FEOTY 2021

FE.org congratulates all Fan Edit Of The Year (FEOTY) Winners! Your edits are outstanding and showcase the qualities we strive for. Great storytelling, seamless editing, making movies better, making them different, with bookshelf-worthy covers, and masterclass-level audio-commentaries.

Congratulations not only to the Winners but to all Nominees. Your hard work is enjoyed and inspirational.

Thanks also to all the members who voted for them!

The stand-out winner of 2021 is Split Unbreakable Glass by Wraith, which won 4 categories: Fan Edit Of The Year, Paradigm Award, Best Trailer, Best Combination. And Wraith won Fan Editor of the Year.

The Hobbit – The Battle of the Five Edits by Stromboli Bones won Best Fanedit by a New Editor, and Stromboli Bones won Best New Faneditor of the Year.

Dune: The Spence Edit Revised by Spence won Best TV to Movie.

Looper Extended by Wraith won Best Extended Edition.

Psycho Too by thebutcher won Best Short of the Year.

ArtisDead’s cover for Child’s Play: The Don Mancini Cut by Dwightfry won Best Cover of the Year.


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