple of subtitles during the sniper sequence to make things a little clearer
01.01.40 - Trimmed 20 seconds of silences out of the scene with the concierge. Recut footage and remixed audio and dialogue. No actual line removals
01.02.47 - Removed 10 seconds of Perkins watching John and Marcus
01.04.08 - Added phone beep soundFX
01.04.58 - Removed 4 seconds of Marcus talking to Perkins and retimed Marcus spitting with song's drums
01.05.03 - Cropped Perkins out of the background of a shot of Vigo. Added slow zoom out
01.05.06 - Again, cropped Perkins out of the background of a shot of Vigo. Added slow zoom out
01.05.15 - Removed shot of Perkins grinning
01.05.32 - Mixed in part of Marilyn Manson's 'Killing Strangers' from the John Wick soundtrack
01.05.36 - Removed 45 seconds of Marcus fighting and being killed by Perkins and Vigo. Now we don't see the full death but know what is going down
01.05.41 - Added in two shots of Marcus being shot and collapsing (Pained Perkins out of the second one)
01.05.46 - Added car engine soundFX and removed some of Vigo dialogue
01.05.53 - Added car tire screech soundFX and removed a few frames of John slowing down
01.05.59 - Removed 20 seconds of John going into Marcus' house and Perkins' phone call with Winston
01.06.17 - Added various phone soundFX to bring two scenes together
01.06.22 - Removed 45 second scene of Perkins being assassinated
01.06.42 - Added phone beep soundFX
01.06.52 - Removed first establishing shot of the Docks and replaced with the second one
01.06.57 - Brought forward shot Vigo in silence to replace him talking about cigarettes
01.09.20 - Removed 4 more seconds of Vigo being a d,ck to Avi
01.09.23 - Removed Avi not being able to speak Russian again (For the last time)
01.09.26 - Removed Avi calling Vigo a "Russian cocksucker". Even in a crisis, you don't disrespect the crime boss
01.09.57 - Added more bone crunching soundFX
01.10.00 - Trimmed Avi staring at John a little
01.10.03 - Removed exterior shot of Avi collapsing to better link the two men looking at each other
01.11.20 - Removed 4 seconds where Vigo does this silly shout
01.11.25 - Removed Vigo ducking John's punch. He's not faster than John
01.11.29 - Removed Vigo landing a punch on John
01.12.10 - Removed 10 seconds of John stabbing himself for no reason. Now Vigo just luckily stabs John
01.12.24 - Removed Vigo getting the last punch in on John. John should land the final blow that decides the movie
01.12.53 - Brought forward shot of Vigo in pain to before John is clutching his wound. So the two men look into each others eyes one last time before John gets up
01.12.58 - Removed Vigo saying "Be seeing you John" and John's reply. Silence is better I think
01.13.44 - Removed 30 second scene of John watching his mobile phone. Glass break re-timed with music
01.14.44 - Brought forward POV shot of Dog to sit between two shots of John's face
01.14.50 - Removed 13 seconds of John opening the cage. I didn't like the way we instantly see john chaining the Dog, when the moment is kinda about freedom
01.14.57 - Removed 6 seconds of the close-up of the Dog from the start and finish to retime the cut to the pier with the music
01.15.06 - Added another new "John Wick" titlecard to time with the music
01.15.08 - Added slow fadeup of fanedit titles
01.15.09 - Removed 2 minute "fancy" credit sequence as I wanted to keep it all white-on-black
01.15.12 - Animated fanedit tile to start scroll up along with the general titles
01.19.47 - Cut back to colour for the last summit logo
01.19.55 - Added fanedit thanks titles with slow zoom and timed to music
Cover art by TM2YC (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Marcus' death without Perkins

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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
Audio Editing
Overall Comment: A true to form edit that removes the unnecessary banter in between breathing moments.

Audio/Video Quality: I quite enjoyed the visuals in noir but gained more satisfaction in color due to the difference in audio intensity. Actions should've been more clearer when a film is in noir to express the intensity and varying levels of expression, a few scenes drowned this out with the background music blaring, in color though, this was justified and snug quite perfectly.

Visual Editing: The in-between cuts were fantastic and the bullet-time scene in the Red Circle stood out magnificently!

Audio Editing: As with my comment above regarding the action/movement intensity.

Narrative: This is now the go-to cut for the original, the centrism on John was seamless, fast, and what can I say "point-blank".

Enjoyment: I love this cut, the overall quality astounds me in every turn, I don't even mind what we're cut anymore as they've now settled-in as padding to an otherwise great movie!

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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
Audio Editing
There's not much to say, John Wick with it's incredible action, less dialogue, a gritty noir B&W colour grade and super fast pacing. This edit flies by and I didn't even notice the things that were cut. If you were a fan of the original, you're going to love this one and if you weren't, I'd still give this a watch as it might just change your mind.

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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
Audio Editing
This edit is essentially a much tighter edit of an already excellent film, this edit moves at a phenomenal pace and I absolutely enjoyed the black and white as it fits perfectly and also gives it a much grittier feel that complements the intense fun action scenes. For anyone who's already a big fan of the original version of John Wick or a first time viewer, I would definitely recommend this edit.
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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
Audio Editing
Just very short and simple DAMN !!!!!

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(Updated: August 17, 2020)
Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Visual Editing
Audio Editing
To sell this edit quick, it´s fantastic.
Unnecessary and silly scenes cut to improve the pacing even more. It´s a joy to watch this and i like it more than the theatrical cut.
What doesn´t work in my opinion, is the scene after the funeral where he takes his ride to the airplane field and than cut to him being home again, due to the difference in clothes he is wearing.
The b&w approach is very interesting, adds some gritty feeling to the movie, although it is not perfect (how could it be, if the movie wasn´t shot in chroma/b&w).
The thing that bothers me, is the grain (added or due to compression?) to the movie, independent if its in color or b&w. It is too strong, would´ve loved an minimalistic approach.
Also there is only the ac3 track, which is a bit disappointing.

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