Doctor Who - The Caves of Androzani: The Movie Edit

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Doctor Who - The Caves of Androzani: The Movie Edit
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Is this death?
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The first in what I hope is a continuing series of a fanedits which will see episodic Doctor Who stories from the classic era, fanedited into feature length movie style edits.

The Caves of Androzani is a 4 part story which is widely considered to be among the very finest Doctor Who stories ever made. It's not difficult to see why, with every main character fleshed out beautifully and a doom laden plot, the tone of which is rarely seen in the programme, resulting in a bonafide classic adventure which has lost none of its impact some 36 years later. What's more, it rattles along at a heck of a pace, with director Graeme Harper making every shot count, to the point where one struggles to think what could be cut in such a fanediting exercise such as this.
The intention here though, is not to trim lots of footage. It's to present a movie style edit which can be enjoyed in one sitting without the need for cliffhangers and the 25 minute style episodic end and beginning credits. Plus, this has been transformed from 4:3 ratio (standard TV for that period) to 1:85:1 ration widescreen. I have attempted this as carefully as possible, going through every scene to try and ensure this looks as good as possible.
Special Thanks:
Sophie Welch
The Warlord
and anyone else who has followed the edit on
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Audio Commentary by Last Survivor
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** New Colour grading added throughout edit **

- Only the opening credits for Part 1 and the end credits for Part 4 are maintained. All other opening and closing episodic credits are cut
- First Magma monster attack trimmed, in an effort to try and hide the monster more
- When Krelper tries to quit from Stotz's little gang, have trimmed the scene so Stotz does not try to drag and push Krelper to the edge of the cliff, whilst putting a suicide pill in Krelper's mouth. Now the scene stops just as Stotz is holding a knife to Krelper's throat
- Slightly trimmed crossfade sequences as Jek's character is introduced
- Second Magma Monster attack heavily trimmed, again to try and keep any shots on the creature as a close up and not linger on the creature for any length of time. Added some music from Roger Limb's score to smooth over transition to next scene
- As Jek and Stotz are meeting to discuss terms and The Doctor makes a sound behind them, have removed Jek's line of dialogue asking whoever it is to come out. This is due to the fact that it's plain for all to see that it's The Doctor. So now, as Jek turns around, he immediately knows it's The Doctor. Added sound effect to make it more obvious that The Doctor is behind them
- Slightly trimmed scenes of Krelper and his colleague chasing and shooting at The Doctor. This is just to try and make it more believable that all their shots miss
Poster by Sophie Welch


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(Updated: July 22, 2020)
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"Vworp! Vwoorp!! VWOOORP!!!"

Wait! What's that sound?

It's a new fan edit from Last Survivor materializing out of Time and Space!!!!

"The Caves of Androzani" is considered by many Whovians the best of the Peter Davidson era. So if it is so good, how does one fan edit it? Why you turn it into a movie of course! And what a fun romp it is!

The original is already a very lean, economical story machine, so LS has to be surgical in his cuts or one risks losing important emotional or character beats. About 3 minutes in total are cut... seamless gone are all the episode cliffhanger breaks, along with minor scene trims/rearranging and a de-emphasis on the cave monster. And of course, it would not be a LS edit without sound replacement. As one has come to expect, this is done to perfection with added music and sound fx (and removal of sounds).

To give it a film look, the story has been reframed 16x9. Since the original is Standard Definition, there is minor decrease in video quality due to zooming in for widescreen effect, but the video is still very watchable. Last Survivor also did some colour correction, which mostly works very well.

Then there is the audio commentary. I can not sing the praises on this enough. Honestly, it is getting to the point where I will down load a LS edit ONLY to listen to the commentary. As I have said so many times before, it is always a fascinating listen and usually better than most "professional" ones.

An excellent fan edit. A must watch for Who Fans!
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