Dwight Fry Wins October 2021 FEOTM


The winner for October 2021 FEOTM is Dwight Fry with their edit, Child’s Play: The Don Mancini Cut!


“[This edit] aims to recreate as much as the original structure as possible. While Mancini’s structure can’t be entirely reconstructed (both Charles Lee Ray and the voodoo stay, both for consistence with the rest of the series and for lack of any alternative material to replace them), the film is now once again a mystery for a good portion of its running time, by moving the Ray scene to much later as a flashback, trimming the early kills to avoid showing that it’s Chucky doing it, removing all early indications of the doll being anything else than just a harmless toy, and having the reveal exactly where Mancini wanted it: when the mom discovers the unused batteries.”


Congratulations, Dwight Fry!


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