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The work that went into this cut is obvious. Dropping all of the silly, over the top comic book stuff in favor of a more grounded (if that's possible) hitman movie was a great choice. The removed scenes weren't noticed and the story played out almost exactly how I remembered it overall, so no complaints there!

On the note of Perkins I actually really appreciated her being removed from the movie because as interesting as she was she didn't add anything to the narrative one way or the other. I was happy with John knocking her out and moving on, and it was another chance for him to show compassion to his friends, which he did several times in the movie.

The only thing that may have been chopped a little too much was Marcus's death scene. It seemed for a second like he was escaping but then he just fell back on the floor. I had to rewind and look again to see that it was now Tarasov who shot him. Looking at the original I see that it was Perkins who did it, so I think you did what you could, but this is the only thing keeping you from a perfect 10.

Great edit overall!

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