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FanMix January 26, 2017 7855
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Really lived up to the description of the edit. Spoilers below.

Used this as a rewatch along with the unedited John wick 2. I orignally preferred John Wick 2 over the original handily, but this edit has turned the tables on that. It feels and flows much more naturally and spaces out the action scenes well without feeling overwhelming. I didn't miss the flashbacks or side characters which were cut out. I felt the fight against Viggo at the end was much less campy and felt more gritty.

The scene of Marcus getting killed seemed a bit iffy, but I can't remember if that was the original or edited. Also I do wish the scene of Mr.s Perkins getting excommunicated was somehow kept in. Finally, I think the edit cut out the shot showing that the new dog he adopted was scheduled for euthanization in the closing scene which I think could have been left in as well.

Overall great edit and would highly recommend.

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